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The aggressive sight scared the toys to speed up and avoid the cafe outside the street corner.
corner of a street
It’s a small cafe outside.
Several square tables placed outside the door usually have couples passing by to occupy this excellent rest point, enjoying the warm atmosphere of the street while tasting the mellow coffee.
A group of five big and three thick men are not good people at first glance, and the horrible momentum drives out couples and then occupies this place.
"Maybe it’s the devil’s fruit?"
Umit, wearing a tall hat, didn’t drink coffee. In fact, he didn’t like this dark drink at all. He enjoyed the pure taste of a cup of green tea more than coffee. He took a sip of the green tea in the cup-the tea came with him-and looked at the toy man passing by not far away and made a guess.
There are giants, fishers, furry people, snake heads and winged islanders in this world, and so on. It’s strange that human beings are here, but how strange that theory is, it is still understandable for human beings after all.
Living toys. What?
It is impossible for this thing to be natural if its brain is not too stupid or too straight and white.
Toys are toys. How can they live like humans? However, the scene in the kingdom of Dresderosa is not fake. Toys live in this country like human beings, and only the devil fruit can explain this situation.
after all
The so-called toy country didn’t have a title until the arrival of Dolango.
Before this small broken kingdom, there was nothing but a flower field. Not only were the pockets of civilians cleaner than those licked by dogs, but the life of the royal family was not rich at all. The royal family often took the lead in charging every time they fought pirates.
That is, five years ago, when Franco seized this country’s political power, this poor country became rich. At the same time, street toys also appeared and were accepted by the people, and they lived in harmony with each other, which led to the so-called’ toy country with passion’.
"Devil’s Fruit …"
The bald man wearing a baseball cap nodded thoughtfully. "Is it jker’s hand?"
"I think so!"
Umit casually replied
He is not interested in jker’s hand, especially for the toys in this street. This is not his territory. He is too lazy to worry about jker. He wants to know more about the information of the attendants around Elus than jker’s hand.
The intelligence brought back by Venkula, the "paradox sword", is really lacking.
Although he found some news after this period of investigation, it was still too little, too vague and too fragmented, and it was difficult to sort out really valuable information such as Alves’ abilities and weaknesses.
"My Lord Umit, someone is watching us."
Wearing a baseball cap and bald head said such a thing.
"Never mind that jker’s department should be sent to spy on it." Umit had already noticed the atmosphere, but he didn’t intend to go to war with Franco, so he chose to see it.
"No matter?"
Wearing a baseball cap and bald head, I looked at the floor tiles and smiled. "I know."
This bald man with a number in hand is Umit’s card-this time, in response to the challenge of’ Nidhogg’, he specially took it with him and came to Dres Rosa to wait for the arrival of Socaci O’ Elus.
There are not only the seats around the bald head, but also the rest of the strong men are Umit departments.
All are good players.
Five of them are pirates, and the lowest reward is 100 million yuan, and that was a long time ago. Their strength is naturally stronger and more fierce than before. If Venkula hadn’t repeatedly played up Alves, he really wouldn’t have called so many experts from different towns and seas together.
However, everything is prepared.
Be careful to sail for thousands of years.
Even if the lion fights the rabbit, it’s even worse. Alves is not a good thing to provoke the rabbit …
"Socaci O ‘Elus Stussi, I don’t believe you don’t have more detailed information." I don’t know when Umit is talking to someone with a bug in his hand. "The price is not a problem. I want information and give me the most detailed information."
"Sorry! Umit is not that I don’t want to open the door to do business, but that I really don’t have what you want here. "Stussi’s dark world giant, the Queen of Happy Street, is also the most powerful intelligence dealer in the new world.
after all
Nowhere can you receive all kinds of information better and faster than Happy Street.
Girls in Happy Street can always dig out all kinds of information in men’s bodies and wallets.
"How is that possible? You are the Queen of Happy Street ….. Did the Kingdom of Ekmondo pay you? " Umit frowned and remembered a possibility.
"The Queen of Happy Street is not omnipotent, and I have no friendship with the kingdom of Ekmondo."
Stussi responded quickly.
"I can’t believe that even you can’t find information … Nidhogg, is this really going to be a blockbuster?" Umit felt a little pressure with a straight face, and his brain couldn’t help but recall all the words that Venkula, the deceitful sword, had said.
just in case
If Venkula is not frightened but the enemy is really that strong, wouldn’t it be a trap for him to try to get rid of Erus once and for all?
"A little more hands!"
Umit took a sip of his teacup and decided to strengthen his own strength.
Chapter 4 is in full swing.
Umit’s impossible to hide from jker, the local strongman.
This is not due to Pica’s real-time tracking.
One troop carrier after another sailed into the port so boldly. If it wasn’t for more Franco’s orders, I’m afraid Don Quixote’s family cadres would have opened fire directly with Umit’s army, but even if there was no fight, both sides remained ready to open at any time.
The tension spread directly to the streets, and the bustling streets suddenly became cold and cheerless. Many people ran to the door of the palace and asked the king to expel these guys, which were not good at first sight.
A living room in Wanggaodi Palace
"Dover Wumit is so arrogant. Let me kill him."
The commander of the four highest cadres, a square army, dressed like a tribal aborigine in a red cloak. Diamanti said that his right hand pressed the hilt of the sword and said that he was not kidding.
"Diamanti, don’t worry about it … leave it alone for the time being."
Franco gently shook the goblet in his hand, and the scarlet wine like blood whirled fiercely. "Let Umit go with the old thing whatever he wants to do, but Sai Niol will warn the old thing. This is Dres Rosa, not his ship. There is a limit to my tolerance. If he dares to cross the line, let him weigh the consequences."
A glass filled with red wine reflects a horrible and ferocious smiling face full of murder.
Umit’s completely angered him by acting so recklessly in his country.
But at this time, if you attack Umit, it’s tantamount to covering for the Nidhogg who has never met. It’s not in his style. He’s going to wait until Umit has had a fight with that Nidhogg. If Umit loses, he won’t have to intervene.
If Umit wins, he will settle accounts with Umit then.