Listening to Fang Yuan seems to cut to the chase, and Chu Chen has paid some attention.
For an attacking player, personal skills are a part, such as relying on teammates to cover is also a very important element.
"There are no opponents in the basketball court, and some subtle differences can lead to the change of the whole game pattern after being magnified again and again." Fang Yuan said faintly, "You are always too concerned about whether you can compete with your opponent but ignore that you are a member of the team. It is a basketball game with five points. What is it that five people play five people instead of one-on-one?"
Before Chu Chenxi spoke, Fang Yuan continued, "Because different player combinations can make a team have a kind of earth-shaking change, but the one-on-one result is doomed in 99% of cases. There is a story that it is the strongest spear and the strongest shield. I don’t know what you think. I think that compared with Jiangyu, you are the spear and he is the strongest defensive player in Beiyang. He naturally has his significance, but I have always thought that there is a gap between shield and spear. The former is to protect yourself and the latter is to attack. Since Jiangyu is the strongest shield in Beiyang, then you can let.
Chu Chenxi’s mind suddenly flashed a "Yang Ji Chang avoids its sharpness"
"Have you ever heard of this sentence?" Fang Yuan laughed as if a team had fallen behind by 20 points. The head coach should be smiling. "You have a strong self-esteem. I know you want to beat every opponent you meet, but you will encounter difficulties and obstacles. So at that time, you have been stubbornly staring at this, and let the other four people share your responsibilities with you? No, you should learn to be free and easy, such as finding his weakness. This is not something that can be done in just a few minutes. You must first find ways to help this team. Yin Yun Online is also not hostile to Fang Shanyu Ji in cold weather, but do you see that they have been deadlocked with their opponents? It’s not that they don’t want to beat their opponents, but they know that their opponents are good at just pinching their weaknesses, and they will try to find advantages in other ways. Can you say that Yin Yun is weaker than Shan Yu? No! There is absolutely no way for that player to put his attack point in all positions outside the three-point line, but Yin Yunke may not be as good as Ouyang Zhi in cold weather now, but he has the strongest will and never gives up his belief. He will always find a way to face Ouyang Zhi. Since Yin Yun’s one-point change can make Nanchuan No.7 Middle School even with Beiyang No.12 Middle School in the second quarter, if you are the sharpest bayonet in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, I won’t talk about it any more, but do you really want to find a way to fish across the river and then shine again?You and his presence have different meanings. He is there to spend time with you, but you are there to put basketball into the basket. You don’t have any doubts about yourself. I don’t think there will be anyone in this stadium who can look at the river and fish in a short time. You can’t show the training effect you got in front of Wu Ji, but you are willing to think about it. This kind of thing can be placed after the game, that is, if one road is blocked, you will take another road. "
"I’m sorry" ChuChenxi took a deep breath, as if he had just been taken out of a dead end.
"I gave you a whole half-game to think on the spot. I think only in this way can you understand that what I said was hindered. The most important thing is that it was hindered. If it can’t be overcome in a short time, then try another way." Fang Yuan blinked at Chu Chenxi. "Don’t you think so? You attach too much importance to personal skills. You want to beat everyone in personal skills, but is it possible? Some people are good at attacking, and naturally some people are good at defending, even if they are good at defending, they are good at making up the defense or being good at one-on-one defense. What you have to do is to cut in where they are not good at. From now on, you have to learn to improve your teammates’ awareness of cooperation. "
"Yes!" Chu Chenxi seems to have inexplicably opened a road in front of him. "No.Jiangyu put it, that is, the other party put it and I consumed the other party, so I didn’t want to get how many points from Jiangyu."
Fang Yuan finally heaved a sigh of relief and nodded his head. He was worried that Chu Chenxi would be so stubborn that he wouldn’t change his mind until the game reached such a difficult situation. But Fang Yuanbai, if Chu Chenxi really understood what he said, it would be worthwhile to try something else-besides, who said that the game must be hopeless?
The sixth minute of the third quarter
The second wave of the 6641 Beiyang No.12 Middle School made them pull the score difference from 15 to 25, and Ouyang Zhi believed that if the other side didn’t adjust the score difference, it would continue to increase the result of the game, which was almost certain.
The referee blew his whistle in haste. Ouyang Zhi turned his head and looked at it. It was the other side who shouted a long pause.
The 25-point gap left about one-third of the fighting spirit in the game, and the team Ouyang Zhi couldn’t think of any other way for the other team to make the score come back.
Wang Xuechao glanced meaningfully at the young coach who was parallel to him. According to his understanding, calling a time-out at such a time means that he has given up the game. So he has seen more opponents. He looked at the score, and the 25-point difference almost made him take the game. He hesitated for a moment. "Ouyang Zhishanyu, Yang Ke, you three have a rest. Just let Chen and Jiang Yu be present."
Ouyang Zhi frowned and opened his mouth. He turned to look at the bench over there but didn’t say a word.
The 25-point gap may be because he is too oversensitive, or because he has seen too many reports in Nanchuan these days, he always expects too much from them, just as he did when he saw Beiyang No.12 Middle School. He always hopes that they can get up again after falling down again and again. He wants to see these players create some miracles that can make him feel the palpitation.
But Nanchuan still hasn’t fought back until now. They are still drifting with the tide. Maybe there won’t be any counterattack until the end of the game. Maybe I overestimated them.
Nanchuan No.7 Middle School wasn’t Beiyang No.12 Middle School in those days, and they didn’t seem to aim at the champion’s domineering Ouyang Zhi. Suddenly, they were disappointed and felt that the game would be over soon.
"How to give up?" Fang Yuan looked at the dejected players with a face of Gherardini.
Ji looked up in cold weather but felt dry lips. Besides, there was a cold feeling left.
From head to toe, Ji Hantian knows that part of the reason is that sweat has penetrated into the body, and a bigger part of the reason is that Nanchuan No.7 Middle School played this game for the first time. Even when No.7 Middle School was weak, it still retained its fighting spirit and hope for victory in the third quarter, because at that time, Jiang Zhe had been thrown from the free throw field.
But now what is left in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School?
Every player in Beiyang No.12 Middle School has abundant physical strength. In this similar game, they are no longer running like the first quarter. Now there are not many teams in China that are qualified to let Beiyang No.12 Middle School go. However, even so, in this half of the game, the players feel that it is difficult for their opponents to match.
Every minute is a torment, and it is as tormented as a fire, so that they can’t see the hope of nirvana.
"I won’t say any more about how to fight in this game. I’m not afraid of losing at all. I’m afraid you don’t have the courage to fight in Beiyang again. Because even if we advance to the final stage, it won’t help. I don’t want to be embarrassed if you go to them for three more games. I don’t know what we are going to do to entertain them?"
"I’m sorry, I’ve been sleepwalking to get this result." Listening to Fang Yuan’s ironic words, Chu Chenxi couldn’t sit still. He got up and said to everyone.
Fang Yuan waved his hand. "Don’t blame yourself. Our overall strength is indeed not as good as their tactical accomplishment. After all, they have been hanging out in the national competition team all the year round, and we are just a novice who entered the national competition for the first time." Fang Yuan turned his head. "I know that many of you think so, but tell us if you have the courage to continue fighting, even if you are 25 points behind now, even if you will be 35 points behind in the end. Will you squeeze every ounce of your strength to run and tell me?"
People answer
Fang Yuan didn’t care to continue saying, "To tell the truth, even if you give up now, it’s nothing. We still have the chance to fight with the sea for this promotion quota at last, but I think if you really think so now, you will lose the qualification to fight in Beiyang again, because you are scared and beaten badly and dare not face Beiyang No.12 Middle School."
"I don’t ask you how many points you can get, how many points you can chase or how you can do it, but I hope you can hold your head high and finish the game.
Look at the score of 4166 for yourselves! Twenty-five points gap
It’s the first time we’ve been so embarrassed as soon as we passed by. "Here Fang Yuan chuckled.
"Think about the gap between us and them in Nanchuan No.4 Middle School at that time, but we fought at the last minute and we won; Think about Changsha, they are a stronger team than Nanchuan No.4 Middle School, but they were easily taken by us. There is also Guangzhou No.1 Middle School, a well-known unified strong team in the southern district. They have the most powerful defenders in the southern district, but what else did they cause us except in the first quarter?
Never question yourself. Don’t give up on yourself because you are behind the score. Think about it. Are you really running and struggling with your conscience every minute or are you expecting the whistle to sound soon after the game? Zhang Xuan? "At the end of the day, Fang Yuan turned to Zhang Xuan with a jerk.
"Er …" Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment but didn’t say it again. As Fang Yuan said, he had already treated the game negatively.
"I won’t ask one by one. I don’t know how many of you already think this game is promising, but I want to say that even if you really can’t expect the last minute, when the whistle blows at the end of the game, you can’t have such an idea. This idea is terrible and will stain. I don’t want the team’s will to be corroded like this.
Still, it’s not terrible to lose. It’s terrible that you don’t have the will to fight. I wonder if your performance is worthy of those lovely fans in the stands who really supported you from Nanchuan. Come on. "
"If you don’t tell me now that there is still a quarter and a half before the game, and they are so far ahead, they will definitely relax. I want you to tell me the answer at the stadium." Fang Yuan waved at the cheerleading jumping ground. At this time, no one paid attention to the cheerleaders anymore. Everyone was looking at Fang Yuan carefully and listening to what he said.
"Yin Yun, I remember that not long ago, you single Nanchuan No.1 center in a row to help the team gain an advantage, and Chu Chenxi. I want to say that I just told you that when you received the ball, you thought about the opponents you defeated, and you sealed Nanchuan No.4 Middle School at the last minute. I hope to think about the skills you learned in Wu Ji in recent months. You changed Zhang Xuan and Xue Yin copper."
Two people silently thinking Fang Yuan words.
"Xiaotian" Fang Yuan finally looked at Ji Hantian. "Just four days ago, the Phoenix Suns were 19 points behind their opponents at half-time. Your idol Steve Nash led the team to score 11 points at half-time, and finally defeated the opponents with 15 points."
Ji Hantian paid special attention to this game and talked about it these days. At this time, Fang Yuan’s intention was somewhat meaningful. He sighed and didn’t seem to know how to organize his own words.
"I know you have done a lot along the way, but the game is not over yet, and you have to go on.
But if I can, I hope to see a stunning reversal in the last 20 minutes. "
Fang Yuan pronounced the last four words word by word, with a decisive breath.
"As far as I’m concerned, I’m sure everyone will fight to the last minute."
Ji Hantian stretched out a hand. Although he was very tired, he still stood up with his pride. Yin Yun, Wu Ji, Wei Ning, Chu Chenxi put his hand on Ji Hantian’s hand together.
"Fight to the last minute!"
There is a bleak and wild roar of five people.
Ouyang Zhi sat on the bench and burst into laughter. This is really an interesting team. With such strength, it is said that it will fight to the last minute. Is it still meaningful? You know, basketball is not just about fighting spirit
Since you dare to shout out such words, let me see if you can also let us fight until the last moment. Ouyang Zhi suddenly remembers those days when he first entered the National Games. At that time, Beiyang No.12 Middle School was as full of passion and fighting spirit as Nanchuan No.7 Middle School now, but they still fell in front of Hainan Ocean, the overlord of the southern district.
Now Nanchuan has been able to push down such a strong team as Guangzhou No.1 Middle School, but we can’t take them too seriously. Thinking that Beiyang has far surpassed Hainan Yang’s prestige in high school basketball, he suddenly has a feeling that the wind and water have turned around for 30 years.
It seems that a strong team is always cruel, and the dream of hindering many dark horses really makes Ouyang Zhi feel a little cruel, and it seems that it is the mission of a strong team to do this. After being pushed down and wandering, one new peak will be born. Beiyang has been planning for two years, and it was not until the third year that it was accumulated. Now Nanchuan is also a team with great potential, but now they are far from talking about the peak.
I wonder if this team will gradually disappear in the long river of history with the loss of the main players or have a chance to get them a seat in the future high school league?