Decades ago, he was a shallow believer. After joining this hopeless war, he deeply felt that he could bet everything on the gods and gradually became a devout believer.

I have to say that this is really a mockery.
I had to work hard to make a miracle happen …
Reality doesn’t give him much strength. Action tells him that hard work is also useless.
Chaos is better than fighting
Feel that touch of his sword piercing the other body.
Emerson, a demigod of the dark elves, unconsciously smiled grimly.
He has been cultivated since he was seriously injured by Olga three or four months ago.
Thanks to the continuous communication between various races and occult techniques, all aspects of technology have been sufficiently improved. In the past, there was no hope that the injury was treated very well.
But even so, he still spent a lot of effort and resources to recover from the broken arm injury.
Just because he is a demigod, his status is extremely noble. Otherwise, I’m afraid he will have to be a one-armed elf …
His face was full of hatred at this thought.
That’s hatred for Olga, the chief culprit.
Thinking of each other’s appearance, the sword in his hand unconsciously strengthened.
With a horizontal stroke, the demon paralyzed by the sword rune was cut into two parts horizontally.
Look at the monster with strong vitality that has not completely expired.
Emerson’s eyes were full of disgust and he stepped on his head.
With the object, sonic boom red and white sauce spilled all over the floor.
He laughed cruelly in his mouth, "Waste …"
Then he disappeared without nostalgia and sneaked away to the rest of the target.
I didn’t notice that my body surface has been contaminated with a lot of invisible viruses from time to time!
Thanks to his [demigod] level strength, those viruses can sneak into other bodies when he is awake, but their characteristics still make them attached to Emerson’s body surface, clothes and weapons, moving himself and spreading the source of infection to the surrounding areas.
And when the scene like this is very short, there have been several times when a large number of indigenous strong people unconsciously turned the Ortega plague hotbed …
Chapter 93 Successful entry
A mountain peak hundreds of kilometers away from the defense line
The stone piled up in the seat, and Olga was lazy and paralyzed, just like salted fish.
He has been staying here since he made the "gas bomb", and he is too lazy to move except occasionally killing a few monsters and indulging in mouth addiction.
At the moment, the huge magic projection interface is suspended in front of him, playing all the situations of the magic tide in real time.
Although these exploration spells are a little blurred because of the slight interference of the giant boundary picture outside the defense line, they look like crazy mosaic stripes like presbyopia with unstable signal, but they can still play something roughly clear on the whole.
He can clearly feel that the number of indigenous plague victims is rising.
Because those creatures are awake and their bodies have magical transformation protective layers, the spread of plague has been greatly curbed. For the time being, except for a few weak types, most of them are infected with a little virus, and Olga has limited impact.
And those guys who have been invaded by viruses, Olga, can roughly feel the body state key of those plague hosts and can manually control their viruses at all times.
But to be honest, there are one or two more patients infected with plague than those in the indigenous abyss monsters in China.
Because most of those’ mobile gas bombs’ are mixed with magic waves, they are often killed by various long-range weapons without even touching the enemy’s face.
In this case, when their body virus broke out, there was nothing around them except friendly forces. The first infected people were the remnants of the magic tide.
For this situation, Olga also expected it long ago.
When the magic tide is over, they will be killed by the plague virus
It’s not that he will show mercy when he kills his teammates. It’s just thinking too much!
Show mercy, don’t you?
Just because those demons die more, it will bring him some trouble more or less, which is unnecessary.
After all, if you die more, it will be difficult for the demon Lord Calteau. Olga doesn’t want to be big and small for the time being.
That thing is somewhat heavy and not suitable for a young demon like him.
A few days later
Sitting on the body of a huge monster, Emerson was covered in scars and panting. After days of fighting, he couldn’t help but feel exhausted, and he had the idea of lying down and sleeping.
Not long after he sat down, there came a heroic voice, "Go and have a drink!"
He turned his head and saw a small but extremely strong figure.
Judging from the physical features of each other’s thick beard, it is very simple to see that it is a dwarf.
And the other party is an old acquaintance of Emerson.
Hundreds of years ago, they had a lot of personal vendettas, and it is more common for them to get into trouble with each other!
And those hatreds have been gradually forgotten by the two in the hundred-year common war and replaced by very good friendship.
I have to say, this is really a bit of a trick.
If the invasion of the abyss hadn’t pushed them to the limit
These guys of different races and origins may not be able to get along well with each other for a generation, and they may still indulge in the old and long history of racial grievances.
After all, that’s how their generations have continued their hatred from generation to generation.
After shaking his head and throwing out those messy old things, Emerson looked at the dwarf in front of him a little naively. "Didn’t you just drink it once a while ago?"
The other party looked dissatisfied and replied, "A few days ago, it was a few days ago. Today is today. I will drink even if I die."
Expose one’s drunkenness to suspicion
Looking at a pair of people who don’t really want to hear their own great opinions, Emerson is even more dissatisfied with each other. "If you don’t drink, how can you have a fight? If you want enough wine, I can stay here forever."
Emerson directly shook his head and denied "… the truth".
Then look at the four weeks convergence companion body to deal with all kinds of magic residual soldiers eyes some heavily said
"How many times have we seen this scene?"
"Three hundred times? Five hundred times? "