"Wow-!" After that, several gunmen knew that Jiuzhong was there as soon as they saw their companions with their backs to them but their faces facing them, and immediately they did not hesitate to raise their guns and shoot wildly at their companions.

In an instant, the gunman who had just expired was swept into a sieve and threw himself on the ground.
Just as the gunman’s body fell to the ground, a ghostly shadow appeared from behind him and suddenly reached a gunman’s side.
The gunman made a 100-degree turn when he didn’t respond to the "click"
Next to the gunman Wengang, he turned around and saw that they had hung up their companions and Jiuzhong had flashed behind them like a ghost.
"Click, click!" There are two crunchy two gunmen body self-effacing soft down.
The last gunman left saw the nine-fold twist of his two companions’ necks, and the hand used the fastest speed in his life to shoot forward when the two companions fell to both sides, but responded that he had a bomb designed to sound on the concrete wall of the tunnel.
"Hey hey …!" Leng Sen’s smile echoed in the tunnel.
"ah! !” The gunman completely collapsed and ran out of the tunnel like a crazy submachine gun.
In the helicopter outside the tunnel, Yan Nanfei saw this crazy gunman rush out and shouted, "What’s the matter? Did you kill Joong? !”
Yan Nanfei’s voice just fell and his eyes instantly widened, and he saw an incredible scene. He saw that the gunman ran out of the house and ran away from the ground and flew towards his helicopter position.
"Damn it!" Although I don’t know what happened, Yan Nanfei can feel that things are not good. I decided to pick up a pretty heavy machine gun next to it and shoot at the flying semi-gunner exhibition. "What a ghost! !”
A fierce sweep of the half-gunner’s body was swept into a sieve, and finally he lost his skills and stopped playing. The flying man fell freely from the middle and fell to the cliff next to the mountain road.
"Mom, what the hell is going on?" Yan Nanfei looked at the face of the tunnel. "Why haven’t people come out after listening to the guns?" !”
"Boss … I think things are not good!" Yan Nanfei behind an accompanying younger brother guessed the way
"What’s wrong? ! He is triple-headed and six-armed, but he can’t escape dozens of gunmen! " Yan Nanfei has also been angry with a bad feeling in his heart, but his mouth still refuses to admit it.
"Your little brother is right. Things are really bad!" Yan Nanfei’s voice just fell and a cold voice sounded behind him, and then she heard "click". His younger brother’s body fell out of the plane and the figure flashed nine times and turned in from the other side of the plane.
"… Jiuchong!" Yan Nanfei was surprised to see Jiuzhong appear in the engine room as if by flashing, but Yan Nanfei is also green gang Wang’s psychological quality. Those gunmen are not surprised but not chaotic just now. The first reaction is to turn the gun muzzle around and fire Jiuzhong in turn.
Nine heavy eyes and loads hit Yan Nanfei’s right elbow and pushed him back. At the same time, the other palm hung the wind and patted him straight at Yan Nanfei’s other hand.
Yan Nanfei is also proficient in ancient martial arts, and he can’t cultivate it. This can be seen from the fact that he frowned just now when he was attacked by a nine-fold lion roar.
Yan Nanfei threw her head back to avoid the nine-fold fierce clap and kicked her leg at the nine-fold temple at the same time.
Take back the nine palms and lift your elbow to stop Yan Nanfei’s legs. When you come and I go, there is a fierce and dangerous struggle in the plane.
"Hum, I didn’t expect you to order ancient martial arts! But you still want to fight the old man with this little effort? !” Yan Nanfei’s conceit, Gu Wu’s deep strength suddenly broke out, and the nine-fold attack came with a palm followed by the palm of his hand gathering enough strength to send an avalanche to the nine-fold.
"… this is your own death!" In the face of Yan Nanfei’s gathering strength, the thunder struck nine times, and he was afraid to fight against Ssangyong. A pair of fists greeted Yan Nanfei’s hands positively.
"Boom! !” A sudden explosion did not move, but Yan Nanfei was directly shocked out of the cabin.
"You … ah-!" I can’t believe that the nine-building was far away when he was about to say a few words, only to find that one of his own people didn’t make any efforts to return to the cabin in the middle, but he didn’t reach the state of nine-building yet, so he fell freely in a series of melodious screams and fell half down the cliff beside the mountain.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine The plan failed
? "One fall to death can be regarded as a horse losing its front hoof and two falls to death, that is, it is not enough for a pig to die!" Nine times looked off the cliff. Yan Nanfei sat in the back seat of the plane and said to the driver in the front seat, "Do you want to die?" !”
"Want to … want to live!" Although he didn’t face up to Jiuzhong, the driver felt a cold feeling of death, which made his back cold and cold, and his blood seemed to be frozen. The death threat of Net allowed the driver to express his true thoughts.
"If you want to live, give it to the old!"
The helicopter turns around to replace the nine-heavy sports car and sail to the destination more directly and quickly.
Game world ethereal city central square
The holy alliance, 50 million, the combined forces of all arms and services are ready to go
Shuang Lu Bu looked down at Tong Shi, and when he went to the point, Tong Shi said in the ear of every player in the Holy League, "Ding Congratulations to all players in the Holy League. The map of the heroic hero in Vietnam has passed the three-day counterattack, and the players in Vietnam have failed to recapture the lost land. All regions are included in the map of China!"
"Let’s go!" When a double lyu3 bu4 immediately ordered
Fifty million coalition troops moved slowly like a torrent of steel rushing to the square city.
After a quarter of an hour of continuous transportation, the 50 million allied troops were directly sent to five cities near the junction of Mahatma map and Ba Ling map.
Just now, the map of Mahatma in Vietnam has been included in the map of Mahatma in Huaxia, and all cities can send players to Huaxia.
The five cities were assigned in advance according to the double lyu3 bu4, with 10 million arms equipped with troops respectively.
Double lyu3 bu4 last across the array to appear in one of the cities to continue to make "go! !”
One order, five cities were stationed with 10 million troops, and the troops were divided into two arms, with five million people all the way. Ten troops set out from five cities, and the soldiers were divided into ten roads. First, they made a detour and jumped forward to complete the encirclement of the whole map of Ba Ling, and then the ten roads marched into Vietnam from all sides. Now there is only one map of Ba Ling.
The 10-route troops quickly attacked their first targets, including secondary cities, tertiary cities and fourth-level cities, but the same strange phenomenon appeared in all the cities, that is, when they arrived at the city, they saw that there were several birds hanging around in the city.
"hmm? This has hit their last territory. There should be people in the city and the resistance is fierce! But why is there no one? !” Ten passers-by all felt very strange.
The other nine roads have sent messages to Shuanglu Bu!
Shuang Lu Bu looked at the city ahead and turned his mind. At present, the last area of the map of Baling in Vietnam is normal. They will definitely resist to the death and will not give up ideal city easily unless there is any other situation.
One possible situation is that players in Vietnam feel that the forces contracted by the scattered forces to defeat the sacred alliance army will concentrate all the forces in Vietnam in one or several cities and ask last stand to fight hard
Another worse situation is that the other side is prepared to fight, and they already know about their surprise attack tonight.
In either case, everything will be all right when you enter the hinterland of Ba Ling map and meet people.
"No one will pull it down and leave no one to send the city to the array, and the resurrection point will be destroyed and the troops will continue to deepen!" Shuang Lu Bu decisively said, "If you encounter such a situation again, you don’t have to return to the same exercise!"
"yes! !”
The tenth route army continued to go deep for twenty minutes and went deep into the hinterland of Ba Ling map for hundreds of kilometers, and the city was destroyed. I don’t know how many seats, but I didn’t see a figure.
Seeing this situation, Shuang Lu Bu had a faint premonition in his heart, confirming that his premonition army had continued to deepen.
The Tenth Route Army continued to advance and finally joined forces with Sirius City, the largest star gang guild city in Vietnam and the largest city in Vietnam, in the hinterland of Baling map.
A few kilometers away from Sirius City, the Tenth Route Army of the Holy Alliance has already seen Sirius City from a distance. It is dark and crowded. Just the troops have covered Sirius City in Fiona Fang for one kilometer.
Looking into the sky, the wolf city is full of people who are about to overflow. Lu Bu mused, "Did you really get everyone together?" And this momentum … Before those encountered in Vietnam Ukrainian union can not finish a class! So …! "
Is far looking at the double lyu3 bu4 has not yet been at war smell the Sirius city stationed crowd unusual taste "should be the second possibility … Sirius rate Huiyuan! And it was before I knew that we would have a big action … I smelled a conspiracy! "
Shuang Lu Bu believes in his intuition, and immediately voice communication is connected and online. The president of the Union Guild "The plan to raid the map of Baling in Vietnam failed. Someone in our department leaked the news, and the other party already knew that we had led the army back to protect it before the raid plan! I think today is unusual, as if there is a big storm brewing for us! "
"What do we need to do in one sentence? !”
"Give me your hands back in the hands of the on-line detective, and spread them out to explore the movement of four districts except Vietnam!"
"Rest assured to us! We will report to you immediately if there is news! "
"Thank you!"
Double lyu3 bu4 hang up voice communication at this time, the Tenth Route Army also drove Sirius out of the city from all directions, one and a half kilometers away from the vanguard of Sirius City.
Double lyu3 bu4 raised his hand to signal that he had stopped all the way, and then sent a message to the other nine-way people to signal that they were temporarily tied up at this distance.
Now the holy alliance army is 1,500 meters away from Sirius City, and it has been able to clearly observe Sirius City.
If you look closely, you will find that a Sirius City has put all the players in Vietnam into it. When you look at Sirius City, you can see that it is dark everywhere.
Whether the city is the head of the city is low or half-displayed, it looks more and more spacious. So many players in Vietnam are like a towering tree, which stands in the sky and looks spectacular.