I feel mature

It’s better to say something publicly.
Emperor, let’s talk about her today without prejudice and unpleasant things. Whether to answer or not depends on Mu Jing.
Is lying in his arms, she said something awkward, and on the surface, it seems that there is a little less equality.
Try to get away from it
Is he so particular about women that it is difficult to get an equal dialogue? After all, people are emperors and it is not realistic to want to be equal.
Unexpectedly MuJing thought for a moment and agreed well.
As soon as Shen Suer laughs, say one thing first and discuss a future.
It is Shen Suer’s biggest concern at present whether three years’ appointment can be straightforward before coming to the palace.
Mujing hugged her body and stared at her closely. You asked, Do you think so? Palace Section 31 The Emperor talks about 8 at night.
Mujing hugged her and stared at her closely. You think so?
Isn’t it? Palace life is really not suitable for my emperor. It should be very white. Life in the harem is in hot water. If it doesn’t harm people’s hearts, it will harm my personality. I don’t know how I died that day. It’s very wronged.
You won’t die. He seems to be promising.
I’m making an analogy. If it weren’t for alas, I’m afraid I would have died long ago.
I told you this wouldn’t happen again. Handsome face is sinking. It’s just his pain.
Can’t the three-year appointment be made before? He always avoids it. Then she tries to ask again.
Mujing was silent again, and his face was not so good.
Cong Shen Suer quickly stopped asking, not asking, and the corners of his mouth evoked a little smile, and continued to talk to him in a gentle way
Emperor, in fact, male and female servants are quite confused these days. When you are always angry with me, it’s more like you can’t wait to crush me. I look at my heart and worry inexplicably, but I wonder. I don’t know what I have done wrong and what makes you unhappy. I really don’t know what I think. If I am wrong, I have to ask you to say it before I can avoid committing crimes. Keep going. Our misunderstanding is likely to be deeper and unpleasant. It’s not good.
Of course, it is not good for an emperor to be unhappy. She is the only one who is not happy.
Because she is the weak side.
The more Mujing listened to her, the deeper her face became. Don’t you really know that she can’t read it?
You know, do you still have to ask? Shen Suer smiled and was puzzled.
Mu Jing’s arms are crisp and neat, and he doesn’t avoid answering directly. I want you.
After a long time of consternation, Shen Suer blinked slowly. Don’t be ridiculous. There are so many harem women who are more beautiful than male and female servants. You also said that I can understand her in this thin body. It’s hard to explain.
He said he could reach her, not that.
Men and women are different. Men and women OO don’t need feelings, that is to say, they want her body. The emperor doesn’t know how many women he has got. Section 3: The emperor’s heart is unpredictable.
Mu Jingdao didn’t want you.
Shen Suer hesitated for a moment and suddenly thought of a way to leave, which is also a good way for her personally, so she said that well, the emperor also said that she would never force women, so let’s discuss it or take the opportunity to leave.
How to discuss