Yan hong’s eyes were bright and red, and he reached his order.

Nan at all costs!
Yan Hongliang’s will is unshakable.
He is going to pull out from the invincible fortified city of River City, leaving a small number of troops to pretend to surround the garrison of this deterrent city. He will leave with his main force and go to Boye to find Shi Lieliang.
The two armies joined forces and began to implement new tactics.
All the way to the south, all the way to the siege, give full play to the advantages of Jin Jun’s forces, create a life passage for the main cavalry unit in the south, and on this basis, find the main field force of the Guangfu Army to fight a decisive battle and win.
Then, he once again asked Shi Lieliang to sweep away the fort of the rural dock around Boye City and arrest as many people as he could.
When he arrives in Boye, let the army kill these people in front of Boye defenders, and then pile up these people’s heads to build a Beijing view to deter Boye defenders from threatening them to surrender.
This Yan Hong Ben Shi seems to be Yan Hong Liang’s last attack on Boye City, which is also a policy.
His previous failure made Yan Yanliang stop trying to do this, but he didn’t expect Yan Yanliang to still give up.
"This tactic may not work, and the river city didn’t work before. Going on can only boost the morale of the thieves."
"Give it a try. If you can, of course, but if you can’t … then it’s purely as anger, not only to vent our anger, but also to let the army soldiers vent their anger. They have been holding it for too long."
Yan hong ran to see the meaning of Yan hong Liang immediately, so he stopped trying to discourage Yan hong Liang.
When this order went to Geshilieliang, Geshilieliang was surprised.
He immediately replied to Yan Hongliang that it was impossible to do so.
Doing so will greatly affect the attitude of Hebei people towards Xu Jin Guo, and they will have to face other city defenders in the future, which will greatly affect Xu Jin’s rule over Hebei again after the war.
The view of Beijing can make people fear for a while, but it can’t make people accept the rule sincerely, which is more harmful than good for Xu Jin.
He asked Yan Hongliang to take it back.
Yan Hongliang led the troops to Boye Road and received a letter of persuasion from Ge Shili Liangyan. He was furious and immediately sent people around him to denounce Ge Shili Liangyan and let him do things at once.
Yan Hongliang means that Boye City stubbornly brought more than 3,000 losses to the 8 Jin Army, hindered the 8 Jin Army for a month, and then just gave up and left?
What is the difference between that and defeat?
We are the attackers!
We will continue to attack!
We didn’t lose!
This is not a massacre, this is a declaration of war!
Yan Hongliang’s theory is indeed reasonable.
Both the attack on the river and the attack on the Bo Ye Jin Army failed, and now we have to implement the South Strategy and cannot continue to attack the city. This seems to be a failure to everyone.
Morale will be dealt a heavy blow, and there is nothing to increase soldiers’ hope of survival by rewarding them.
In order to maintain morale, we must do something to inspire the military, such as a hearty one-sided massacre
Yan Yanliang’s side was reprimanded by people around him, and he was very worried when he learned that the emperor was determined, so he talked about it with his side.
"Boye City is not determined to shake the Beijing concept, but it may further anger them. It is really hard to say that they will encounter obstacles in the future."
It’s right to move and stab into equal parts
After many siege, they also know how tough Boye City is, which will undoubtedly further stimulate them.
Shi Lieliang wanted to make one last effort.
So he ordered the army to attack the rural dock fort in all directions, plundered the people to collect food, grass and materials according to Yan Yanliang’s requirements, and hurried to visit Yan Yanliang who had not yet arrived in Boye.
After seeing Yan Yanliang, Shi Lieliang complained about the shortcomings of this matter and asked Yan Yanliang to change his decision.
Yan Hongliang was unexpectedly not angry.
After Ji Shili Liangyan finished, he sighed deeply and told himself and Yan Hong the reason why Ji Shili Liangyan said it again
"The foot soldiers can’t break through after a long battle, and their morale is greatly damaged. If they don’t make remedies, they won’t be able to fight the battle. Capturing the thieves in the dock can inspire morale and let the soldiers know that the big Jin Guo is still strong and still keep on the offensive."
With this, Yan Yanliang asked, "If you can’t do this, do you think this battle can still be fought?"
Ge Shili Liangbi almost didn’t say [that’s not withdrawing].
But he held back.
He knew that saying such a thing in front of Yan Hongliang was probably his own eulogy, and he still wanted to live and not die.
"I didn’t consider what I said."
"Then start thinking about it now."
Wan Yanliang sighed, "Morale is the most important thing. Nothing is more important than morale. Are you white?"