Punishment is really like a sudden bright eyes and a smile on his face. He saw Pan Hui stop and turned around. It was his smile that came to stop for a minute …

Five long lights suddenly lit up. Pan Hui glared angrily at the punishment. What did you do!
Chapter 9 average computer-virus (a)
"Dengtu!" Pan Hui snapped out three words pointing towards the truth of punishment, which is an imaginary point.
The long lights flew forward with a roaring momentum, and the five lights were as bright as the burning anger in Pan Hui’s eyes at the moment.
Five long lights from different directions hit the punishment like five birds of prey, with a majestic mountain momentum. At one time, a gust of wind set off the forest, and the leaves were green and yellow like sharp blades, leaving a trail of scratches visible to the naked eye.
Pan Hui is very angry now, very angry!
She grew up in Changxuan and has never been so humiliated. Now she is caught by a man, and she is still a man who only meets once!
Her hands quickly formed a complicated French seal.
Punishment is really like a hasty retreat.
Although he doesn’t know exactly what happened just now to make Pan Hui so angry, at the moment he has time to defend himself. He knows he can’t take this move! He is not sure that he can catch this move without hurting her. If he takes it and waits for them, it will be a lose-lose situation! He must retire now!
Pan Hui’s eyes are like eagles, catching the punishment in the dense and windy leaves. It’s really like flying back. The lip line is unconsciously tightened for a few minutes. The heavens and the earth have been running in the body for a little Sunday, and five long lights have been lit up for a few minutes. The lights have grown up because of the solidification of the real yuan. It is as cold and transparent as jade carving
Her hands are moving faster and faster, but they are wrapped in a layer of bright light, and her heart is getting brighter and brighter. In the long light, she gradually calms down and finally tends to quiet inside. A pair of eyes indicate that she is angry at the moment.
Suddenly! Five lights went out at the same time, not even a little spark left.
Punishment is really like feeling that you have instantly fallen into the darkness. It is late in the evening, or the sunlight shines into the mountain forest. Now it is deep and dark, and the whistling wind is still ringing.
Vulcan wounds in the body are running rapidly, and the true qi of protecting the body has been released by him and gradually strengthened, and he keeps pushing outward inch by inch, but his heart cools with every inch of pushing.
The light of the fire turned out to be one thing.
No trees
No light
No one!
Suddenly, the punishment is really like a crazy jump in my heart, closing my eyes consciously and keeping my consciousness clear.
The original dark mountain forest was suddenly bright, and five long lights were sparing no effort to shine and give off heat. They were colorful long lights, but at the moment they shone like hardware.
Punishment is really like being exposed to intense light, but dare not open your eyes, but it has reached the extreme point. Surrounded by a hot light, he felt a piercing chill and kept drilling into his spine, which made him unconsciously shake.
The clothes wind automatically spirals out five wind columns with Pan Hui’s feet, and the wind columns quickly rotate towards the long lights, and then the lights are connected like one!
Punishment is really like listening to the sweeping wind and noticing a trace of abnormality. This forced me to open my eyes and suddenly stopped my steps.
He finally knew that he had just shuddered and thus came!
What did he see?
Those are five long lampstands that only appear in the tomb! High lampposts are illuminated by lights that will never go out. Those souls who refuse to rest in peace guide the way to the afterlife!
But today, he will actually see the funeral lampstand here, and he is still a living person!
The night is long!
This is the second time he’s seen Chang Xuan kill, but it’s seven lights, and this time five lights can still make him feel like a thorn in his back even if two lights are missing!
The man once told him to spend the night as long as possible. Once it is started, you will see blood before you stop!
He was both injured that time.
This time he should be like …
At this time, the five lampstands are in five corners, and the punishment is really like a siege. Four lights are gradually dimming, but the long red light is still shining.
Pan Hui stood on the red lampstand at this time, dressed in a crimson suit, and even her eyes were dyed red.
Punishment is really like a sudden jump of blood in your heart! How can it be blood eyes!
Those who cultivate immortals go against the sky and are most afraid of quick success and instant benefit will be possessed! The eyes of the possessed person are like blood, and their brains and demons can’t be killed, and their magical nature will eventually lead to a river of blood and their own shape will be withered!
Someone once forcibly absorbed others’ self-cultivation, and finally lost his mind and slaughtered a city of tens of thousands of people! In the past, the bustling and noisy city was full of corpses and ghostly vultures hovering in the sky, not being taken away by ghosts. The ghosts cried in the city night after night for a long time and refused to leave, and the man was also wiped out in the thunder like a rainstorm.
Because cultivating immortality is against the sky, it is dangerous and abnormal. If it succeeds, it will be beyond the physical illness and enjoy Shou Yuan. If you fail, it will be the death of the soul, and you will die forever in these seven realms and then go back to life. Therefore, there may not be many people who are eager for quick success and quick success, because God has never lived.
"Kill him!" At this time, a voice in Pan Hui’s mind shouted arrogantly one after another, but it was hoarse and excited.
Her hands were ripping each other apart, and then she was dismantled half way through the complicated French-Indian method. This was repeated several times here until her body suddenly swelled with red light and a powerful cyclone rolled around.
Punishment is true. Even though the Vulcan wounds were protected by Pan Hui’s sudden tyrannical qi, he took a few steps back to stabilize himself. He looked at Pan Hui in amazement and found that her breath was strong and weak, and even her latosolic red blood eyes flashed a struggle from time to time.
Is it? She’s not really possessed!
"Kill him! Kill him! " The voice in my head is still growling in an attempt to swallow the last trace of Pan Huiling’s platform. Today, I finally caught her. Her anger took control of her mind when she urged her to kill. How can it give up easily and let her get rid of her control? If you want this woman, it can ravage the human world again!
"Ha ha ha ….." It laughed and couldn’t form itself at this moment. This woman imprisoned it for more than 1,600 years. Fortunately, God has eyes to wake it up at this time! Now this woman has turned into a weak mortal and wants to continue to imprison it? It’s ridiculous!
Pan Hui’s mind can still keep a little awake at this time, but she can’t control the long light any more. She can try her best to mobilize the real body. She doesn’t know when to come up with demons to confront her. She has spare time to think about whether there will be demons. If she can’t suppress it today, she will be destroyed.
She has unfinished business! She is still waiting for someone!
How can she lose!
Pan Hui immediately sat cross-legged on the lampstand with his eyes closed and his fingers entwined, just like a butterfly with its wings folded, its mouth quickly opened and there was a spell with low overflow.
"Avenue-shaped fertility world; Avenue runs the sun and the moon; The name of the avenue grows everything; I don’t know that there are clear, turbid, dynamic and static people whose names are strong. The sky is clear, the earth is turbid, the earth is quiet, the men are clear, the women are turbid, the men and women are quiet, and everything is born at the end of the stream.
It turned out to be a mantra!
Chapter 1 greenery (2)
"Looking for death!" Pan Hui’s voice roars again, and she instantly feels a surge of qi and blood, and a red and sweet rush to her throat, so she can’t help but gush out a blood mist.
Punishment is really like a tight heart, but he also knows that he is possessed by helpers at the moment. If he is disturbed by outsiders, the consequences are incalculable. What he can do today is to pay attention to the surrounding movements to avoid unexpected accidents.
"Lady god good clear and heart; People’s hearts are quiet, but they can always send their desires, while their hearts are quiet and clear, while God is clear and natural. Six desires do not produce three poisons, and those who can’t do it can be sent to see their hearts and minds. Appearance, shape, shape; Look at its things from a distance. "
Pan Hui is still reciting the mantra of abstinence, but she doesn’t know that it is one thousand times more powerful than the demon. One thousand six hundred years ago, it ravaged the human world, sucking mortal blood everywhere, causing several grievances. After the city was destroyed by God, the seal was forcibly suppressed. This was a catastrophe in the human world, and now it is revived. What it wants is not simply to be fascinated, but to …!
Suddenly, a sound came from all directions, like a bell and drum roaring. The punishment was really like hurriedly protecting the heart, but I was still shocked by the sound, only to find that it was Pan Huifang who read the mantra of abstinence.
"The three are both enlightened and visible; View also; What is both; Zhan Ran is often silent; Can you live with silence and desire? If you want to be born, it is true and quiet, and it is true and constant. Always be quiet and quiet, so quiet and gradually get into the truth; The Tao that has entered the name of the true Tao has gained real income; Turn the name of all beings into the Tao; He who can realize can be holy. "
After reading the sound again, she didn’t stop to read it again. On the other hand, Pan Hui here has been absorbed in suppressing demons. She guessed who this helper really was, and she knew that this person’s high practice could not only help her to be a friend or an enemy, but also watch her lose her mind.
"You worm! Don’t try to seal the seat again! When the future seat reappears, it is defined that you will be torn to pieces! " Pan Hui’s body demon growled unwillingly, but when he woke up from the seal, he was suppressed by the master, and he could look for a life-saving plan.
The master of the sound around seemed to find out that it was calculating, and the spell became more and more urgent. The waves were higher than the layers, and they rushed straight to the platform like a flood.
"no! You can’t! You can’t! " The demon suddenly churned in Pan Hui’s body, constantly attacking her consciousness, trying to seize her possession and succeed before she died, so at least it was a cushion. Worse, this cushion is still an identity. Since its valuable person is going to die, let’s all die together!
A powerful coercion from Pan Huiti generate’s execution is really like I can’t help but retreat repeatedly to stabilize my body. This power is already horror in my heart. Even in my father’s body, he has never seen his father’s fairyland. At this time, Pan Huishen’s power is several times higher than his father’s. Isn’t this a fairyland?
He doesn’t know that this is just Pan Hui’s body magic. The magic used to be powerful in the underworld. Today, although it has just broken the seal, the body knowledge is still unusually arrogant. Is it that ordinary people who cultivate immortals can resist it?
Pan Hui’s nose and mouth have been stained with blood, and her frown and face are full of pain. The punishment is really like getting worried and rushing forward only to find that she can’t move at the moment! With the mantra getting louder and louder, there is coercion from all sides. Pan Hui’s whole body is threatening to confront the punishment. It’s as if I feel that I am going to be wiped out by these two forces and have to run Vulcan to the extreme before I can breathe.
All of a sudden, five long lampstands suddenly collapsed, and their strength dissipated in an instant. Pan Hui, who had been sitting on the lampstand, managed to control her body and fell heavily to the ground with the disappearance of the lampstand. It was like rushing to her side to help her up from the ground and realizing that Pan Hui’s breath was very weak and her face was as white as paper. The man had fallen into a coma.
The forest has been shrouded in darkness for a long time, and the moonlight shines through the leaves. It’s really like watching Pan Hui’s hands. Even though the person is in a coma, he still clings to the method. He took a deep look at Pan Hui and stretched out his hand to separate her fingers one by one, which made her feel a little strange.
He knows that she has just turned 16 this year. He knows that she has been gifted since childhood. He knows that she has been waiting for someone to return to Changxuan. He knows that she is the one who has worked hard to cultivate. He actually knows much more about her than she does. But now he has a little hope that he can have some weight in her life. Because she is so determined, she is so fragile but tenacious. She deserves his protection and waiting.
"Sasha Vujacic ….." There are finely footsteps coming from the depths of the mountain forest. It’s really like hurriedly protecting Pan Hui and looking up at the direction of the sound. The true qi is running in the body.