He dialed in his own voice, only to find that the plane was out of order. He asked what happened.

We’ve been calling the secret path for a long time.
There’s no motive, is there
It is very likely that we have called for more than 300 times in the past three days. Even if we don’t answer the phone, the others should be gone. Besides, Director Mu’s mobile phone is generally not your type.
Find a familiar person to look at her house.
It’s always said that no one has been to Mu, the director’s little secret, is a little timid. On the surface, I am unwilling to be afraid that I will always let her go to Mu Xin, who is usually indifferent to people, not angry, except for business and personal love.
One advantage is a woman who can’t gossip.
But it’s not annoying and not very annoying
It’s also false for women to say that they are not jealous.
Mu Xin sat at a young age, and the position of planning director was not a paper-based talent, but it happened that she was beautiful, but how could she be a figure?
If she doesn’t pay much attention to dressing up at ordinary times, she must be pursuing a truck and a truck.
But even if she doesn’t dress up, those company guys still, uh, don’t say anything
Gao Lang eyes cold so angry has to pressure.
Now he knows that he is used to this work partner.
Although she doesn’t look pleasing to the eye at ordinary times, it’s because the woman looks at him in different ways. Section 1358 Crossing the Fanwai Shen Suer Article 3
Although she is not pleasing to the eye at ordinary times because the woman looks at him differently from other women, she doesn’t look forward to it, and she doesn’t have any nonsense admiration, which is a little more pleasing to the eye than he often sees anthomaniac women, but it makes him depressed.
Because of this, he will always pull her.
Picky, picky and picky.
It happened that she couldn’t kill a cockroach.
No matter how picky she is, she will still be able to make it.
He also admired her.
Now suddenly he’s not feeling well.
It’s strange not to see her, as if there were no competitors at work.
Gao Lang asked Mi to go first.
He checked Mu Xin’s address in the office.
Suddenly, he blinked, a little stunned.
After working together for so long, I didn’t find him or her living in a community.
Although different buildings are not far away.
Qin Tezhu came in. He called one on the intercom.
Then he helped in.
Leave the company alone and go with a suit.
He’s going to kiss the woman.
Almost at the same time
In Muxin’s small apartment
A woman was alone in a daze on the windowsill, with a long hair shawl, a silver robe and a winter scarf around her waist. A long silk scarf was probably used as a belt.
I can’t help it. This woman came from ancient times. When Shen Suer fainted, she got lost. She woke up in a deserted place and was here. She was dreaming and went to heaven. Gradually, she found that she was not dead but alive.
Living is living in another person’s body, living in another world.
However, all the strange surroundings make her afraid, and there is nothing she is familiar with, including section 1359, Crossing the Fanwai Shen Suer’s Chapter 4.