Whether it’s because Ogram fought with Wu Seer for so long, or because Duke’s skills took a great advantage, or because Duke made such a shocking blow with the momentum of liberating the Red Dragon Queen.

Anyway, in the eyes of both the alliance and the tribe, Duke has made a move for a second, Ogram!
Don’t care if you yell or not.
"Ogram is dead!"
"The alliance will win!"
Compared with the tribe whose morale first falls to a low point and then falls into the abyss, the league side is finished with the rhythm of taking aphrodisiac first and then beating chicken blood.
Especially those unscientific paladins, who are full of state light, have three more points.
These guys actually broke through the battlefield!
Break through the shackles of self!
Breakthrough the spiritual limit!
The number and quality of tribes still occupy the absolute wind, but in all directions, the world is full of tribes being exterminated by the alliance.
And at this critical moment, Ogram lost consciousness
Snakeheads can’t
The weakness of Sabek, the deputy chief of the Blackstone clan, who lacks unified command at the front line, was magnified in an instant because the chief was in a coma.
More bloody and brutal, Kagas * blade fist command is to fight with the alliance
More rational and resourceful, Kilrog * died but retreated.
Two diametrically opposed orders to create maximum chaos among orcs.
If Ogram and his men can break through the front line of the iron gate early in the morning, then everything will be different.
If Ogram hadn’t impulsively thrown the "Hammer of Destruction", perhaps the battle would still be deadlocked.
Unfortunately, there is nothing if.
"Long live Duke Marcus!" Shouting slogans, every passage, every pass and every gate has the figure of alliance hunting tribal fighters.
Duke didn’t take part in the chase. Although Master Morningstar can keep recovering his magic, he is really exhausted. He hasn’t been able to sleep well for a day since he was assassinated by Gourdain and activated the curse.
The shadow of death haunted his soul until he regained his strength just now. alexstrasza instantly lifted his curse and stopped his life from passing at a high speed, so that he could secretly catch his breath.
It’s hard to make a big comeback and take the biggest contribution. Let’s give those small contributions to the noodle people. We can’t eat meat noodles ourselves. Brothers can’t even drink soup.
It is determined that Duke suddenly loses a leg weakness after the league victory.
WenLeiSha beside him hurriedly hold duke.
"Duke! ? Are you all right? "
"no! It’s just a little off after a force blow. "
It’s the temperature of consciousness that Leisha casually let Duke get close to himself and approach the masculine atmosphere again, which made WenLeisha a little confused, but her heart was full of pride.
The vision in front of her seems a little blurred, and the description of the image is intertwined with reality. This moment seems to be back to the dreamy war in which human high elves joined hands to expel trolls two years ago.
It was a war between two racial alliance against death and fate.
They won everything that year.
Two years later, a new generation of elves and human heroes once again returned to this battlefield, fighting for the glorious sacred oath again.
And today, it is the man who dominates all this by himself.
A seemingly weak man who has repeatedly worked miracles.
A man who protect her and saved her life.
Wenresa raised her longbow and shouted "Long live Duke!"
Unlike Aurelia Duke, Wen Leisha doesn’t have the same fate as the two of them. If we insist on a word to form her relationship with Duke, it may be attributed to’ fanaticism’, a feeling that has passed the test of life and death and is naturally fanatical.
In the face of suddenly looking back, burning eyes, and wanting to swallow him in one gulp, Wenleisha Duke was a little startled and immediately smiled bitterly. "I always feel a little sorry for Aurelia!"
WenLeiSha asserted that "hum! What’s the matter with this? The high elves never mind polygamy and don’t mind polygamy. I don’t believe elder sister will not share you with me. "
"Well, if I say yes, if …"
"There is nothing. If there is such a thing, even if I tear my face, I will grab it from my elder sister. Everyone is a woman. When I meet a good man, I can’t grab it and quit silently and wish each other happiness. What is not my character?"
Say WenLeiSha directly to duke artificial respiration to be continued.
Chapter 522 Gourdain died.
Duke lost his moral integrity.
An old driver born in a famous autumn mountain didn’t have much moral integrity when he was born in college. Maybe Duke lost his moral integrity even more if he didn’t have Medivh’s humanity a while ago.
Of course, the thing of moral integrity is to pick it up after it is dropped.
Gavin Rudd came back after a chase. When he and Ronin heard that Marianne was Neltharion’s rape, both of them had a big mouth.
"Marianne is a traitor?" First of all, Ronin doesn’t believe it. It’s quite simple. He can’t even look at Marianne, let alone find clues about Marianne.
"When did you find out?" Gavin Rudd touched the back of his head.
WenLeiSha also wants to know this question.
"From the very beginning, I realized that it was wrong." Duke suddenly sneered. "Most guys in the circle of high elf wizards branded arrogance and nobility into their bones. Quel Salas, the parliament of silver moon, made an alliance to make concessions to mankind. There were so many reasons that it was completely black. How could Anast Ryan suddenly show his heartfelt respect for the newly established Lordaeron Alliance after two years?"
WenLeiSha was silent.
It’s not that Duke is wrong, but that Duke is so right.
What is the ancient name of’ Quel Dore’ for the high elves? It is the kind of arrogant self-satisfaction that is unwilling to be exiled.
Everyone knows that Quel ‘Salas does not rely on the alliance. It is one thing to know that it will destroy the country in a minute, and it is another to accept recognition with emotion.
To be honest, Wen Leisha knows that until now, not many high elves have regarded themselves as a part of the alliance, even if they are sent to participate in tribal wars this time, most of them are low-ranking rangers with national recognition.
And Marianne’s group of wizards is the only anomaly.
What, a powerful mage than Huiyue, and a senator from silver moon would condescend to come and kneel and lick Duke?
Others have not figured it out.
Only Duke knows best that Marianne may be from Neltharion.
Duke is familiar with Azeroth’s "history" and has never been to Marianne Wings of Fire. Throughout the whole history, there are few members of parliament in silver moon. Duke’s original sense is that members of parliament in silver moon are a group of passers-by who are still strong at this time.
The problem is that when a powerful Huiyue mage suddenly ran out of such a group of passers-by and directly participated in the process of saving the Red Dragon Queen, Du Kexin immediately gave Marianne a high degree of vigilance.
If there is anything that will have a variable on the historical process, the biggest variable is Duke himself, followed by Marianne.
A tall senator from silver moon condescended to participate in the Alliance War, which can be said to have been cheated by his teammates in the parliament.
However, just a few figures have been lingering in major salons for thousands of years. Art musicians claim to be noble and extraordinary members of parliament, and then risk their lives to play the adventure of sneaking into the enemy’s rear with a cursed and dying alliance deputy commander. Duke hasn’t figured out which side she is. That Duke is really out of his mind
Therefore, after Duke was killed by the death wing for a second, Duke refused to resurrect immediately.
He waited for Marianne to jump out by herself.
Sure enough, he waited.
Duke didn’t expect WenLeiSha to rush in in the budget.
Fortunately, Marianne, like Nekros, relied too much on the power of the Devil’s Soul. That’s why a brick knocked down Marianne and searched her afterwards. Duke also accidentally found something-another scale of Neltharion.
Noodles also have brainwashing effect.
After a little hesitation, Duke decided to promise alexstrasza to hand over the bad elf who tried to control her and humiliate her again to the Red Dragon Army.
"Hey hey! I promise I won’t kill her. "That’s what the Queen said.
Uh, Marianne, you’re asking for your own happiness.
Du Keshi imagined that the Red Dragon Queen would be angry with Marianne after suffering so much.
Now Duke has two soul scales with death wings in his hand. Looking at the one-fifth left in his hand, Duke has lost the devil’s breath. The platinum disc part Duke smiled evilly …
"Duke, how did I find out that you … seem to have a bad feeling?" WenLeiSha muttered.
"No, I suddenly want to activate my death curse. How will Gourdain die?"