The head of the cool breeze is really struggling to control himself now. He doesn’t have much hope for this game. After all, the meditation is already the tenth floor of the foundation period, and his magical power is absolutely far beyond that of ordinary monks. Even if he does it himself, he will win or lose.

But I didn’t expect Moxiu to overcome my heart!
Moxiu has also become the only one who can beat the monks in the national contest!
And Mo Xiu alone won 2,611 trial places for Qingyang Sect!
You know, in this trial, the number of people who can participate in the trial of the three major doors is only about two thousand
If you add Qin Wei, you get 661 places, and Xiao Moer gets 61 places. Yun Shuixian and Pang Long each get 21 trial places. Yun Luxian gets 6 trial places, and other brothers get 10 places during the gas training period. This time, the country is bigger than Qingyang Sect, and they get a total of 241 trial places!
This is far beyond other clans, and even three of them are far from it.
Up to now, the big match of the whole country has really ended, and the top ten most watched star competitions have also seen the final result.
There is no doubt that Mo Xiujiu won the championship after winning the victory. At the same time, he was given the title of "God’s stroke" because of his repeated missions in the competition, which made Mo Xiujiu feel a little better than "Golden Boot Killing God".
The heart wins and loses, ranking second.
Wan Li ranked third with seven wins and two losses.
Although seriously injured, the Oriental War ranked fourth with six wins and three losses.
Reading it, the record of five wins and four losses ranks fifth.
Shuiyue’s record of four wins and five losses ranks sixth.
Meng Sazhou, Qin Wei and Chen Zhaoze tied for seventh place with two wins and seven losses.
Xie Shuang is the tenth in all nine wars.
And with the end of the competition, the trial places obtained by each clan are also counted
Naturally, there are 241 Qingyang sects with the largest number of places.
In addition, there are more than 2,000 places in the two clans of Huoyun Sect and Jinshan Sect.
Then there was the heart, and the Buddhist Sect won more than 1,900 places, while the fifth place was the three gates, and the fire cloud Sect won more than 1,700 places.
In addition, the number of places won is more than 1,100 places for Gu Shezong, where Shuiyue is located, of which only Shuiyue won 161 places for Gu Shezong.
Then Tian Panzong won 900 places with Zhao Chen’s performance in the Top Ten Nova Competition.
Yu Tianpan Sect tied for the fierce Sect, but it failed miserably. Not only did Se’s brother, fierce Hanshan, get a trial when he was beheaded by Mo Xiu, but there were 600 yuan. This is because three brothers of the fierce Sect broke into the top 20, otherwise there would be less words.
The remaining 3,000 places are divided by other clans.
This result is really unexpected to many people, especially for the three main doors. Naturally, they adjusted the rules of the game in order to get more trial places, but I didn’t expect that Mo Xiu and Xin, two freaks, took a lot of places at once.
It can be expected that the strength of each clan will be greatly adjusted in the next ten or twenty years.
Brother Dabi, who joined the country with all kinds of thoughts, left and returned to his clan after a day’s rest.
Chapter 30 The fifth floor of the foundation period
Ask for a monthly pass!
A month has passed since the national competition.
And Moxiu has been practicing in the spirit pool for a month.
At this moment, don’t rest naked in the spirit pool and sink into the spirit fluid.
Pure and huge drug power is evenly distributed to muscles and bones, five internal organs and six viscera, limbs and bones, skin and hair all over the body under the control of Moxiu.
At the same time, the cells all over the body cheered and introduced the qi of heaven and earth into the body, tempered the qi of heaven and earth in "Nine-turn Golden Body Tactics" and quickly transformed the medicine into reality.
And the truth element is also washing away the body cells at all times, so that the cells have stronger vitality and can accept more truth elements to communicate with more heaven and earth.
After the monk entered the fourth floor of the foundation period, all the cells in his body were equivalent to a small dantian field, but these cells contained too many impurities, and only a little impurity was discharged from the cells to contain more true elements and to continue to rise.
The period from the fourth floor to the sixth floor during the foundation period is the process of refining the growth potential of cells a little.
Once it reaches the sixth floor of the foundation period, the true elements of the monks will reach the seventh floor of the foundation period after the body and external pressure are pure.
Just like the seven-story monk’s body in the ordinary foundation period, although there are 3,000 monks in the six-story monk in the foundation period, one bite of the seven-story monk in the foundation period is worth three, and the strength of the ordinary monk is far beyond the six-story monk in the foundation period.
In the past month, Moxiu has given out two-thirds of the cell potential of the body, and the body has reached 1,900 yuan. The "Nine-turn Golden Body Tactics" has risen to the ninth turn.
The eye almost broke through to the fifth floor!
At this time, the original calming spirit pool raised bursts of B not lines.
If you can see the Moho body, you will find that at this time, the gas speed of the Moho body cell throughput has reached a limit!
Huge heaven and earth accumulate and wash cells in cells.
There was a muffled sound in the spirit pool of fundraising.
The spirit liquid in the spirit pool seems to be thrown into a boulder and splashed with silver Se waves.
And Mo Xiu in the spirit pool liquid slowly opened his eyes.
"This Juyuan Dan is so powerful that I broke through the fifth floor of the foundation period in just one month!"
"And poly yuan Dan efficacy to consume about half! The remaining half of the medicine can also make me rise to the sixth floor of the foundation period! "
"Now I have 2,000 real yuan, and I’ve refined the real yuan in" Nine Turns to Golden Body ",and each real yuan is just ten times as much as others!"
"That is to say, my body is much more than that of the monks in the foundation period!"
"The monk’s true body in the foundation period is only equivalent to 10 thousand ordinary true bodies."
"Now, I can only inspire the power of the three-piece bipolar device department by my body!"
Just then, don’t take a slight movement in Se’s face.
"Hey? How did Zhenyuan become a red Se? "
All the true elements in the cells and meridians of the body have become red Se!
After thinking for a moment, I don’t want to put this problem behind me.
Just then the wisdom brain rang.
"Rev. The fourth layer sword array twenty stars sword array! It can control 20 intermediate flying swords to form a 20-star sword array, which is equivalent to consuming 200 yuan for each actuation of the pole multiplier.
"Kai a layer of life sword array two meter mixed yuan jian array! It can control two secondary flying swords and twenty middle flying swords to form a two-instrument mixed-element sword array, which is five times as powerful as a pole multiplier, and consumes 500 real elements every time the sword array is actuated. "
"The sword box on the fifth floor can be used for refining the second secondary flying sword with 10,000 yuan."
After a short pause, Mo Xiu nodded his head secretly.
"It seems that it is a little short of opening a sword box now. It is estimated that it will be possible to open a sword box on the sixth floor during the construction period."
"And the fifth sword box didn’t make the power of flying swords rise. It seems that the material of God is not so easy to rise."
"But it’s good to be able to enlighten the sword array."
"In this way, I can exert all kinds of power at low, medium and high levels."
"Under normal circumstances, I can cope with the encounter with a more severe monk’s sword array, and I can fly a sword in my life, so I can only make it if I meet a monk who is extremely prick."