So I accidentally played myself to death

Sure enough, I shouldn’t have run over in the first place, and curiosity can really kill the cat
"Come on, come on, come on."
Seven nights beckoning to girls.
However, the girl stepped back a few steps and was almost at the door at a distance of several meters.
"If the teacher has something to say, just say it, and I won’t go there."
The girl looked at the door.
Maybe we can just run out. Maybe we’ll let her go for seven nights?
This girl soon confirmed.
It’s that moment when the scenery changes.
It seems to appear in the middle and then gravity falls.
"Ah …"
As soon as I screamed, I found myself being hugged
Embraced by seven nights
From the door there appeared seven nights arms.
What I just said is annoying!
Seven nights are also annoying.
But the in the mind is also more and more curious about seven nights.
Multiple abilities?
It’s mental ability. It must be multiple abilities.
But I haven’t heard of the news before. If the multi-ability person really appeared, it would have caused a sensation.
What the hell is going on?
She is very interested in this and wants to investigate it.
But that’s after that
What is important now is to escape from the clutches of the seven nights.
"Really soft!"
Once again, I held Shokuhou Misaki in my arms for seven nights and still couldn’t help but feel the same.
Softer than a little girl he hugged.
Turn the girl over and let her face her. Two legs in white stockings are on each side of his body.
This posture is not very good.
After all, it’s face to face, and let the girl separate her legs …
Even Shokuhou Misaki couldn’t help blushing and wanted to clamp her legs but there was no way.
Hold her directly for seven nights and put your head on her shoulder.
"Just give me a pillow for the time being. I said I wanted to sleep."
Say that finish yawning and close your eyes and rest directly.
This made Shokuhou Misaki very resistant and wanted to punch Seven Nights twice, but he was afraid of making Seven Nights angry.
You can’t hug like this even when you are a pillow, can you?
Anyway, the girl blushed.
The main reason is that the surface seems to be too close.
She doesn’t dare to move now, for fear of accidentally "rubbing" and causing a natural reaction for seven nights.
In case one can’t hold it for seven nights, it will really be RBQ.
However, seven nights and one hand suddenly slipped from the waist to the more face position.
"It’s soft here, too!"
After school
Seven nights came out of the table with a yawn.
After marriage, I waited at the school gate to find out that Seven Nights immediately ran over and walked with Seven Nights.
As a newcomer, she has nothing to play with.
"Brother Seven Nights, you seem to have no spirit. Are you tired?"
Seven nights shook his head.
While talking, I yawned and said that I am not tired. I am afraid that no one will believe me.
I am very concerned about the light after seven nights of marriage.
"Really no problem?"
"Well …"
Seven nights nodded.
Cross the street and go on along the street.
After school, girls also discuss in groups where to play.
But it’s fun even if you don’t go out to the academy.
In addition to the school, there is also a commercial street here to eat and play, and it is better than outside.
This is an aristocratic school, and there is naturally a difference between it and the popularization outside.