"Do you want me to try it on? Ah! " Chloe’ got’ this man with an evil face.

"You bitch!" The man tried to break free from his palm but was trampled to the ground and could not move.
This is Chloe being blackmailed by this rogue, but now it is directly reversed.
Chloe herself hasn’t reacted to what happened, and she has already brought down the man. The sudden burst of power really makes people feel scary.
"Where did you get so much strength, you bitch?" The man kept cursing there and couldn’t believe he was facing the truth.
You know, this man is a local strongman and one of the most famous hooligans here.
This man, Wang Er, often rebelled against the store by bullying his own forces here.
This time, Wang Er is targeting Chloe and Chu Er, who have been playing this idea here these days.
Today, I finally met a beautiful’ woman’ in this shop and left her with a second wife, so I started to think about it.
I didn’t expect that Chloe’s sudden burst of strength was beyond his expectation.
When Chu Er came back from the toilet, he saw a man standing on his foot in Kerr’s shop, and the man was still screaming.
"What happened to Chloe’s sister?" Chu Er, something is wrong.
"Nothing this person is a pervert and wants to’ SAO’ to disturb me! It is simply looking for death! " Chloe a face of satisfied expression.
Chu Er’s sister Chloe has always been a gentle and virtuous’ female’ in her heart, and it is really incredible for Chu Er to see such a situation today.
Chu Er and Chloe were chatting happily when the man suddenly got up and strangled Chloe.
"Bitch bitch calls you arrogant!" The man’s right hand gripped Chloe’s hair, and his left hand locked Chloe’s neck for a while.
"Chloe sister you …" Chloe can’t move again.
Chloe’s hair clung to the bust and couldn’t move.
First, she directly stepped on Wang Er’s feet with her high heels, and then her heels were directly raised to fix his life.
"ah! Ah … you bitch! " The man cover his bust and loosened his hand that caught Chloe’s hair.
Along this time, Chloe hurriedly pulled her body out of the man’s hand.
"Sister Kerr, you are really great!" Chu Er clapped in situ.
Chloe feels like a man who can knock down such a rogue.
"Tell you to play rascal with me and tell you to play rascal!" Chloe ruthlessly slapped Wang Er.
At the same time, Chloe kept stepping on a man with her high heels.
Not long after Longyou arrived from the’ door’ designer, he saw that there was no one in his shop.
I have my own two wives and a man.
"Brother Long, I was wrong!" Wang Ergang’s heart was in his throat at the moment when he saw Longyou coming in.
"Husband, you are finally back!" Chu Er was filled with laughter. You know, Chu Er was hungry for a long time, and now his stomach is growling with hunger.
Longyou’ dew’ shows a smiling horse and walks near Wang Er.
"Dare to touch my’ female’ person, are you looking for death?" Longyou said with an expression on his face
"Click" in the air, there is such a sound with the roar of a pig.
"Brother Long, I dare not!" Wang er’s tears are about to fall
His right arm is almost broken, and the’ female’ who comes to Longyou dares to move, which is simply to die!
"Brother Long, I dare not touch your’ female’ person. If you have a large number of adults, let me go!" Wang er almost knelt down and begged for mercy. He looked at Longyou with a serious face and knew that he seemed to have no way out, but he still couldn’t help begging for mercy.
"Do you want to do it again?"
"No, I dare not! It won’t happen again! " The man suddenly plopped down on his knees and there was no local strongmen in front of Longyou.
Not many people dare to offend him like this because he is a Longyou.
"Do you mean that if I wasn’t a woman, I would go to Sao?" Longyou eyebrow’ Mao’ horse twisted into a ball.
Wang Er was too scared to say a word for fear that saying anything wrong would make Longyou angry.
"Now get out of here as far as you can and don’t let me see you again!" Longyou raised his foot and kicked Wang Er directly.
"If I see you giving them any trouble, then your position here is a word death!" Longyou the words sound just fell and Wang Er ran out with his pants.
"Husband, you are great! Haha, Sister Keer is also amazing! " Chu Er kept clapping.
"Husband, why did you go just now? If it weren’t for sister Kerr, the two of us would fall into the wrong hands! " Chu Er so injustice sample there femininity said.
"This is not here? Don’t be afraid, husband. It’s here! If anyone dares to bully you again, I will kill him! " Chu Er quickly hugged her husband with a happy face.
Longyou mind slowly emerged days, the two’ female’ people saw the inside of the store and didn’t know what kind of reaction it would be.
He took a meaningful look at the room and talked about whether the designer should stay awake or wait for the dragon tour. He didn’t know what a nightmare it would be.
Chapter 394 Longyou Prepare for Surprise
On the way back, Chloe said nothing, but I vaguely felt a little strange. The new fast web page is refreshing, and there are few pop-up windows. I like this kind of network best, so I must praise it]-New, strange, Chinese, literary, first and hair
But I just can’t say it’s strange there. Longyou keeps driving in front and keeps looking back.
Chloe is looking out of the window without seeing her happy expression.
"Chloe, what did that man do to you today?" Long Youqie asked
"Nothing is’ Sao’ bothering me!" Chloe didn’t even notice how angry her face was when she said this sentence.
This is very different from Kerr in the past. Usually, this matter will not have such a big mood and will not show such anger.
Longyou didn’t dare to continue to think that Chloe made him feel strange and familiar.
When I got home, everyone didn’t continue to talk, but sat on the sofa. You looked at me and I looked at you without saying anything.
Chu Er felt that the atmosphere was very wrong, but he took the lead in speaking on the sofa.
"Chloe sister, what’s wrong with you? Today is nothing like you! " Chu Er there said the in the mind is a burst of fear.
Chloe’s abnormal reaction today attracted the attention of Longyou and Chu Er.
"It’s not that I’m in a bad mood and don’t want to talk." Chloe explained that her heart was a different idea.
Longyou vaguely had an ominous premonition that Chloe and Chu Er sat on the sofa with a cool face.