Dongjia, Banghu Urban Area, Yangzhong Province

A doddering old man lying in a recliner holds a girl’s hands and gently asks, "Xiaoying, are you really quitting the entertainment circle?"
"Grandpa, I’m old enough to quit the entertainment circle and go to Fengrui Mainland." The girl is patient, even if the old man says it is slower, she waits patiently with a smile on her face.
"Look at me, you should be 2 years old."
"Actually, there is another reason why I quit the entertainment circle, that is, to play Dragon with the World."
"Is that your endorsement of the game? I’ve heard that every family is preparing to enter Dragon with the World in order to seize the opportunity. According to the government, everyone can get unexpected gains through the game Dragon with the World. I don’t know if it’s true or not. "
"I knew the game style of" Dragon with the World "when I filmed the advertisement. No matter whether I can get any gains or not, I want to have a good trip in" Dragon with the World "by myself."
"Well, since it’s a real-life virtual game, grandpa should be able to play this old bone when the time comes, just to travel with you and relax. Maybe you can find a son-in-law."
"Grandpa, you tease Xiaoying again."
In Dong Tianfang, he is holding his beautiful granddaughter and smiling and wrinkling his face.

First class flight from Zuotelin City, Tianmen Province, Central Qi to Pudai City, Jiangchuan Province, South Rui
The first class is located in the center of the passenger plane, and there are four seats in the small ticket. The fare is extremely high, and ordinary people can buy it even if they have money.
Of course, the first class enjoys all the highest treatment, such as boarding the plane at any time or taking the plane halfway, leaving the internet for communication, eating the best food and so on
In fact, many people want to enter the first class because most of the passengers in the first class are prominent people. Making friends casually may change their lives.
Shen Wanhua personally called the head of the airport to prepare a round-trip ticket for himself, and the head of the airport helped him prepare the best position.
Maybe it’s a little tired of running all the way. Last night, I was excited and didn’t sleep all night. Wu Zhegang fell asleep when he sat in the position. Xiaomao also got into his clothes and found a comfortable posture and narrowed his eyes.
"Special report on the meteorite incident in Qinghai 19 years ago, I think everyone still remembers it. Today, the famous scientist Wei Hanshi studied this super-large meteorite for 19 years and made a 1% real virtual online game" Dragon with the World "…
When the five countries are connected at the same time, the game helmet "Dragon with the World" will be released to all the people in the state of Qi.
At that time, you can log in to "Dragon with the World" official website to watch this game in detail. "
"It’s amazing that even the first class keeps playing this advertisement …"
First class to the little girl’s voice. The girl’s name is Dong Keshuang. Her eyes are greatly holding a strange yellow gourd and she sits beside Wu Zhe. After a few curious glances, Wu Zhe is attracted by the advertising picture.
Wang Qiuqiu, who came with Dong Keshuang, took her words and said, "I didn’t expect the country to announce this game so hard, and all the advertisements were closed everywhere, and Jing Yingmei was invited to speak today."
Dong Ke Frost went back to learn to look like an adult and sighed, "Ah, my sister Dong always appears in sight. If only I were half as beautiful as her when I grow up."
"You this kid sigh what spirit don’t worry we grew up in Xiaoke frost is also a beauty?"
"Hee hee Qiu Qiu elder sister is much better than little dream elder sister" talking Dong Ke frost craned his head and looked at the eyes. Sitting beside Wang Qiuqiu, Tang Xiaomeng vomitted to stick out his tongue.
The latter rolled his eyes and smiled.
As if he had won, Dong Ke Shuang Xin asked Wang Qiuqiu again, "Sister Qiu Qiu, I don’t know what 1% reality is like? No one explained it to me. "
Wang Qiuqiu tidied up his hands and touched Dong Ke’s head with a frost. "Let me explain to you that 1% of real-life virtual games have appeared before our country. Everyone who wants to enter the game needs to wear a helmet, and the brain spirit of the player will enter the game world through the helmet. The same is true of Dragon with the World. When the players successfully enter the game, they will feel that they have entered a new region and crossed into a new world.
Players can completely feel and fully experience everything around them when they do things, and the effect is as realistic as the real experience hall.
I remember that when that 1% virtual game appeared, it replaced all online games in the brain, and almost every game fan in Qiguo entered that game.
Unfortunately, at that time, the game designer was not particularly good at the game development technology, and the design was not perfect. In addition, the number of players was too large, and the device was washed out at once.
The broken device led to the direct collapse of the game. A group of players insulted that the game company eventually closed down. At that time, Wei Han came out to study the game structure and finally determined that the virtual game could not be successful without a payload. Many game companies gave up 1% of virtual games. "
"Wei Han? Is the news saying this scientist? "
"Yes, that’s why he was so interested in this research, and he also studied Dragon with the World. It is said that Dragon with the World is the load of a large meteorite that fell in Qinghai before."
Although Wu Zhe closed his eyes to rest, Wang Qiuqiu spoke more or less and some of it entered his ears, which made him understand a lot.
Mobile phone message
Tang Xiaomeng shouted, "Wow, the news is important."
"Shh, the man next to Xiaoke cream is sleeping. You are smaller."
Tang Xiaomeng spat out his tongue and said softly, "My family said that Dragon with the World will be released this week."
Qiu-qiu wang also lowered his voice and asked curiously, "True or false? Who are you listening to? It’s not that unreliable Li Hongtao again, is it? "
"It’s not him. It’s my own brother Tang Chun this time."
"Is that xylitol?"
"Bah, Bah, you are xylitol. Hahah, alas, Sister Qiu Qiu, don’t make me laugh. How can I speak softly? I can’t help laughing every time I hear my brother’s nickname."
Wang Qiuqiu also chuckled, "Haha, Li Tang’s ethology is the method of Pu Muxin, which means that xylitol is in it ~ ~ ~"
"I hate you, sister Qiu Qiu. Ha ha ha. Don’t say these three words in front of my brother."
"Ha, ha, ha. Ouch, my stomach hurts from laughing."
"Hum you two have funny things don’t tell me! I’m going to be angry. "
Nanruiguo Gaoya Peak Rain Road Guanshan
When Wu Zhe arrived at the Rain Taoist Temple, his clothes were wet and sticky, and his shoulders shook and he threw fur and water in Wu Zhe’s face.
Because of the high terrain, the annual rainfall or snowfall in the multi-water base area of Nanrui looks like a "fairy gas" feeling.
Rain Taoist Temple is such a place. The winding stone road is looming in the mountains, and the trees and bamboo clouds in the forest are accompanied by a few small Taoist mountains. Lin Le is full of laughter
Looking at the Thousand Rock Race Show again, when the clouds are shrouded and you can’t see the details clearly, one or two birds come, which is called a feeling of being separated from each other and mysterious.
"What can I do for you? If you visit the Rainy Taoist Temple, you need to register. You are also intoxicated by the charming scenery around the Rainy Taoist Temple. Wu Zhe didn’t respond until someone pulled his arm next to him. He should reply, "Hello, I’m looking for someone."
"I wonder who the layman is looking for?"
Hu fu
Chapter 13 Rain Taoist Temple
The appearance of the Taoist Temple in the rain looks like a room with equal length and width. A piece of paper wall is surrounded by incense. At the entrance of Wu Zhe, I see a man more than three meters tall with messy hair and a full face of laughter. A wine gourd in his hand is by no means idle fish in the pool.
There is an old man with a child’s face sitting in front of him. When he posed, his hand stopped Xihuang from continuing to talk. He looked at the entrance of the Taoist temple and said, "There is a guest coming to Xiaofu, please bring him in."
Hoover looked at the door and nodded his head with a frown.
Walking to the door, Hu Fu saw that it was Wu Zhe who was hiding from the guests. He excitedly rushed to hug him and put Wu Zhe in his own nest. He really missed Wu Zhe.
Reunited after a long separation, without saying anything, a hug contains too many words …
"Ah, pain, pain, smelly uncle Fu, how did you find me when I just changed my clothes for a while? I want to scare you and give you a surprise. "
"You little brat, if you don’t learn well, you have to sneak in. What’s wrong with your body? Why are you hurt?"
"When I was in prison, I left those uncles and uncles with great tricks."
"actual combat? What actual combat? Ha, ha, ha, how do you itch me to death, you little smelly "
Wu Zhe felt that he was going to be educated by Hu Fu and took the opportunity to scratch his weakness. He successfully escaped from his arms and quickly ran into the Taoist temple.
"Master, you too?"
Wu Zhexian bowed to Xi Lang and tried to hug him before running, but he was held down by Xi Lang. "Don’t know that the teacher doesn’t like that." Wu Zhe turned to look at the old man Tong Yan sitting next to Xi Lang with a quick smile and asked curiously, "Is this Shi Shu?"
Xi Lang should reply, "Yes, he is your martial uncle’s cliff." Xi Lang also misses Wu Zhe very much. When he came in, his troubles seemed to disappear as soon as he saw it. You can see that Wu Zhe’s little hair ball on his shoulder got angry and continued, "It’s you who stole so many medicinal materials from me. You spit it out for me."
Gao Ya smiled and asked Xi Lang, "Brother? What is a smelly mouse? "
"I don’t know how many herbs that little shoulder stole from me."
Wu Zhe embarrassedly touched the hairball in his coat and grabbed it and said, "Master, I’ll make an apology for the hairball first. It was born like this, and I can’t manage it …"
Wu Zhe stood up with his hands and pretended to be angry. He pulled up a chair and sat down.
Wu Zhe quickly put the hair ball back on his shoulder and turned to look at the old man who was sitting in the theme. He bowed to him and said, "Wu Zhe has seen ShiShu."
Gao Ya was surprised and asked, "Is this your shoulder or a sniffer spirit?"
"It was Uncle Fu who said that Xiaomaoqiu was really called Snubbing Spirit."