Ever-victorious feud with Real Madrid, how can it be that he doesn’t mess with Real Madrid to the death?

This game is destined to be very difficult for Real Madrid.
Against Turin, Lazio took turns, winning 1 away game and continuing to catch up with Juventus.
However, this game is not important at all. Everyone’s heart is in the Champions League.
Death group B’s qualifying situation is tangled.
Except Lazio, the other three teams now have a chance to qualify and be eliminated.
Lazio can’t ignore the external factors, because their achievements and performances directly affect the fate of the other three teams.
So this last round of group matches became the focus of attention before the game.
Lazio chose to use a large number of substitutes in Turin in order to prepare for the Champions League group match with Real Madrid.
This was acknowledged by Chang Sheng at the press conference after the game against Turin.
"… we also have a Champions League group match in the middle of the week, so we took turns in consideration of this …"
This sentence makes those who fantasize that qualifying is a foregone conclusion. Lazio will show mercy to Real Madrid, and Real Madrid fans will be thundered.
They had to cheer up and fight lazio to death.
Boas is very confident.
Also after the league, he talked about the game against Lazio at the post-match press conference.
"In fact, the situation is favorable to us. If we beat Lazio, we will definitely qualify. Is this better than if we win and have to look at the faces of other teams to decide whether to qualify?"
Boas said.
It makes sense for him to suddenly hear this.
But if you think about it carefully, you can’t stand the analysis.
Real Madrid really need to beat Lazio to qualify. It sounds easy and simple without looking at other people’s faces.
But the question is whether they can beat Lazio …
They also need to look at their faces, but they need to look at Lazio’s faces!
Before the game, boas kept cheering for his players.
Until the day before the game, he frequently talked about his confidence in various interviews, and repeatedly said that his brilliant experience of beating Lazio when he coached Manchester City was the source of his confidence.
Lazio is not the enemy. Since Manchester City can beat Lazio, why can’t Real Madrid be stronger than Manchester City?
In addition to the Real Madrid fans betting on this game, the other two teams in the group also bet on it.
If Real Madrid can beat Lazio, no matter how Nottingham Forest plays Dortmund at home, it won’t help.
But if Lazio can beat Real Madrid, it will be different.
Real Madrid lost, Nottingham Forest and Dortmund won.
That will inevitably cause the two teams to fight like crazy.
The last two games of Group B attracted the attention of Europe and the world.
The death group became worthy of the name at this time.
Showed the glory to those three teams.
Yeah, it’s a little ironic
I was going to be cruel to Lazio, but I didn’t expect Lazio to be the judge of the life and death of other teams in this group …
The more the media are betting on the final round of the death group, the more they are hitting UEFA in the face.
And UEFA has not been able to stop the media from paying attention to this group’s qualifying situation.
They can still bow their heads when everyone intentionally hits them in the face.
That heart is so humbled.
They have lost control of the current situation, no matter how Lazio plays, it is meaningless to them.
What is the difference between Real Madrid qualifying and Dortmund qualifying?
Chapter sixty-one boas obsession
The decisive day will come in the blink of an eye.
On the day of the match, people have been gathering around the Wanda Stadium, Lazio’s home stadium, since noon.
However, most of them are not Lazio fans, but visiting Real Madrid fans.
This time, there are 5,000 Real Madrid fans here, all of whom are here to cheer for their team, hoping that the team can contribute their strength when they are in last stand, so that they can play their best and beat Lazio away from home.
However, Lazio didn’t succeed. They were not touched by the spirit of Real Madrid fans. They gave Real Madrid 2000 tickets for visiting fans.
That is to say, more than 5,000 people can enter the stadium, and no more than half of the real teams cheer.
A few people can’t stand in front of 70,000 Dorazio fans!