Yip Han asked, "Will the road be considered as the distribution range of debris?"

Lu grinned, "I can calculate shells, but I really don’t know how to calculate nuclear bombs."
Speaking, another enemy ship was hit by debris, and it was in the middle of the bow, just like the enemy ship’s face was punched hard, and the front face of the enemy ship had a dark hole.
"The fourth ship" Yip Han sniffled "Do you think these are our achievements?"
"It should count?"
"I don’t know. It’s not a direct destruction. It’s a pick-up."
"Check is not directly destroy the roots or aliens kill each other, let’s just push a look at how to identify it anyway, I don’t think there is much hope …"
Everyone has expressed their opinions. On the whole, there are still many bad songs.
Yip hon also able to shrug off cheerfully listen to everyone argue-Leishan, record is enough, not the sinking.
But this thing seems to win one!
At this time, all the remaining enemy ships escaped the debris cloud, but they didn’t want another enemy ship to win the prize and the unfair position was relatively remote.
This discovery makes people know more about the distribution range of debris clouds, and then everyone finds that it seems that all enemy ships may be hit by debris!
So everyone discussed how many enemy ships the debris could hit. Many people even made the biochip calculate the debris density until they got the calculation results, only to find that the enemy ship just now was really unlucky.
In the remaining enemy ships … Well, the closer to the Leishan route, the higher the possibility of being hit by debris. Several enemy ships closest to the route have lost their minds and rushed to avoid it. As a result, the ship’s hull is lying sideways, but the largest side is exposed to debris clouds.
Chapter 1269 Think of a way
Everyone thinks that these warships are going to be unlucky, and even Yip Han thinks that they can’t escape this robbery.
An alien warship is very vigilant. Instead of turning in a hurry, it pulls back the bow of the deflection ship and realigns it with the Leishan 3.
Then the enemy ship moved to the track and stopped to step on the footsteps of Leishan to move on … Since Leishan can avoid debris clouds, it is certainly the most likely to follow the footsteps of Leishan to escape.
As a result, several enemy ships near the trajectory of Leishan were not farting, but the other two ships farther away were injured by debris.
"It must be a nuclear explosion!" Luo Qi was the first to tell the reason.
They all agreed that the pot button would be nuked … The Leishan was a passage when it passed, and now it must have become a big hole in the debris cloud.
This is the same reason that the most dangerous places are often the safest.
After successively injuring and destroying seven enemy ships, the remaining enemy ships finally passed through the debris cloud and continued to chase the Leishan.
Yip hon can’t help but sigh and say that aliens are so stubborn. It’s not long to remember after such a big loss
Thinking so much about their ships, he didn’t turn his head to summer-planting and command the Leishan to run.
Then the two sides reached a deadlock again, but Yip hon’s mind was alive and well.
The previous battle was both reasonable and unexpected. It was both coincidental and inevitable. He always felt that he had lost something. "Do you think you can find a way to replicate this battle?"
Everyone looked at each other and copied? How to copy?
Luo Qi said hesitantly, "Teacher, how many more warships can aliens send to die after such a big loss?"
"Impossible. Aliens are not so stupid," said Yip Han.
"Exactly!" Luo Qi boxing palm "How can we copy if they don’t send warships?"
Yip hon said, "I mean, find another way."
Luo jiaqi show thinking look "missiles, magnetic guns, naval guns … as if all not? Even if we turn around and the relative speed of the gun is less than ten kilometers at most, it won’t be possible. "
"I caused Luo Qi’s opinion," Lu said. "Just because our warship doesn’t have the potential, we must start from the outside. At the very least, we must have another warship to cooperate."
"Starting from outside?" Yip hon heard these words as if a door had been opened in his head. "Yes, it is from the outside!"
They can’t help but be startled. What’s the matter?
Yip hon’s eyes lit up, "Let’s find an asteroid with a suitable size."
"Ah?" Lu dumbfounded. "What are you looking for an asteroid for?"
"Of course, it is to pick up aliens … you find a relatively fast one!"
Hearing this, the road finally touched Yip Han’s train of thought. "Captain, you mean to blow up asteroid fragments and hurt the enemy?"
"Yes, that’s what it means!" Yip hon nodded "not willing to follow? Always let him follow! "
The road pondered for a while. "Captain, then we can’t fly any further. We must turn to the right."
The eye thunder mountain is flying directly from the asteroid belt to Jupiter’s orbit. All asteroids are coming from the right. The relative speed is certainly not low, but the direction deviation is too large. Even if it is blown up, it is difficult to hit the enemy ship.
Only by turning the direction of Leishan in the asteroid belt and flying in the opposite direction can we find an asteroid with suitable speed and direction.
Yip hon simply said, "I don’t care where I turn, I look at the results."
Lu said while adjusting the attitude of the warship, "The speed just turned over must not be too fast, but the relative speed is 30 to 40 kilometers, which is absolutely enough to deal with enemy ships."
Yip Han-tao said, "I don’t know if this method is effective yet, so you just have to arrange it. I’m not willing to give it a try."
Unwilling to stop yip hon, if you don’t know the idea, forget it. After hearing what yip hon said, everyone is looking forward to killing several enemy ships like yip hon.
A voice suddenly said, "If we sink the enemy ship again this time, we must be sunk, right?"
There was a sudden silence on the bridge, and then everyone burst into laughter and affirmed that he had tried to make the bridge officer laugh awkwardly, but it didn’t take long for him to laugh himself.
Yip hon heart feeling although everyone didn’t say it, but since Leishan plunged into the enemy ships, the atmosphere is getting heavier every day, which has not been so relaxed for a long time.
Victory is the best way to boost morale, but it is too difficult to win all the time. If the Leishan is defeated behind enemy lines … Well, aliens can’t let the Leishan go. By that time, it must be a ship wreck, so there is no need to worry about morale.
After a while, the Leishan gradually turned to the right, which was actually a process of offsetting the forward inertia and accelerating to the right at the same time. For several days, the Leishan slowly turned by obliquely accelerating its tail towards the left front.
In the same way as the alien warships behind … Because the inertia of the enemy ships is as big as the Leishan, the roots of the enemy ships behind the Leishan can’t be cut and straightened.
However, it’s not always a good thing to turn around. Leishan flew to the rear of domain 5 before turning around. As a result, aliens transferred several warships from domain 5, and the soldiers pointed directly at Leishan’s flank.