Arsenic trioxide longyou has heard a little about this chemical reagent. This arsenic trioxide smells like white cream powder, which is the raw material of arsenic. It is highly toxic when dissolved in water and can cause sudden death.

Longyou had a narrow squeak in his heart. Otherwise, he would have confessed here today. This also wakes up that Longyou is a very dangerous society. This is a Nanjiang city, and this kind of thing has happened. This warns Longyou to be cautious, otherwise capsizing in the gutter will be everywhere.
"Xiaolong Xiaolong, you are awake!" Longyou is surrounded by two doctors and Tang Lao and Wang Shuting.
"Strange things!" The two doctors kept marveling at Longyou.
Don’t blame the two of them. They just can’t feel the heartbeat of Longyou and the pupil has spread, but Longyou woke up!
"Grandpa Tang, go after the water bearer! There is something wrong with that person! " Longyou woke up and said to Tang Lao eagerly
Longyou finally understood the reason why he felt uneasy at that time. It turned out that the man had been keeping his head down since he came in and left quickly, unlike a middle-aged woman. But for the psychological and tactical losses at that time, Longyou could not be so easily fooled.
"No, he has run away. I asked someone to chase after a middle-aged woman who fainted in boiling water. I want that person to do some disguise." Tang Lao shook his head.
"What about Wei Dong?" Longyou asked
"He is dead" Tang Lao sighed.
Longyou’s face is ugly. If it weren’t for the upgrade of the magic hand system, Mei Er has a sense of autonomy. Today, she is really unlucky. It seems that this person is well prepared, and even she has been recruited because she is worried about her status as a Qigong master.
"It seems that behind-the-scenes black gestures are unusual and can reach out to the interrogation room!" Longyou’s eyes narrowed slightly. He vaguely felt that the emissary behind Chu Er’s car accident should be connected with the person behind the accident! These forces behind him have repeatedly turned to himself and the people around him. He is really angry. Since he wants to play, let’s see who can play with whom!
Chapter 34 Mysterious Mr. Zhou
"The only clue that Grandpa Wei Dong of Tang died is broken. Please go back to the Imperial Capital first. I will contact you when there is news!" Longyou got up and said to Tang Lao
"It seems that it can be like this." Tang Lao’s eyes flashed a fine mans just Longyou HuaLiYouHua. He naturally heard Longyou telling himself that he would associate with himself. It must be that there are many people who want to go to Longyou now. What’s the plan? I want to talk to myself alone
"Wang Xiaosong, you send the two doctors to leave and then prepare to tidy up our back to the imperial city! I have a word with Longyou, "Tang Lao ordered.
Looking at Wang Shuting’s dragon swimming, I calmed down and said to Tang Laodao, "What do you think of Grandpa Tang?"
"The black hand behind this is not simple. I think he is ready and definitely a big shot who can’t be easily moved!" Tang Lao said with a frown
Can’t move! I want to move! Otherwise, I can’t sleep well, and it’s impossible to carry out my plan in the future! Longyou thought to himself
"Grandpa Tang, I think you should go back to the Imperial City first, and then my side and Grandpa Yue will look for a clue. Your Imperial City is always ready, and at the same time, you will try your best to collect evidence." Longyou thought for a moment. "The original Wei Dong was willing to recruit the black hand behind the scenes to surface, but the black hand behind the eyes was hidden again. I want to wait until the most appropriate time to give him the strongest thunder!"
"good! If it’s a big shot, we have to hold back before we can take me back to the imperial city. Be careful. Although you have qigong, I think everything is still careful! " Tanglao road
"That’s natural!" Longyou sent Tang Lao away with a cold mountain in his eyes. I don’t care what big shots you have made, so I must try my best to move to you! But Longyou is not a fool. He naturally knows that when the situation is forbearing, he can continue to investigate when the person relaxes.
Nanjiang steel mill dormitory
At this time, Long Jingui watched at a humble table in the room as Longyou came back from the investigation team. Longyou told his father everything about Wei Dong [wwwianhuaangla]
"Dad, who do you think Wei Dong died with?"
Long Jingui cautiously glanced at the outside and inadvertently frowned. Long Jingui did not show any surprise after hearing the news.
Long Jingui has spent half his life building his youth here. He knows the mysterious forces behind everything in Nanjiang Steel Plant. Those forces are like a big hand clutching the important nerves of Nanjiang City.
Long Jingui didn’t regret losing the election because he knew it was deep in water.
"Xiaolong, although you have grown a lot, the Nanjiang Steel Plant is deep in water. Sometimes it is easy to drown if you plunge into it!"
Although Long Jingui didn’t finish his words, Longyou naturally understood the hidden meaning that his father was afraid that he had been involved in this muddy water.
"I know, Dad!" Longyou nods a way
"Which university are you going to enter?" I haven’t had a chance to talk to Longyou, Long Jingui asked
"Well, although Tsinghua Peking University is not only going to Nanhua University, it is still no problem!" Longyou wanted to think a way
"Don’t talk big at an early age! You know, a man’s taboo is to talk nonsense! Let’s talk about it when the admission notice comes. "Long Jingui never misses an opportunity to educate Longyou.
"I know!" In the face of his father’s inculcation, Longyou had no complaints or impatience.
Longyou entered the exam as an automobile manufacturing major in South China University, and neither his father nor his mother said anything to him. Although Long Jingui hoped that Longyou could enter the exam as a famous brand in Peking University and Tsinghua, he would win glory for his family in the future.
But Long Jingui also knows that the amazing talent of manufacturing projects is amazing, and even he is amazed by the Nanjiang steel mill for more than half a generation. Of course, he doesn’t know that Longyou’s ability comes from the body magic system. Although he has a little regret, he has no objection.
Although Zhang Chuer was happy about Longyou going to South China University, she still felt a little sorry. After all, she knew that Longyou’s ideal was to take an examination of Tsinghua University.
Long Jingui was silent for a while and said, "Xiaolong, no matter what you do, your mother and I will support you. Remember that home is your eternal harbor!" "
Longyou couldn’t help hearing his father’s words. "Mom and Dad, don’t worry, remember your words forever."
Long Jingui and his wife looked at each other with a look of relief. How can parents be unhappy when they see that their children are promising?
If Long Jingui knew that the investigation team was almost killed today, I’m afraid he would be scared to death at that time.
Going back to his room, Longyou was still in terror. If Mei Er hadn’t saved him, I’m afraid he would be dead now.
At the thought of this, it seems that there is a charming and sexy body of email again, and an evil thought suddenly rises in my heart, and my body unconsciously changes a little, and it moves restlessly with the hot and dry body.
"Hee hee" ear to a charming smile longyou a surprised suddenly hot body suddenly cold.
"Little master, what are you thinking?"
Mei Er’s voice sounded in his ear, and his face turned red, and he suddenly felt embarrassed. He was in adolescence, and he was easily aroused by women, but the embarrassment was that all his thoughts would be known by Mei Er.
"Email, are you peeking at my heart?" Longyou was annoyed and asked, no matter what, it is still very uncomfortable to be seen through the bottom of my heart casually, even though he knows that email is not.
"Little master, do you feel difficult? Hee hee, don’t be angry. It’s normal to see a beautiful woman tempted. There’s nothing difficult, but I’m an illusory little master. I’ll go and find that little beauty every time I think about it."
Chu Er?’ Longyou said doubtfully that of course he knew Xiao Ni was talking about Zhang Chuer, but so explicit words that Mei Er could actually speak Longyou thoroughly.
"Young master, during this period, you should make up for the experience of strengthening the system. You already owe a lot of experience. If you don’t make up for it, it will decay when you clean it."
Email don’t tease with him but solemnly said
Longyou nodded, and he knew in his heart that he had owed a lot of experience in saving Zhang Chu when he was a child. Although he accidentally activated email, he was already warning him.
After the investigation team, Mei Er’s critical death saved his life. At this time, the system was exhausted and in urgent need of repair.
Now the Nangang case has come to an end temporarily, because Wei Dong died and the clue was broken, Tang Lao had to leave for a few months and the investigation fell short.
Longyou was annoyed, but he knew that it was urgent and then slowly investigated.
So now he can feel at ease to put his mind to study.
Longyou is deeply determined to do something great in the future. South China University is a starting point, and he must do a good job and enter South China with excellent results.
In this way, Longyou can study hard and repair the magic hand system at the same time.
But Longyou tried to study hard, but found that Roots couldn’t do it.
Two days later, Yue Qingshan came to visit with a guest.
The stop at the gate of Hongqi Jeep South Steel Plant immediately attracted many people’s attention. Among the younger generation, Hongqi Jeep had no reaction to them, but the old workers in the factory were very excited.
Because in those days, the Red Flag Jeep had red cadres to take the South Steel Plant, and there were also old factory directors and party Committee members who were qualified to take the Red Flag Jeep, or it evoked memories of the eventful past in the hearts of old workers.
Yue Qingshan wears a hair comb and is meticulous. The old man’s face is not angry but intimidating.
Long Jingui, with years of experience as a cadre at the grass-roots level, immediately felt that there were a lot of people coming. He was a little uneasy, but he didn’t relax until he saw Yue Qingshan greet them with a pleasant face.
Longyou is sitting in the room watching a sound coming from the outside.
"Xiaolong, I brought you a guest," said Yue Qingshan at the door.
Longyou quickly got up and welcomed the guests into the room. The old man glanced at him lightly and sat down in a chair.
Yue Qingshan casually whispered the door, "Xiaolong, this is Mr. Zhou."
"This is the master of Qigong in the mouth of leader Tang!" Yue Qingshan introduced to the old man that although there was no name, Longyou felt the awe in Yue Lao’s mouth. Longyou couldn’t help but look slightly. Even once your provincial party committee remembered Yue Lao, he was so respectful. Isn’t this person’s position scary?
The old man nodded faintly to him and turned to look at the scene in the room.
Longyou doesn’t want to know that this old man has a lot of connections, but seeing his calm and unyielding momentum is not something that ordinary people can learn.
He respectfully said "Mr. Zhou"
Yue Qingshan said in a low voice, "Mr. Zhou Longyou is from the Imperial Capital. Please let go and show Mr. Zhou things first."
Longyou just now, the old man has quickly observed when he entered the door. Although the old man looks distinguished, serious and dignified, his eyebrows are light and dark brown.