Although its body has adapted to the power of King Kong, it can face the more fierce pure Yang fire, and Zhang Yuanze can choose to give in.

"Want to escape? Late! "
This time, it was Pei Wende’s turn to sneer at the manifestation behind the fire-fighting method with six arms on three sides.
Angry father face, calm mother face, eager teenager face …
With the help of pure yang fire, Dezhen Jun punched six flaming arms and formed a barrier composed of flames.
Zhang Yuanze, the head of this crisis, decisively threw his head behind him, and then his body was burned up by the hot pure sun fire.
When the embers dispersed, Pei Wende was burning all over, but Zhang Yuanze opposite him had only one head left.
"Sure enough, like Hui Ji, your pulse is crazy!"
Gnash her teeth and cursing that there was only one head left, Zhang Yuanze struggled to vent his anger in his heart.
Zhang Yuanze has not never seen pure yang fire, but he never thought that someone could summon the fire, morality and truth to come.
I’m afraid that even those practitioners who specialize in pure yang strength can’t say that their yang is strong enough to be wanton.
"But are you finished?"
Peiwende that has been too lazy to surprise eyes Zhang Yuan ze head once again amazing speed change, grow up.
Neck, trunk, limbs …
In a moment, Zhang Yuanze grew a complete human form again.
Then Zhang Yuanze’s body changed that strange way again, just like the situation of changing from an old man to a young man and from a young man to a girl at the beginning.
However, this time, Zhang Yuanze is neither a young man nor a girl, but a burly person with no gender characteristics.
No male organs, no female characteristics …
Naked before Pei Wende, Zhang Yuanze has now surpassed the concept of "human"
Only the immortal pure yang fire in the hand said that it not only adapted to the damage of pure yang fire, but also further mastered this force.
"Normal bss two-stage transformation is very powerful, and it can solve all three-stage transformation bss bases …"
"But I think you should be able to continue to transform like this?"
Mouth said Zhang Yuanze root can’t understand tucao PeiWende inexplicably gave birth to a nai mood in my heart.
If this is a game, Pei Wende will naturally not hate Zhang Yuanze’s constant transformation and breaking through the limit to bring himself excitement and image.
But the reality is never a game. Pei Wende doesn’t want to capsize in the gutter.
"Then I decided to be serious before you become the final form!"
Chapter 11 Wang Shentong, incarnation outside the body
"Zhang Yuanze’s game is over!"
No longer thinking about taking alive or showing mercy to see Pei Wende put out the pure yang fire in the whole body and then said with a face of primly
Now that the enemy has completely adapted to the damage caused by pure yang fire, Pei Wende will naturally not continue to make this extremely exhausting avatar.
Anyway, Pei Wende is not much, but he is good at avatar and spells enough
Even if you don’t repeat the rotation once, Pei Wende is sure to consume the opposite "immortality"
After all, the "immortal body" is an immortal body, and the most basic law of conservation of energy must be observed if the material world is to be transformed into an entity.
Of course, Pei Wende will not solve Zhang Yuanze by "hard consumption" now that he intends to do it quickly.
Listening to Pei Wende’s light drink has been waiting for a long time. Xiaoqing immediately got out of his arms and then changed into a snake with thick arms.
Xiaoqing bit Zhang Yuanze’s neck with the peculiar scream of snakes.
Followed by PeiWenDe didn’t miss the precious opportunity, one hand bear Aquarius print press the other side of the forehead.
-Bodhisattva Buddha Light Samadhi Yehui!
When Zhang Yuanze came to look up, the Buddha’s Light in King Kong changed its nature.
If the Buddha’s light was like the midday sun, it had a natural restraint against an evil and sneaky thing.
Then, after the catalogue of 37 buddhas and bodhisattvas symbolizing the Samadha Society was revealed one by one, these Buddha lights changed from "restraint" to "imprisonment"
Everything in the enchantment has come to a standstill except Pei Wende and Xiaoqing.
It’s as if the concepts of "freezing", "stillness" and "silence" are present, and even Zhang Yuanze’s strange changes have stopped.