All the laser swords were strangled from all directions, and Heibo did not retreat, but turned round and round. Dismounted the attack, waved his arm again and rolled up more than ten stones, almost half of which was obtained.

"The ability to connect the source with the point prick the hand" Ten people shifted their bodies, and a wide range of distorted sunlight around them burst out, giving off a colorful halo. How fierce and poised the external attack was.
The two sides are equal to sharing more than 50 trilobites. However, the Lingyun Group just inserted a foot and seven aircraft crashed and the trees collapsed around, opening up a huge battlefield.
"Please hand over the trilobite. We don’t want to use force." The megaphone buzzed and sounded. This array doesn’t want to use force. What is force?
The war is on the verge, and Heibo looks dignified and takes out a laser sword. This laser sword actually has a hand guard with the word Yunlong engraved on it.
Volume 2 American enemy! Flight feathers, Chapter 77 Call
The atmosphere was tense. Seven aircrafts of Lingyun Regiment fought against eleven Godsworn Wu, and these eleven Godsworn Wu were divided into two groups. The mysterious old man from the pub of the Adventure Association was alone and imposing.
"Old chap hasn’t been stained with blood for many years, and I’m afraid I’ll make an exception today." Heibo gently shook his hand to open the laser sword. Surprisingly, the edge was in a spiral state and "rustled" and turned like a laser drill.
"Be careful, everyone, this old guy has a high definition. It may be stronger before the ninth to tenth levels." The first Phoenix Knight warned that this Sagittarius aircraft was slightly special and close to the disc-shaped wings, and the airflow was slightly tilted around. I knew it was a difficult person at first glance.
Black "moved a field people haven’t seen the laser sword has been split into the leftmost aircraft.
The aircraft is attached with advanced armor and vulnerable parts are ejected into the air. At this time, the laser sword hand guard reveals the source and generates a light shield to accidentally injure the messenger.
The "click" laser drill bit cut into the depth of two meters, which almost caused the whole body to break. No one expected that the laser sword was so powerful.
Everyone was in a daze, and Heibo’s feet leaped to the middle blue light to cover the battlefield, and there was a violent humming and ear wandering. After the light disappeared, the old man disappeared.
The first Phoenix Knight said sullenly, "It seems that the blow of meeting a master is a warning that there is no need to confront such a strong person and solve these ten people."
Five other Phoenix knights were forced to the center of the battlefield, and the bottom of ten martial arts aircraft was faintly exposed, causing thunder and lightning.
Lin momo appreciates that Heibo’s tough young people worship heroes and hope to become heroes. The Phoenix Knights of Lingyun Regiment have previously seen several brothers Wu killed by themselves. Those brothers Wu are not first-class and second-class soft-footed shrimps, but five to six adventurers with rich combat experience. It is with this knowledge that Heibo realized that he was stronger than originally expected when he easily broke through the encirclement of seven Phoenix Knights.
"How do you want to stay and watch? The ten brother Wu is not bad and may not lose. "Black" suddenly appears behind him, and any interest is scary.
"You come back! Do experts like to haunt? Fortunately, my heart is good and I can barely hold on. "Lin momo’s eyes kept scanning for the battle."
"The harvest is not bad. I grabbed a total of 27 volumes of old sleeves and added the original seven. At present, it is 34. You have at least 10 estimates. Lingyun Group can’t help but want to do it. After all, people who stay in the adventure guild are old-fashioned and are the best at playing it by ear." Heibo took out a metal card and put it on a rock. Waiting for a layer of light film, he swept two bottles of wine and suddenly appeared equipment on both sides of the card.
"Let’s each have a bottle of wine to hold worms. These trilobites can live without breathing. Of course, the military has developed a special ecological box to make him less equipped to accept living materials. Anyway, thirty-four is not too much. I’ll put two bottles of you separately, and then I’ll go back to see the samples for a dozen years." The old man is very happy and rich, and his heart is moving, and he can’t be vulgar
Lin momo is a good drinker. Picking up a bottle and Heibo are pure martinis for drinking. There is no problem. If the pharmacist is poured by someone, it will be a big shame.
Ten bugs stuffed into the bottle Lin momo also has a large light bulb. Think about rolling in and refining the crystal. Embrace the bottle and fight hard with whoever dares to grab it.
There is still a fierce battle ahead, and there is little tacit understanding between the old and the young. It is getting dark and getting thirty-four trilobites is very rewarding.
The trilobites seem to be eager to return home after eating outside the volcanic nest. Some clever insects are wrapped in gum and stained with sand in disguise, but they still hide in front of high technology.
Lingyun Tuan joined forces with several powerful gangs to occupy the volcano and fought for it until midnight, when Linxi Suo Heibo stared at him.
The battle has entered a white-hot stage, and some people are crazy enough to kill everyone. They simply lose their minds. Several small mushroom clouds rise and shock waves cause great damage to the jungle. From a high altitude, they are riddled with holes and witness human greed.
At about three or four o’clock in the morning, a large range of mental waves swept through my ears as if someone whispered, "I’m an old friend of the Adventure Guild. I’m Jones Granite Hot Springs at three point seven and four point nine. Once again, I’m an old friend of Jones. No one can come."
Black "suddenly got up and scold a way" what the hell? Jones is not a reckless person. It’s really troublesome to even know the code. "
Lin momo dazed, just want to ask what was black "with a shot know something big happened is temporarily listened to.
After about 20 minutes, I suddenly entered the darkness, which was a special disguise, as if I had walked into a greasy waterfall and reflected a faint fire.
A dozen people were silent around the bonfire and sensed that someone was approaching. Looking back, the old man in the seat looked excited and took the initiative to meet him and choked, "It’s great that you can come, Lao Hei. Our chances of winning are up by 20%."
Put Lin Sisuo Heibo’s face as heavy as water and ask, "Jones, do you know that the combination code is a high-level call-up order of the adventure association to call people in and pay a high price for the energy and biological value?"
"What’s the value? I want my great-grandson’s revenge. "The old man walked to the bonfire with rage from the corner of his eyes and stooped. The front foot was half dead, and he could not die any more. He almost burned charcoal, and a quarter of his face was well preserved. It can be seen that he was a handsome man.
Black "look dignified long give a sigh" is your only blood? Whose hand? Lingyun group? "
The old man Jones was in tears, his shoulders were shaking and he was very sad. "Who else but those bastards?" The battlefield record sent back by the child before his death is a little bitch with moving hair. The famous Phoenix Knight around him joined forces to launch an attack without showing any mercy. It is my fault that I let the child look after the ecological box and covet others’ trilobites. I regret that I can’t come now. "
Heibo said without emotion, "Right and wrong aside for the time being, we people are used to wandering and not joining those big groups because we like freedom and we can’t mix bids from public and private!" Nine-grade brother Wu Heidi Jia accepted the employment with this child around me. "
Old man Jones opened two ecological boxes with trembling hands. There were at least 70 trilobites in them, and his face was twice as old.
"Help me get revenge. Who will catch the culprit, the old twenty trilobites, and a piece of equipment with a product of three cubic meters? According to the rules, it takes 360 units to refine crystals to hire Brother Wu of Grade Nine. Because of today’s special things, I am willing to pay two trilobites’ old friends first. What do you think?"
Heibo replied, "Two trilobites are sold outside for less than 900 refined crystals, which is already double and a half price. At present, acting alone can’t get any benefits. I accept the employment, but the young people who come with me should also have one. His strength is tracking, and maybe I can give you a satisfactory answer soon."
Jones looked at Lin momo’s eyes, and the induction was blocked. He nodded and said, "This young man is really qualified, and I trust the old black man to keep his word. Besides, we agreed that every time we get rid of a Lingyun Phoenix knight along the way, I would like to thank my great-grandson for losing his care, even if I lose everything."
Speaking time came again, and five people, all old, accepted the employment.