Then it depicts the dense summoning rune that makes people feel numb when they look at it.

That is, Olga first gave him a miniature replica.
Let him do it according to the moment.
Otherwise, just remember the detailed structure of this summoning ceremony? It takes ten days.
With the summoning ceremony, everything is ready.
Pull? Took out a knife.
His palm slowly drew a deep bone scar.
A lot of blood flowed with the gushing, calling the central position of the ceremony.
For a moment, that wound will heal automatically without leaving a trace.
A born immortal
Does Laura have the ability to live forever? Overspeed recovery is the most basic.
Immortal power. Even this somatic death? He can come back to life if his soul is not greatly affected.
After absorbing his blood,
Summoning ceremony? Release the bleeding red glow
Counting runes is like coming back to life? Climb slowly from the ground
In the summoning ceremony? Dance like a living thing
at this time
A string of inexplicable syllables? Sing out of the mouth
With this move, more visions appear.
The bloody fog rises!
It took several seconds from the lightest mist to the thick blood fog.
And even so, it is getting stronger and stronger.
With this situation
A sweet greasy smell of blood appeared in the sense of smell.
Faced with this situation, he frowned for a while.
Still choose to continue to summon.
Finally, the rich bloody fog condensed into a huge vortex that kept spinning.
And as the blood fog vortex shrinks to the limit state, a dreamy door is slowly hit.
A tall red figure laughed and walked out of it.
In front of each other, I feel the danger of each other at close range, and I can’t help but show my cautious look.
Although he has overestimated each other’s strength, he still finds himself underestimating each other when he is face to face.
Ignore each other’s thoughts
Olga slowly sniffed a mouthful of the surrounding breath and then his face showed a satisfied expression.
Although the smell here is worse than the abyss home, it is also called refreshing!
It is absolutely a treasure trove of feng shui!
There must be suffering everywhere!
And his strength has been retained, 90% is almost a gesture to enter.
So he said to pull
"Very well, you have fulfilled your contract.
Then it’s time for me to fulfill my contract.
I will abide by the contract to protect mankind from external threats for 2 years … "
Say that finish also ignore each other’s situation directly flew out of Pluto.
I tore a piece somewhere outside Taitai.
Expose a long and narrow passage
This is the location where the Horizon Spacecraft hit the tunnel when it flew faster than light.
Now, although the channel has already been restored, it has already been closed.
But the imprint of the past still remains
Follow it, Olga easily found that piece of space that connects the physical universe.
Feeling the inexplicable malice flowing in it, Olga chuckled and went in without hesitation.
As he succeeded in entering through the abyss demon senses
Some special information naturally flooded into his consciousness and was understood by him.
This is the name of the place here
Here, together with the physical universe, the physical universe will refract Asia in a special way.
The relative situation will also affect the physical universe in some way.
It is worth noting that although the physical universe is interdependent with Asia, the case of Asia is higher than that of the physical universe!
The physical universe is destroyed [Asia] will decline, but it will remain.
And if Asia is destroyed, the physical universe will disappear.
Besides, the inside of Asia is chaotic, and sometimes it may be a second before the outside world, but it may have been several days.
So once you get lost and wander around for a few days,
By the time you get out, it may be thousands of years from now.
However, this issue is an urgent matter for Olga.
Being an abyss demon, he has his own biological clock
The time perception ability will not change according to the sub-time flow rate.
So he knows very well how long the outside world has spent.
Chapter 392 [Re-inoculation]
After entering [Asia]
Feel the negative feelings around you that don’t distort strength. Olga was close to the heyday, and her strength was automatically and completely restored like a duck to water.
Being in the middle, he can clearly perceive that the evil thoughts of numbers are flowing here.
This is emotional power.
According to the information he sensed before, most of these emotions came from the physical universe creatures.
Their thoughts will be reflected here as Asian energy.
But soon Olga noticed something unusual.
Some of these emotional forces are particularly obvious.
They all have special brands.