Thank you again and again ~

All right, let’s get down to business
It is not specific to accept the shelf from the emperor. I think every friend knows better than me!
After the emperor will be stable for a day, you need to spend a candy every day [cheap]!
That is to say, every day, a candy will reward a god, and the god will continue to code words than power.
I know it’s hard for everyone to make money, and every penny is hard to come by. I don’t ask you to reward and subscribe!
To tell the truth, code words are not easy to live, and the most difficult thing is to persist ~
Shenjun, a class member, works nine to five every day and sometimes needs to work overtime.
Every day, the code word is after work. Many times, the emperor will forget to eat dinner, and when he gets home, he will stop working and eat instant noodles in a bucket if he is hungry.
I remember once thinking of a good story, getting up at four in the morning is crazy code word sleepy and then going to sleep.
Now I think about the plot every moment of every day in my mind.
On Saturday and Sunday, everyone is resting. The emperor must be in the code word. Most of the money is coded in these two days.
Someone asked me what I wrote.
At that time, I didn’t answer, and it was not easy to answer. In fact, it was very simple to live in two words.
In addition to one thing, it is more caring to get happiness in writing and see yourself liked by readers.
This kind of heart is like a chef seeing his food eaten up!
In fact, I want everyone to talk about it and hope everyone can support me!
The first day of the fight is twenty!
Ten shifts a day for a week!
This is the ability of the divine king to do!
Finally, please support the divine king. Please invite the divine king to thank you!
Chapter 145 Persuade 【 Second Watch 】【 Seek the first order 】
Muhai looked up from Shi Chengfang and saw Tang Yu and others, all of whom were worried.
"It’s all right," Muhai said.
Hearing this, Tang Yu and Zhou Qian embraced each other and their faces lit up.
"It’s good to have nothing. Let’s have breakfast together."
Zhao Qingguo is also a full face of big smile said.
When I heard the breakfast, it rang unwillingly.
A large table of food has been placed on the table steaming.
"Mu Shu came to sit and eat first." Zhao Hu came forward and took Mu Hai’s hand and walked to the table
"Wait, my name is Grandpa." Muhai said and knocked on the door and walked beside Shi Cheng.
"I’m not hungry, you eat and I want to practice," Shi Cheng said.
Hearing this, Muhai smiled and quickly picked up a bowl of roast chicken and brought it to the room and kept shaking beside Shi Chengbi.
"It smells good …"
Shi Cheng sniffed the nose where there is mind to practice.
Frown when you open your eyes and see Muhai like this.
"You are deliberately sabotaging Grandpa," Shi Chengxiao said.
A mass of magic thoughts surged from the top of Shi Cheng’s head and went straight to Muhai Dantian.
"Grandpa, you can’t say that. People are iron rice, steel, and they don’t eat. Besides, you see this is a native chicken. This natural chicken smell tut tut …" Muhai smacked his mouth and showed a face of enjoyment.