Yunfeng Zhang Yan looked at him. "How do you know?"

White pole a face of surprise "didn’t you see the grand? The fortress has found a way to lift the light curtain. "
Yunfeng leng followed by a light shout, "Is it those forbidden areas?"
Bai Ji holds his hands on the ground and leans back slightly. "Yes, those forbidden areas."
"Isn’t there a change in Baiguchi before? The fortress sent a team to investigate and found that the forbidden place is an energy node."
Baiji looked at the screen in front of him. "This screen energy node looks like scarlet sen appeared to cover up those nodes."
Yunfeng Zheng said, "Are those powerful individuals in the forbidden area really node guardians?"
White corners of the mouth Yang "it’s not laid out. Now the fortress has organized troops and the strong to fight a bloody cliff while searching its nodes. Let’s just wait."
"I believe that this force to protect the famous city will disappear soon."
Yunfeng saw his one eye. "No wonder you’re here now. No wonder you’re in no hurry."
Bai Ji ha ha a smile. "Speaking of which, I want to thank you for helping me out in front. There are many black people in that canyon, but thanks to so many of you, I’m afraid I’ll have to be busy for a while if there are me and the iron lion."
Be "benefit" cloud home two little hum to show their dissatisfaction.
Then he turned around and ordered, "Let’s rest on the spot and enter the city as soon as the curtain disappears!"
Feiyuan and others nodded and directed the players to arrange the camp.
Yunfeng quietly called Tianyang "I want you to leave here"
The teenager cast an inquiring look.
Yunfeng quietly looked at the white light behind his eyes. "Once the light curtain lifts the white light, this guy will definitely rush in and I will compete with him first."
"Although he has a helper, that guy named Iron Lion is really strong, but our soldier is strong and Ma Zhuang has different ranks to hold him back."
"There are not many more of you here."
Tianyang probably understood the meaning of Yunfeng, but still asked, "Where does YunShao want me to go?"
Yunfeng looked up at the seven-color light curtain. "Anyway, we have to wait until the light curtain disappears before we can act, but I don’t think there will be another entrance and exit to this plain."
"since scarlet sen is a node to conceal energy, will there be a similar phenomenon in this sudden crystal plain?"
Tianyang nodded, "I understand. I will inform you if I find its entrance."
Yunfeng emphasized that "don’t let the surname Bai notice"
At this time, Bai Ji shouted behind him, "What are you talking about?"
Yunfeng turned around and said coldly, "Not with you."
Bai Ji made a haha and went to chat with the iron lion.
Tianyang smiled and checked the equipment and left the camp.
Bai Ji’s strength Tianyang knows how to hide it, and he will find that if Bai Ji or iron lion wants to chase it, there will be Yunfeng blocking it.
White pole watched Tianyang disappear in the dark and the figure smiled. "Cloud middle child is still unwilling to give up."
The iron lion looked at the boy in the direction of leaving. "Aren’t we going after him?"
"That’s not necessary."
Bai Ji indifferently said, "If Tianyang finds anything, he will definitely inform Yuner, and then we will know."
The iron lion nodded. "So that’s it. I look down on the white less."
Bai Ji’s expression froze. "Wait, how can I listen to this?"
Away from the camp, the day after tomorrow, there are fish returning to the sea. It feels that this crystalline plain is too vast, not to mention that it is dark in the cracks, and there is no limit to the bottom of the sun.
Tianyang just picked a direction to move along the edge of the screen and sensed that the giant resin demon called it up.
The teenager stopped after he couldn’t feel Yunfeng and others’ aura. He didn’t want to blindly look for the secret entrance.
The sun makes the fog ghost amulet pieces of armor float from the body from vague to clear, and in a blink of an eye, the teenager has become a mysterious fighter, and the breath seems to be inhuman if there is no heartbeat.
As soon as he moved his mind, the soles of his feet sank to the crystalline matrix, and sure enough, as he expected, the crystalline matrix could penetrate after being armed with fog ghosts.
No abnormalities were found, and the crystalline matrix suddenly turned into a marine teenager’ diving’ into the crystalline sea.
Looking at the ground in the base, the colorful light curtain actually extends to this’ plain’ underground and makes Tianyang unable to see the limit.
It’s quiet here, so quiet that people have auditory hallucinations. With the help of colorful light curtains in the matrix, we can observe the surrounding environment, but there is nothing worthy of attention except crystals or crystal roots.
In the distance, drowning in the darkness, Tianyang has no intention of exploring from the edge of the colorful screen
The light shines and crystallizes, reflecting thousands of Tianyang figures. Looking at several’ own’ teenagers, they are in a trance.
I don’t know how far it went into the matrix. Tianyang finally found the’ ground’, which was a solid, fuzzy and colorful light. They were connected like a calm’ sea’ guarding the light curtain of a famous city.
This’ sea’ has a series of light and shadow extending from a distance, swaying intermittently but not pointing to the screen.
Tianyang gave birth to a realization that these light and shadow, like undercurrents in the sea, should be energy streams transmitted from nodes to light screens.
If these energy beams can be cut off, the light curtain will disappear naturally without energy support.
It’s a pity to know that Tianyang can also cut off the energy flow of this scale and level by manpower.
What’s more, there is more than one energy stream here.
A wandering in the sea of the base found no secret entrance to the light curtain for the teenager to return to the ground.
The giant corpse demon is coming soon.
When the sun crystallized, a young boy suddenly stopped’ floating’ out of the ground.
Just ahead, a ghost emerged from the colorful light curtain in the distance, and then a group of black people emerged from the light curtain, which could shatter the biological light curtain’s response to the black people.
Don’t say that there is no physical ghost, even if there are physical corpse eaters and vampire monsters, they will pass through the screen without any obstacles.
Seeing this, Tianyang was stunned and then thought of a possibility.
Does this light curtain not repel and destroy the black people, or rather the dark particles?
This is not impossible.
And only in this way can we explain that black people can freely enter and exit the screen.
Yang was excited at the thought of this day
If so, he can enter the light curtain.
Just like the talisman of the fog ghost, he is covered with dark particles
When the black people go away, the sun will rise to the ground the day after tomorrow. The boy approaches the screen, raises his arm and slowly approaches the screen.
In the mask, I adjusted my breathing. Tianyang reached out and wrapped her finger in armor and gently touched the screen.
Contact with the instantaneous sun has done a good job of instantaneous backward movement