Nana stretched out a fleshy doodle finger and then became five.

"If you can make me a table, no … five tables!"
"If you can make me five delicious tables, I will forgive you!"
Yet a field suddenly froze.
Chapter 42 Dreamland nine head worm Jiuchong ()
I heard Nana say that she would cook five delicious tables for her.
She can forgive herself.
Dick’s face suddenly showed a surprised expression.
But he didn’t respond immediately.
But turned to look in the direction of Liu Yuan.
Lu Yuan shrugged his shoulders when he saw this scene and said, "If Nana can forgive you, then you will be forgiven by the victim, and naturally there is no need to arrest you."
Get a positive answer from Liu Yuan.
Dick was suddenly surprised.
He looked at Nana and patted her chest confidently.
"Don’t worry about five tables, even if there are ten tables and a hundred tables, there is no problem!"
I heard Dickett say that he could cook her a table of delicious food.
Nana suddenly eyes a bright.
Glittering saliva unwillingly from her mouth slowly.
Nana wiped her mouth,
I am very happy to say, "That’s good, just give it to me …"
Before nana said this.
Behind her came a harsh voice.
Nana turned her head and found that Liu Yuan had come behind her.
Although Liu Yuan’s eyes were covered with black cloth.
But Nana still felt Liu Yuan’s stern eyes at this time.
Lu Yuan looked at her and said in an educational tone, "Five tables is enough. Overeating is not what a good boy should do."
In the face of Liu Yuan’s severe reprimand.
The original wagging tail suddenly fell to the ground like a cloud.
Although I don’t want to give up that hundred tables of delicious food.
But since Liu Yuan said so.
She also can’t continue to stubborn.
So she wrote a short novel "… Okay, five tables."
As nana said that finish.
Dick and the chefs around him
Immediately happy embrace together.
Because it also means that Lu Yuan won’t take Dick away any more.
This is definitely good news for them!
And in order to celebrate this good news
Walker was generous enough to give the passengers a bill at today’s restaurant.
At that time, the mermaid restaurant was tense.
Also became cheerful.
Weilanyu mermaid palace
"Have you heard? Walker, a mermaid restaurant, seems to have been beaten up by a student who came from the league recently. "
"what! True or false! "
"Of course it’s true! Why do I lie to you! At that time, there were many guests in the restaurant, and my cousin was there at that time. He saw the situation completely. "
"And Walker even took out the shark bone blade, a treasure of shark people, and lost to the students from that alliance."
"The student so much? !”
"And I heard a more exciting news. Do you want to listen to it?"
"Tell me about it!"
"I’m telling you, according to my distant cousin, when the student from the League defeated Walker, he didn’t even let the pet animals out, relying on his own strength!"
"What is true and false! Can you defeat Walker on your own? Is that man an extraordinary warrior among human beings? This is terrible! "
"I don’t know if it is an extraordinary soldier, but I know that the human student’s own strength is very scary."
"Terrible, terrible. It’s terrible for human beings now."
And in the process of conversation between the two sea warriors.
A killer whale warrior wearing huge armor and holding a huge axe.
Walk slowly past these two sea warriors.
"And I also heard that the human student seems to come from the wild and dressed strangely, and his eyes are always blindfolded."
"Blindfolded that he how to fight? !”
"I don’t know that."
At this time, the killer whale soldier who was going to walk by heard this.
But immediately stopped.
He came directly to the two sea warriors.
In a low voice, he said, "You just said that a student from the wilderness has been blindfolded during the battle, right?"
Watching the killer whale soldiers suddenly appear next to them
Two sea warriors first one leng.
Then a marine warrior immediately replied, "It is blindfolded for Gabriel to lead the student from the wilderness."
Hearing this, killer whale warrior Gabriel