After all, the strength of these people is absolutely not to be underestimated. Although Tianjun is strong, he has to deal with so many people at the same time. I’m afraid he can’t compete with four hands with two fists, and he will suffer.
"We’ll go, too." After hearing Zi Ren’s words, Xuan Ji and Yunxi immediately called the people around them to follow the past.
"Just watch from the sidelines, they will not need to bother you." As always, despise, Tianjun said flatly without looking back, as if he didn’t pay any attention to the four of them.
Hearing this, Zi Ren was a little helpless, but Yunxi was even more worried. Some looked at Xiang Xue Kirin for help and said softly, "Elder …" "Ha ha, little girl, you don’t have to worry. Tianjun’s strength is obviously higher than that of several people in front of him. Besides, he still has a dragon sword in his hand. As far as his people are concerned, they can’t get benefits in Tianjun’s hands." Obviously, the snow unicorn is still very optimistic about the wind.
Ling Tian was particularly angry when he heard Tianjun say that his four people were a group of rats, but when Tianjun specifically mentioned that he could no longer be called a man, Ling Tian was completely on fire. If it weren’t for Tianjun’s secret y and n moves, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be so defeated, and I won’t be ashamed now.
"Ah, I’ll fight with you." Ling Tian’s eyes are not allowed to rub into the sand. Seeing that he humiliated himself in front of so many people, Ling Tian couldn’t bear it. He raised his magic knife and cut it at Tianjun. Seeing that Ling Tian was so angry in Tianjun’s pale words, he picked up the magic knife and ran towards Tianjun like crazy. A few people who looked on the side secretly complained in their hearts. It seems that all this is contrary to Ling Tian’s consistent style. Even if it is impulsive, it won’t happen before. Now Tianjun just said,
Ling Tian is disdainful, but judging from Tianjun’s hand, Tianjun seems to be not under himself at all, even worse, which makes Ling Tian extremely worried.
Three swords and one knife attacked Tianjun as hard as four streamers. With the sound of cutting the shackles of space, four light and shadow rubbed against the air in the blink of an eye to generate a raging fire. From a distance, where the swords and shadows passed, the surrounding huā trees seemed to meet the lava of volcanic eruption and quickly turned to ashes. Even the huge stones could not bear the powerful destructive force carried by this sword and quickly weathered at the speed visible to the naked eye.
At the beginning, several of their other disciples could slay the powerful Grinch. Now, although there are few, the strength of Tianjun is far less than that of Grinch. Some of them have enough reasons to believe that they can slay Tianjun with one blow.
See ling Tianshi brothers four people together to kill themselves, Tianjun a face of indifferent appearance, right hand clutching Panlong sword, eyes full of banter, but in the heart Tianjun dare not hold big, Lingtian these two are outstanding figures of Tianlong mirror, absolutely can’t be underestimated, although their strength is not afraid, but if you want to win this battle, Tianjun has no bottom at all.
Looking at the four people coming, Tianjun suddenly exudes a strong fighting spirit, holding a sword in his right hand and angrily pointing to four people, suddenly waving his wrist, and tǐng was greeted by a body. Panlong Sword, like the same living dragon blade, kept dancing, twitching, but the spiritual force condensed on the blade was sharply focused on Ling Tian, and Tianjun decided to solve the problem of the first stab of these people with thunder.
However, Tianjun is a bold artist, and he is not afraid in the face. I saw that at the critical moment, Tianjun’s head was uncanny and deviated from the angle that a normal person could not turn out, and he easily escaped. Then the other two men made up for it with a left and a right, but Tianjun didn’t even bother to let them let their Xianjian pierce through his waist, and both of them were particularly surprised. I don’t know why you had to pick up this sword hard during the day.
However, both of them soon understood that Tianjun hit one person’s head hard with his free left hand when he saw that they were proud, but his right foot kicked another person’s lower abdomen at the same time. It was Ling Tian who stood in the middle of the crowd, that is, the target that Tianjun locked in. Tianjun knew the power of the magic knife. However, at this moment, Tianjun was too lazy to hide others and took out his stunt of pressing the bottom of the box.
After throwing off the attack of three people, in the face of the magic knife that is about to be attacked and killed, Tianjun made an action that surprised everyone. He held out his left hand and greeted the magic knife that was carrying destructive power, but his own Panlong sword stabbed Ling Tian’s neck hard.
After a burst of zi zi, everything came to an abrupt end. I saw Tianjun’s left hand tightly holding the magic knife, and his right hand holding the Panlong sword clung to Lingtian’s neck, and the blood trickled down slowly. As long as Tianjun was working hard, I’m afraid Lingtian would not be able to see the sun tomorrow.
"How is that possible? How can Tianjun’s head escape my attack so strangely? " The man secretly thought.
"My fairy sword has not already stabbed him. How can I leave him no harm?" In the distance, the two people who were kicked out with a punch in the wind vomited blood wildly, but they still couldn’t conceal their curiosity about Tianjun, which completely surpassed their previous cognition.
"Hum, if my hand goes forward half a minute, your life will be gone. "Tianjun coldly said to Ling Tian, who fell to his knees, and then turned his head and said to the other three people," I tell you, I’m not a troublemaker, but I’m not good at bullying. You guys are not enough for me to kill. Don’t bully around with your own sects’ power, and one day others will double the repayment. I’m in a good mood today. I don’t want to kill you. Get out of here and don’t let me see you rats again. " Didn’t give them any face at all, so Tianjun fumed in front of everyone, suddenly took back Panlong Sword with his right hand, kicked Ling Tianyi and kicked him far away.
"Well, I wrote down today’s humiliation, and I will repay it twice in the future." Putting down the malicious words, the seemingly senior brother helped Ling Tian in the distance and left with several younger brothers down and out. Having said that, it was just to find his own face, but after all, he didn’t dare to fight again, and he already had a little Y and N shadow in his heart. ! .

Chapter two hundred and sixteen Scattered
Looking at a few people who are far away from nothingness, all of them are very happy. Up to now, only a few people have left, but relatively speaking, all of them are more curious about how Tianjun escaped the attacks of several people, and took two swords, and grabbed Ling Tian’s magic knife with his bare hands. After all, all this looks so weird that even the snow unicorn, an antique who has lived for ten thousand years, still can’t see the clue.
"Teacher younger brother, how did you avoid their attack just now? What seems impossible to me happens to you, especially the two swords that the two men stabbed at your waist. Obviously, I saw the stabbing, but you were not injured at all, and you didn’t shed blood. All this seems impossible …" Zi Ren, after all, could not help but be curious. He asked, after what he said, all people were curious.
Looking at everyone with a curious look forward to his answer, Tianjun was embarrassed to sweep everyone’s interest, and Kitty Hawk turned around and looked around, and then looked at everyone with some contempt. It seemed to say that even if I told you, you still wouldn’t understand!
"Let me explain this to you. It’s really not clear in two or three sentences. Well, I’ll show you."
Let Tianjun tell them something about cell density. I’m afraid no one will understand it until tomorrow morning. It’s better to do something real, so as not to waste your breath. Anyway, there is no such concept as cell density, and I’m not worried that others will steal it.
Tianjun looked at everyone, and then said to Zi Ren beside him, "Brother Zi Ren, you stabbed me with your fairy sword."
"This, this is not good." Zi Ren has made some mistakes. He will never be soft if he is asked to kill people who are empty or crooked, but he can’t do such a thing if he is asked to hurt his own people with a sword. Besides, this person is still a heavenly king.
"Ha-ha, boy, just do what Tianjun tells you to do. Can’t you see that young boy just now didn’t pose any threat to him?" Snow Kirin smiled and said, as if to cheer for Zi Ren.
After Xue Qilin said this, Zi Ren turned around and said to Tianjun, "Be careful, younger brother."
Tianjun nodded with a smile, but did not take this to heart. Zi Ren carefully pulled out the Xianjian, and slowly stabbed Tianjun’s Xi not ng chamber. Everyone was staring at this terrible scene with wide eyes. Xianjian seemed to completely penetrate Tianjun’s Xi not ng chamber without any block and came out from another one, but without a drop of blood, Tianjun did not feel pain, but looked at everyone with a smile on his face.
"How is that possible? Brother Tianjun, do you have any special abilities? Even the fairy sword can’t hurt you, so you won’t be immortal? " Everyone is talking about it. I don’t know, but I was really shocked at the sight. This seemingly impossible and even weird thing happened in the eyelids of everyone.
"I’m not as great as you think, brother Zi Ren. It’s just an assassination without any energy. It’s impossible to stab me like this without getting hurt in a real fight. At most, I can minimize the size of the wound. Well, I won’t say much about this. This treasure hunt is finished, and we have got nothing. What are your plans? " Seeing that Tianjun doesn’t want to say more in this respect, everyone is embarrassed to continue asking questions. After all, everyone has their own secrets to varying degrees.
Hearing this sentence, Zi Ren sighed and said, "I didn’t find the treasure in this trip to Tianlong, but my loss in Sixianmen was very heavy. I thought there were sixteen of us at the beginning, and now only nine of us are left …" I sighed deeply. Gas, but words show their endless sadness and helplessness.
"Brother Zi Ren, all freedom is doomed. We are not afraid of not burning firewood. We are the future of Wolong mainland. We are still the pillar to revive Xianmen one day. We should live well. Here are some pills. I hope you can take them and restore your strength as soon as possible." Tianjun deeply sympathizes with what happened to them, but he can’t help them. He can only give them a few precious pills. Anyway, since he got this dragon territory, Tianjun pills are endless, and he doesn’t worry about losing all his money. After all, Tianlong territory is equivalent to a small vault, which is inexhaustible.
"This, this how not bashful." Purple kernel hurriedly pushed Tianjun’s hand away. It seems that he is flattered and has received too much kindness, which is really unrewarding.
"Take it, I still have these things, besides, you just need them." Tianjun said flatly.
"Teacher younger brother Tianjun, during this trip to Tianlong’s territory, my biggest gain in Zi Ren is not to look for different treasures, but to get to know you brothers and school sisters. You don’t thank me for your kindness. Teacher younger brother Tianjun, if you are useful to my place in Zi Ren someday, as long as you say a word, I will help you even if I put my life together! Purple benevolence feeling j: and said.
"Well, just received the news, uncle Shi said that we would return to the sky as soon as we came out, and we wouldn’t stay any longer, so we’ll leave again first, and leave now!" Zi Renchao Tianjun and his party held the fuels and led Xia Feng to fight away.
"Ladies and gentlemen, what are your plans?" After seeing Zi Ren leave, Tianjun asked about the other people, because their respective places are in several very different directions, and they must leave here if they want to go back to their master.
"Thanks to the blessing of Brother Tianjun, we have been able to preserve our strength. Here, on behalf of Wuzong, I would like to thank you. Let’s go back to Wuzong first and find the predecessors of the sect before making plans." Zhong Kang said to Tianjun with a face of feeling J: and he knew that if it weren’t for Tianjun’s care for everyone, I’m afraid I would end up dead.