"Then will he show you?" 6 can carefully asked.

"I don’t think that the emperor Sect and the ten thousand buddhas Sect have suppressed even the gods. Now it’s just a five-robbery method to detect my gods!" Even so, 6 can still feel that Ninghai Tang is very mindful of this broken saber emperor.
"Should I be honored that you can fight against the abnormal old man in Chiba when you were in 10 robberies and have a fighting spirit for a little Mahayana person?" 6 Can lamented in his heart, but 6 Can never failed to fight. When he suppressed his strength, he abused a pervert who could fight against 10 robberies’s scattered immortals. It was very cool to think about it
Can is just a thought flashing across the broken saber emperor vaguely felt the fighters special signal.
Around the scattered fairy are surprised to see 6 can and this strange five-robbery scattered fairy didn’t expect that the specific things haven’t been discussed yet, and the two men actually played a fighting spirit at the same time.
And aside, an old monk with slender eyebrows of Wanfo Sect also looked at 6 Can’s eyes. Only when everyone here had him really understood the identity of the broken saber emperor did he expect that san huang, the strongest emperor Sect, had a fighting spirit against a junior.
"Ha ha, little brother, you are too bad!" Where can begonia not know 6 small thoughts?
In Pojun 6 Can, Zeng Feng came in from the outside during the upcoming war. Although his clothes were broken and a little embarrassed, from his excited eyes, he was afraid that the dry cloud had been destroyed
"Ha ha, how does it feel to kill a superior who is stronger than you?" 6 can tease a glance at proudly broken saber emperor.
"Leader! I didn’t kill the dry cloud, but I got an amazing news! "
Zeng Feng didn’t respond to 6 Can’s question but looked serious and bowed down and said
What news? "6 can know Zeng Feng very well. This is a Taishan coping unchangeable figure, which can make him amazing. That thing is by no means simple.
Chapter 26 Alien invasion
Zeng Feng took a wary glance at the scattered immortals around him. Compared with 6 Can, Zeng Feng has a deep fear of these sects and the scattered immortals of the hidden sects. Although Zeng Feng’s strength is not the worst among these people, his long-term practice career is deeply rooted in the sects of three continents and six islands.
"But it doesn’t matter that these Taoist friends will be our allies in the future …" 6 Can smiled and abused the so-called class sect 6 Can after Zhu Xian Sword Sect, which was really not a cold.
I got the news that there are fairies in Louguan Daozong! "See 6 can Ken Ceng Feng no longer hesitate.
But his words will be shocked by someone in the place.
"impossible!" 6 Can was the first to deny the pursuit of Qiyue and others, but he clearly felt that Qiyue and others were afraid of themselves. If the Taoist Sect in Louguan really had fairyland immortals, they would never show such humility.
The broken saber emperor also changed his face, and his eyes swept aside to sit quietly. The monk with long eyebrows was not lacking in exploration, but the monk with long eyebrows shook his head slightly and obviously didn’t know this thing.
Just when everyone was silent, a thin young man looked like a five-robbery scattered fairy. First, he leaned down on Pojun and the monk with long eyebrows. Just then, some people looked worried and said, Brother, Master Zangtian is extraordinary. This time, the celestial people escaped from our wonderful incense seal! I wanted to talk about it for a while, but I didn’t expect to be told by the former brother … Shame … "The young man bowed to Zeng Feng Arch with a wry smile.
"seal? What seal? !” Among all the people in the house, there are hermit sects, emperors, broken sabers, ten thousand buddhas, monks with long eyebrows, and extraordinary real people in Qingyun Gate. Together with this self-proclaimed Miao Xiangzong teenager, the other five scattered immortals, together with 6 Can and Zeng Feng, all look blank.
Four people made eye contact, and finally the broken saber emperor nodded slightly, and then after the surface repair, the Mahayana period was extraordinary, and the real person stood up and said with a wry smile, "The original people are not qualified to know this thing, but there are too many things that have happened in three continents and six islands for more than a hundred years, and the seal circle has appeared several times, so we, the hermit Sect, decided to tell the truth about this mystery."
After speaking, the extraordinary real people turned their hands to offer several array flags, and actually arranged an array to prevent external detection in this small place.
The other five scattered immortals are three-continent, six-island-level sects or first-class sects. characters experience has experienced many storms, but I can’t help but feel nervous when I see these four hermit sects with such serious attitude and rigorous manner. Old foxes, they all know this secret secret secret to the point where they can’t keep it. It’s not necessarily a good thing, and now the situation is not that they are not here. Because Zeng Feng’s words have already indicated that the celestial immortals are already in the alliance of Louguan Daozong and Zhuxian Sword Sect.
"The King of Dan sent Liao Qianyun …" Extraordinary reality nodded slightly to the only woman in the house, and then turned to another fat, fat, seemingly kitchen, and said, "Chiyaozong fat honour person …"
"Yin and Yang double magic thousand hidden magic …"
"Mr Blood evil spirit god zong fengheng …"
"Give Yuemen Xiaojing true gentleman …"
Finally, I looked at 6 Can and Zeng Feng and said slowly, "Try Jianmeng 6 Can and try Jianmeng Zeng Feng …"
"I would like to ask the surrounding people to swear that it is possible for us to never disclose today’s conversation without the permission of our four hidden cases and three plots!"
6 can seven people face a lag, I didn’t expect to make seven people swear to know that they have reached this level. This oath often leads to heaven. If you don’t mind, it will be very miserable
Silence for a moment that fat ChiYaoZong fat honour person patted his fat face and said, "Miao Xiangzong this …"
"Miao Xiang Zong Ye Xinyuan …" The young man looked like a scattered fairy forehead.
"Ha ha" Fat Venerable Master continued with a wry smile "Miaoxiang Parcel Ye Xinyuan Daoyou has just said the word" seal "and is afraid of this oath. We can’t do it now …"
I heard that the fat honour person deliberately cared about three words, which aggravated the tone. Ye Xinyuan picked his eyebrows and didn’t speak. Obviously, that sentence was definitely not meant to be said just now.
"Swear is not as good as taking the alliance oath together, by the way. Anyway, we are going to the ancient battlefield jointly …" 6 Can TanTan hand said with some head.
"Ha-ha … what a good one. By the way, let’s swear together!" Broken saber emperor slightly one leng then laughed at several other people also nodded with a smile. Obviously, 6 can words surprised these antiques.
The problem is simple. Under the auspices of Zeng Feng, it accounts for almost half of the three continents and six islands. Representatives of the first-class sects have vowed to form a temporary alliance.
Uniformly, the scene made 6 Can wonder if these old things knew before coming to the ceremony that there would be fairy tales scattered in the ancient battlefield, otherwise, it would be so clever that these nine people could make their own decisions.
After the oath, everyone took their seats, and then the extraordinary real person said slowly, "Things have to start from six million years ago …"
The first sentence almost choked 6 Can to death. Boy, it was six million years ago.
Several other people frowned. The words six million years ago were too sensitive, because six million years ago was the last alien invasion, which was a catastrophe in the field of repair. Everyone present except six can and Zeng Feng had many records in this respect.
At that time, the Zhuxian Sword Sect, once the first sect in the realm of the fix-the-true, fell, and the capital of southern Ganzhou sank, and the Zhuxian Sword Sect fell into a third-rate sect. It was a time when everyone was unwilling to recall the blood.
Extraordinary real people smile again as if to finish a wry smile expression on this day. "I believe everyone knows about alien invasion … in fact, it is a lie. There is no such thing as alien invasion!"
"what!" Everyone in Huo Ran, the wonder of millions of years was not defined by extraordinary real people. This news shocked Zeng Feng, the master of scattered immortals on three continents and six islands, like a thunderbolt. Six can’s faces were vacant, and six can’s children were lucky, and they knew the least about alien invasion and suffered the least impact.
Ninghai Tang, who robbed the scattered fairy in the very cold ice fragments, was also stunned for a long time.
"If there were no aliens, what about the two catastrophes 600 years ago and 20 million years ago?" After a long silence, the only thing that is still calmly 6 Can asked carefully.
Putting everyone’s expression under their eyes, I took a strange look at 6 Can, and the extraordinary real person continued, "The so-called alien is actually a fairy in the celestial world!"
"Aliens are celestial immortals! ?” Such an absurd answer made everyone almost run away. If it wasn’t for the fear of four cases of seclusion, Zeng Feng and the six of them wanted to beat up the extraordinary real people.
But there was no accident when I heard this answer. Instead, I had a sudden feeling that Chiba scattered immortals came after him. The puppet Skywalker in Ninghai Tang’s mouth was extraordinary. Real people said that aliens were celestial immortals. These three things were strange, but when they were combined in one place, they suddenly became reasonable. The identity of celestial immortals was obvious.
"The so-called aliens are the fairies. Are they all puppets without self-awareness?" In the shock of the other six people, 6 can comfortably lean on the bench and Shi Shiran said
"Yes!" Not only the extraordinary real person, but also the broken saber emperor, will be surprised to look at 6 Can. Previously, 6 Can showed that she knew little about the history of alien invasion, but now she can say something that few people in the hermit clan know.