For a long time, Long Xiaofei felt that he had been lifted. These people dragged their feet out of the old house in autumn and walked in the opposite direction to Hutou Mountain.

The road seems to have passed through a thorny dragon. Xiao Fei’s hands and arms have been scratched several times. He is worried about Qiu Tong in his heart. Although this little girl was born in this strange Qingyin county, she has never experienced any wind and waves. I am afraid that she will not pretend to be accidentally exposed.
All the way, nothing happened. I heard the door shaft creak, and a few people were thrown into the lumbricus. Xiao Feiqiang endured without making a sound. At this time, he began to admire Qiu Tong, and the little girl could not resist humming.
Then Long Xiaofei and them were dragged to the front of the column, and the column was firmly tied. All this was done before someone heard someone say, "If the inspection is all tied up, go out. If you run away, you have to feed the red moths for them."
Chapter 163 Mountain Temple Tunnel
Bai Lixia finished and left. After checking it again, the remaining people all went out swearing. The door was heavily covered with bright sunshine, and the room was suddenly dark outside.
Long Xiaofei opened her eyes to the autumn. The little girl with the same pair of clear big eyes was tied up. At this time, Long Xiaofei was already flushed and her body kept wriggling. It turned out that her hands were tightly tied and she wanted to take out a knife and do something behind her.
"Shh …" Long Xiaofei gently made signal with the lips to signal that those people haven’t gone far, so don’t worry.
Qiu and An Jing came to listen to the outside sound carefully until all the people were dispersed at the door. Long Xiaofei pressed the sound to a level just audible and asked Qiu Tong, "Xiao Tong, where are we?"
"This is the Temple of Qingyin Mountain" Qiu Tong replied while trying to loosen the tied rope a little. Only the movable forefinger and middle finger caught the handle for a long time, and both cheeks were flushed with strength. Finally, she pulled out the knife. She moved the knife slowly in both hands and the rope loosened a little. Soon Qiu Tong was free. Her horse came over and cut Long Xiaofei’s rope.
It’s really a try to wake others up. It seems that this medicine is quite strong. As soon as Li Ying wakes up, she cries headache and is immediately covered by Long Xiaofei. Long Xiaofei said in a low voice, "Don’t go out there with white long summer people."
Li Ying waved the still dizzy head looked at Long Xiaofei inexplicably.
Long Xiaofei gave him a white look. "Are you sleepy and anxious to sleep? They were all suffocated by other people’s medicines. "
Long Xiaofei looked around at their backpacks and put them on the table of the mountain temple, so everyone found their backpacks. The back of the mountain temple was surrounded by Bai long summer’s hands, and it was not easy for Long Xiaofei to invite everyone to come over and prepare to study an escape plan.
Qiu Tong suddenly came over and said mysteriously, "I know there is a tunnel in this temple, but I don’t know where the tunnel leads." Then he pointed to Ma Chao and Han Baocheng behind the mountain statue and found a hole more than a foot high behind it.
It seems that there is a way out. A few people are not vague at all. They quickly got into it. It is Li Ying’s stout body that keeps things up as always. Once again, Liu Qiang is stuck in a dilemma. This anger has dragged Li Ying’s arm and pulled Li Yinggang to call out, and then he was dragged in abruptly by Han Baocheng’s big hand.
As soon as Li Ying landed, she opened her clothes and rubbed the fat on both sides of her belly. "You are really cruel. I have been dragged off a layer of skin and I am bleeding!"
No one cares about him. Liu Qiang and Han Baocheng have reached out with one hand and pulled the mountain gods back to cover the mouth of the cave. Long Xiaofei kicked and sat there. Li Ying said coldly, "If you are afraid of being dragged off, practice your fat, or I will cut you into a standard willow waist with a knife."
Li Ying reached out and stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, and she dared not pity her fat skin again. She got up and followed her to the depths of the cave.
There was such a big hole here many years ago. Qiu Tong is no stranger here. She and her brother used to play hide-and-seek here when they were young, but it was a secret between them and never told anyone.
Long Xiaofei took a photo of his hand tube around him. This is a man-made cave. Because the wall of the cave is hard, it didn’t make any supporting measures too old. Although it is hard enough, there are still some places that collapsed in the depths of the cave. It smells damp and musty everywhere. Long Xiaofei smells a particularly pungent smell in this musty smell.
Long Xiaofei turned and asked Qiu Tong, "Where does this lead?"
Qiu Tong shook his head. "I didn’t know that when I was a child, I hid near the cave for a while. It was so dark that we didn’t dare to go too far and never went to the depths of the cave."
It took five or six minutes to walk all the way to the steps before they gradually slowed down and extended in a straight direction.
After another twenty or thirty meters, the cave became more and more humid. Long Xiaofei felt his face cold and reached out and touched a drop of water. Long Xiaofei raised his hand and took a photo of a dense drop of water there. It is said that there is a hidden river on the surface. This hole must have been excavated. It depends on the situation. It may not last long here. Maybe one day, the whole hole will be flooded by ground water.
He observed the shape and direction of water droplets at the top of a cave, and judged that there should be a crossing between the underground river overhead and this tunnel, and then he ran in their respective directions. He carefully observed it right here and Ma Chao said warily, "There seems to be a sound behind the boss."
The voice just fell and a few torches appeared on the steps. long summer sounded a little arrogant. "Do you still want to run?"
Long Xiaofei suddenly found something unusual in this hole when the fire shone. Those dark gray stone walls were solidified with a layer of waxy yellow things, and then he realized what he had just smelled pungent. He suddenly raised his hand and shouted, "Stop and don’t go any further. If you go any further, this hole will blow up."
Bai long summer screamed, "Who are you scaring? You’re going the wrong way, aren’t you? "Say that finish, with a wave of his hand, those people with torches have moved forward.
"You come here again, I’m welcome …" Long Xiaofei’s face was livid, pointing to lead a short and awkward person.
Long Xiaofei’s momentum shocked the other party. Those people hesitated. Although there were many of them, they would know that if they were forced to hurry, they might not be able to get much cheaper.
While these people were still stunned, Long Xiaofei asked Ma Chao, "Ma Chao, what can you do to collapse the stone wall at the top of the cave in the shortest time?"
Ma Chao hesitated and said nothing. Qiu Tong took a green stone from his pocket and asked, "Is this ok?" It’s that kind of thing called pigeon green that can cause a small explosion when it falls on a hard solid.
Before Qingyin County, people would go to the river to dig these green stones to prevent red moths and pigeon greens from being confused by red powder after drinking them. Later, these stones became less and less, and finally they became a rare thing. People in Qingyin County would be fascinated by red powder. Qiu Tong and Qiu Zhi were born not afraid of red powder, so they saved all the pigeon greens at home and accumulated them together. Now these are the only ones left.
Chapter 164 Flooded tunnel
Long Xiaofei knew that these pigeons would have an explosion effect when they fell on the stone wall, but he didn’t know if he could blow the stone wall down. He took one from Qiu Tong and prepared to give it a try.
Ma Chao quickly stopped, "Boss, the water coming from the top of this head will definitely flow backwards. Aren’t we doing this to die?"
Just here, Bai long summer has roared to let his hands arrest people. Long Xiaofei and Ma Chao explained that he ordered everyone to run forward quickly. Without a few steps, he has returned his hand and thrown the pigeon green at the place where the water drops are dense. Two huge explosions rang in tandem. An explosion came from Long Xiaofei throwing the pigeon green at the ceiling, which instantly cracked a big hole and a waterline poured out …
Another explosion came from behind the waterline. After the explosion, a sea of fire burst into flames. The flame gave off a rare blue color like fireworks. A dozen people at the bottom of long summer’s hand were immediately lit with lanterns, and the remaining few were not lit, and they all ran down the steps as if frightened.
"That section of the cave wall is white phosphorus!" Long Xiaofei sounds like everyone is white. It turns out that those people just lit up the cave wall with torches, which made Long Xiaofei see that the stone wall was covered with white phosphorus. Bai Lixia still doesn’t believe in evil Long Xiaofei to scare them.
It’s a terrible way to die. White phosphorus burns with terrible power, from the skin to the bones. Those burned people jump and scream in the blue flame of pain, which looks like dancing in hell from a distance. White long summer killed more than a dozen people, and these people poured their bones with the groundwater layer.
Don’t be afraid, don’t feel bad. The breach at the top of the cave is expanding rapidly. Although this pouring and water have separated the explosion and burning of white phosphorus, it has quickly flooded Long Xiaofei’s waist in just a few seconds.
Long Xiaofei grabbed Qiu Tong next to her and put her head in her arms. She shouted "Look out!" The other arm is around her back, and half of her body blocks her small body.
Crushed stones flying overhead, some stones scratching, hitting the dragon, Xiao Fei, and the water flowing backwards, overwhelming and overwhelming, instantly rushed several people to the depths of the cave.
This time, Li Ying, who suffered from poor water quality, was hit by a stone on her shoulder and plunged into the water. She drank several mouthfuls of cold water and almost choked. Fortunately, Liu Qiang reached out and pulled him to turn his body back.
Li Yinggang put his head to the surface of the water and took two breaths. Another stone was truly, and Li Ying shrank his head in fear. The stone fell into the water less than an inch from his shoulder, splashing more than one meter of high water. Li Ying almost peed his pants and hurriedly pulled out more than 20 meters with a dog-planing swim.
A line of people desperately swam out for tens of meters before they gradually stopped and turned around to look at the place where they had just been collapsed. The stone was filled with Long Xiaofei, and the water was wiped on the face. Qiu Tong took her arm out of the water and patted her on the back and said, "Are you okay with Qiu Tong?"
Qiu Tong stared at his black eyes like a small beast, emerged from Long Xiaofei’s armpit, spat and shook his head.
"Boss, there is blood behind you …" From the perspective of Han Baocheng, you can see that Long Xiaofei’s clothes have been soaked in blood and become red.
"It’s no big deal to be hit by a stone just now. Let’s hurry to find a way out." Long Xiaofei struggled with great pain and continued to walk forward. I don’t know where this cave leads. After walking for more than 20 meters, everyone desperately found that there was finally no road ahead.
Finally, there is no road ahead. Long Xiaofei decided to take a rest first and let everyone check their injuries and simply do a dressing.
Just now, the rocks splashed around like flying rain, except for Qiu Tong, who was protected unscathed by Long Xiaofei. A few people hung up some colorful backpacks, and the medicine and bandages in them were wet with blisters, so it’s just a matter of not dressing the wound and tying it around a few times to stop the bleeding.
When he stopped for this period, Long Xiaofei found that the water had just reached the waist and now it has risen to the armpit. It seems that the water in this place is not small. At this time, he is a little worried that the cave will be filled up soon if the water is poured in like this.
Han Baocheng carefully observed the cave wall with his searchlight-like hand barrel. Finally, he said to Long Xiaofei with some disappointment, "Boss, it seems that we can go back."
"The way back has been blocked by the falling rocks. Even if it is not blocked, we can drill past the mountain temple. The exit must be guarded by the white long summer people. If it is caught by Bai long summer, it is not so simple. He seems to be more willing to feed us to the red moths." Long Xiaofei took the hand from Han Baocheng and observed a circle bit by bit along the stone wall for the second time.
Long Xiaofei watched those stone walls carefully. When he reached a place, he suddenly felt something hit his leg. Long Xiaofei stopped to feel the impact carefully. If the judgment is correct, it should be that there is an undercurrent in the water. This undercurrent will hit Long Xiaofei’s leg and he will feel a sense of being hit.
Long Xiaofei called Han Baocheng over and said, "Baocheng, you grew up by the sea, and you are the best swimmer. Now you can drill into the water with your hands. I suspect that there is an undercurrent near here. Since there is an undercurrent, it proves that this is not a dead end. Try to find its location and try to find a way out along the current."
Han Baocheng nodded and took his hand barrel and plunged it into the water. The light of the hand barrel faded bit by bit and finally disappeared.
As the minutes passed, the water kept rising from the armpit to the neck, and the water was flooded again. The water had risen as fast as Qiutong, and Qiutong was struggling with his feet in the water. Long Xiaofei asked Ma Chao to carry Qiutong to his back quickly. Qiutong’s face turned red and he said nothing.
"What are you ashamed of at this time?" Ma Chao came to Qiutong’s side with a hunch over his back, but Qiutong turned around and hugged Long Xiaofei’s neck. The whole person hung up Long Xiaofei’s body and posted it like a koala bear
Ma Chao glared. "This little girl is really troublesome. It’s really hard to wait for someone to help at this time!"
For Long Xiaofei, Qiu Tong is willing to put all conditions into caring for people. On weekdays, she is clever and sensible, kind-hearted and simple. Just think about this little girl who has lost her parents since she was a child. After Qiu Zhi left, she lives alone. This is inhuman. People in Qingyin County can’t help but want to pity her.