A virtual interface emerged in front of me, and the silent choice resurrection immediately appeared on the side of the training room.
Silence at ordinary times seems to be quiet without any anger. Now it is so ravaged by the four of them. Suddenly, the anger comes. Holding a sword, I rushed to the four of them again to "kill-!" Five people fight into a ball.
From time to time, A Cai sarcastically said sarcastically, "Simon, you are so mean that you dare not hide behind others like an old silent woman and sneak up on you and say that you are not even as good as a dream butterfly?" Simon almost didn’t vomit blood after hearing this, and never hid in the side to play dirty tricks again.
The little bird was jumping around, muttering "33, 34, 35" in his mouth. When he saw that he didn’t pay attention, he immediately muttered "39, 41, 45".
I’m overjoyed in my little heart. Haha, you have a good plan. I’ve been on the wall ladder. If you look at me, it’s like turning a thousand times into three hundred times.
I was laughing in my heart. Xiaoxiao obviously didn’t notice a subtle sneer at the corners of the mouth-fishing in troubled waters trick. I was so skilled when I was three years old that I dared to play with death in front of me and watch me wait for you.
I still look at the five people who are fighting in my eyes-
The battle has turned white-hot. Silence has been killed by four other people several times. Every time he dies, it makes silence a little more, anger a little less calm. He has finished moving, but he has no caution. Instead, it is a violent attack. The murderous look hangs over his face. He has changed from fighting back to his own death, which will seriously hurt an opponent. Finally, he has become fierce and dragged the other side to the point of death. Ximen Qing, autumn fairy tales, butterfly dreams and love fights will win. Although the silent sword is disorderly, he never dares to push too hard.
A Cai nodded with satisfaction and thought to himself, it seems that Lao Mo has potential, matures very quickly and can play with others.
A Cai stopped everyone and said, "Stop!"
A few people who were playing the right fire had to stop and turn to look at Ah Cai. The little bird was tired and panting. When Ah Cai said to stop, he couldn’t move.
A Cai said, "I did a good job in silence just now, and now I’ll call someone else." My eyes swept over everyone and finally the little bird stayed on the ground and sneered, "Hey, hey, you worked very hard just now. I believe your progress is rapid. Now the old man gives a little surprise and lets him accept a test."
Silent and silent, he walked to the little bird. The little bird lay on the ground and couldn’t make the effort to open his eyes wide. He looked pitifully at the dish. "Brother, let me rest for three minutes. I’m so tired."
Silence beside him said, "Get up and fight!"
The bird cried with a face of tears. "Second brother, just three minutes, okay?" I won’t ask for another minute. "
Silent hands turn upside down and hold the hilt with a sharp stab "Snow", which is directly inserted in the bird’s heart. Blood slowly flows out from the gap in the sword chest. The bird can’t believe it. Looking at his chest, he opened his mouth. Four people are also surprised and moved.
When the little bird was about to close his eyes, he heard a faint silence. "The boss said that you must fight now. I won’t kill you because you don’t want to fight."
Soon the little bird revived on the other side, and half kneeling on the ground, the sword propped up his body and his eyes were confused.
A Cai looked at him and said faintly, "Don’t you know what you need now?" The bird didn’t answer, but lowered its head.
A Cai shook his head. "Don’t bring chat feelings into the battle. It is a sign of death. Your heart has not really entered the battle."
A Cai threw a soft whip and picked up an ordinary long sword, pointing to the Six Humanities. "The momentum of life and death is fierce. Today I will give you the first lesson called-murderous look."
A Cai looked at the corners of the mouth of the six people with hot eyes but gave a cold sneer. "Come on, let me teach you what is madness, what is fear and courage, and what is the brave enemy!"
Several people hesitated and looked at each other. They didn’t dare to be silent immediately. One person rushed to him. A Cai couldn’t help but nu way, "Don’t drag mom together."
Silent first rushed to launch a sprint to Al without hesitation. The tip of the sword pointed directly at his heart. Al looked at him coldly and bumped into him head-on. "Boom!" One or two people directly collided fiercely. The silent tip of the sword was inserted into Al’s heart. At the moment, Al moved slightly to the right, and the sword passed through his body and brought out a piece of blood, but the sword penetrated the silent heart.
Silence slowly fell. He tried to open his eyes to hear what to say. A Cai whispered in his ear, "You have learned to play with your own life. Now you need to learn to play with others’ lives." Silence closed his eyes.
A Cai looked at the remaining "idiots" who had not yet understood, raised their swords and sneered, "Don’t hesitate or you will never know what you should do."
A few people looked at each other and rushed over. The little bird also got up and rushed at Al.
Choi pulled out the sword inserted in the left rib and the blood flowed. He seemed to feel that the autumn fairy tale was the first to rush to raise the sword and cut it straight. Choi left the sword and crossed the cold mountain. There was a gap in the throat of the autumn fairy tale and the blood gurgled out.
Ximen Qing, Dream Butterfly attacked him with a left and a right, and Al rushed at Dream Butterfly. The sword was pulled to the side, and the dream butterfly sword suddenly shifted by half a point. A blood seam fell on the neck of Dream Butterfly. Ximen Qing’s sword pierced the body from behind, and Al held the sword backwards. Ximen Qing snorted and spit out one mouthful blood to kneel on the ground.
A Cai slowly pulled out the long sword deeply stuck in his back, and panicked before his eyes, and he would win if he went and fought, and he would win if he waved his sword and kept retreating.
A Cai smiled and her face was so bloody that she looked so ferocious. "Little love you-go to hell." A fierce horizontal split and love spell would win the sword in her hand and fly straight. "Chi" A A Cai sword was inserted into her heart.
The little bird finally arrived. She fell to the ground with a look of horror and love to fight. She won’t be able to speak. Choi pulled out the sword inserted in her body, drop by drop of blood.
"Little ready?" "Prepare-"
I haven’t finished yet. They rushed to each other almost at the same time. I passed through the body and whispered in the little bird’s ear with a smile. "You’ve done a good job. It’s really good to work hard."
At the resurrection point of the training room, six people are dull and don’t know what they are thinking.
Retract the sword and scabbard with a cold voice. "Today, our first class-murderous look is over. Our class is-"
The body of the Chapter 10 Oriental snow ()
A sharp edge flashed across a player’s neck, and a blood gap slowly expanded to "snow", and a blood flower flew out and the body slowly fell down.
The expression on the face of the east drifting snow wiped the blood on the tip of the sword back to its sheath. This is the seventy-fourth person who died in front of his sword player and was directly killed by him. Thirty-five people were killed by him, and the strongest one also took his eleven swords.
Wudang Mountain is now full of shouting and killing a large number of Wudang brothers. After signing up for the competition, they caught and killed the drifting snow in the east, quietly waiting for others to send him a challenge message in the middle of the square in front of the temple like a stone statue.
However, there are very few people who challenge him, and a considerable part of Wudang Mountain swordsmanship players are his hands; Other powerful leaders also know that he is powerful, and they will restrain their hands not to cut their own throat and succeed. So far, all the challenges he has faced are those who have never seen others or are self-sufficient and want to reach the top of the world, and there are no powerful characters in various forces.
Dongfang Piaoxue waited for half a ring and looked at the chaotic scene in front of him, but it seemed that he didn’t have it. He slightly tilted his head and asked, "Haven’t you found a player with high swordsmanship?"
Not far behind him is the first few steps. "The allies and brothers have scattered around to find it. No one has replied yet. I think they haven’t found it yet!"
"Oh," Oriental Snow replied faintly, "Where is the food boss now?"
"The food boss and the autumn leader, the silent commander, the flying bird commander and others are in the seventh training room of Nishinomiya, and they don’t know what they are doing."
"Ha ha is in the sword? How can such a good thing be without me! Let’s go and ask some brothers to meet the food boss. "It’s snowing in the east and going to the Nishinomiya training room. The hand immediately informed dozens of people to follow him to the training room, and a line of more than 20 people came to the training room No.7 vastly.
Several teams of people are chatting at the gate of the No.7 training room. When they see a large group of people suddenly coming, they are all on their guard and will kill them if they do something wrong.
"Someone lives here, please go to other training rooms." One of the little leaders shouted at them.
Oriental snow didn’t speak. He approached them a few steps behind him and said, "Our Oriental leader wants to see the leader of the food, the leader of the autumn, the commander of the silent army and the commander of the flying birds. Please convey this to this brother."
The little leader got confused and said hello to others. He turned and pushed the door and went in.
Alucai, the training room, just said, "A lesson-"When I saw the training room door, I couldn’t help but turn around and look.
The little leader said, "I’ve met the commander and strategist of Mo, and the leaders of the Eastern Alliance said outside the door that they wanted to see the leader of Cai. What should I do?"
Silence and others looked at Al Al and smiled. "Come on, East, let him in!"
When the little leader saw the silent nod, he said "Yes" and withdrew. He went outside and said, "The leader of the Eastern Alliance invited the others to stay where they are."
The East Snowdrifter said angrily, "What does he mean?" Have drawn their swords and been at daggers drawn for a while.
The snow in the east doesn’t want to cause right and wrong. I smiled. "Just go in without me. Wait outside for a while. I’ll be out in a minute!"
"This" Oriental snow hand hesitated. "It’s the leader" and didn’t speak again.
Oriental snow went in alone, and Alai laughed and greeted him with his hands. "Oriental bro! What brings you here? You didn’t come to visit your brother out of your busy schedule. Shall I? You are really thoughtful! "
The orient was startled when he saw a guy with wounds and blood all over his body and a mouth full of blood. The weirdo who was still fraternizing with him came to him. The east was braver than suddenly, but he was also scared. He couldn’t help but point to the monster in front of him and drink a way: "Hey! The monsters dare to take their lives in Wudang, "he said, drawing his sword.
O food froze and looked down at his body-blood-stained, and the wound was still bleeding. He couldn’t help but smile a * * * and said, "I am a green vegetable in the East! Don’t recognize it? "
Oriental snow opened his eyes wide and looked at him carefully. I thought he looked like a vegetable boss. Is it really a vegetable boss? The snow in the east looked at it again, and several other people woke up in a panic-they had just had a fight.
Dongfang Piaoxue finally recognized that he was the hand of A Cai, who put it on the hilt, and asked in a relaxed tone, "Boss Cai heard that he would pick up your sword and then he could directly enter the competition, right?"
"Well, the boss said so."
Oriental snow smiled and turned to ask several other people "autumn elder sister, brother’s brother, Simon brother you pick up the food boss a few swords? It should have passed. "
Autumn fairy tales, silence and others are dry and open their mouths to say something, but they can’t say it. It’s really humiliating to be defeated by a vegetable.
The East Snow saw their faces embarrassed and guessed what their faces were. Their eyes suddenly became sharp. He asked, "How many swords did you pick up?"
Silently looked at the others and finally whispered, "I didn’t catch a sword."
It was snowing in the east, and there was an irresistible smile at the corner of his mouth. The smile slowly spread to the whole face. Finally, he burst out laughing wildly. "Ha ha ha ha! Didn’t catch a sword! Is it your strength that no one can catch his sword when you are a commander and a leader? Ridiculous. That’s ridiculous! It’s really a disgrace to Wudang’s top five and top ten faces. "