Even the dragon is fierce, but in the face of the other party, you can directly make your side so embarrassed and cruel people have to surrender. If you don’t fully grasp it, you don’t give the necromancer a chance to fight back, so you can directly control it, otherwise no one dares to provoke such people.

This cruel person is naturally Kerry. Kerry ordered to pay attention to the new town here in Qin Chu. When the dragon where Ann is located appeared, he sensed that when he saw the Green Dragon, he dared to be presumptuous. Kerry did not hesitate to take the dragon in him.
"Qin Chu’s adult" just then Eugene suddenly saw Qin Chu coming not far away and hurriedly shouted.
Qin Chu sneered at Eugene’s anxiety, but his face was full of surprise. "Oh, I didn’t expect you all to come. Oh, what’s going on?"
Eugene couldn’t help but smile bitterly at Qin Chu’s reaction. How could Qin Chu not know that he was just playing dumb? Eugene apologized for repeating what had just happened and didn’t dare to embellish it. He deliberately said the Green Dragon was an carelessness.
"So that’s the way it is. What happened to me just now? Suddenly there was chaos outside." Qin Chu nodded. "Kerry, let him go. He didn’t mean to do it this time."
"It’s the Lord’s adult" surprised Eugene, and his eyes suddenly twisted on the other side, and then a man in black emerged from the inside. With a wave of his robe, the fog of the green dragon disappeared.
When Eugene saw Kerry, he felt like a river in his heart. Kerry felt like a bottom hole to Eugene, and it was still dangerous. Eugene didn’t dare to secretly explore Kerry’s strength. He watched Kerry finish all this and then made a gift to Qin Chu, and then he disappeared again.
"Can directly tear such spiritual practice …" Eugene was horrified.
"Ha ha sorry, Kerry was ordered to protect the safe place here …" Qin Chu "sorry" tunnel.
"Shame, shame, this time it’s all our fault. Alas, this time I’m going to take these young people who have never seen the world out to experience something, but I didn’t expect to make a big disaster here. I’m really sorry to come to Qin Chu’s adult."
Seeing Eugene’s sincere apology, Qin Chu was embarrassed to say anything else, but the Green Dragon was dying and seemed to have no breath.
Qin Chu looked at the Green Dragon’s huge eyes, full of fear, as if he had experienced a terrible thing, and his scales had suffered from Kerry’s ravages, and his blood kept flowing, which was very ferocious.
This is because Kerry’s black fog just now not only contains corrosive dark forces, but also has Kerry’s best mental attack, which not only abolished the Green Dragon Rowen, but also easily broke the hard shell of the Green Dragon and made it look like this.
"Save it first" Qin Chu touched the nose light way.
"On weekdays, I told him to practice hard at home, but he always likes to be lazy. Even his own Rowen can’t help but hum. How can he remember today’s lesson if he doesn’t eat some losses?" Eugene scolded 1 bitterly, but his eyes showed a look of cherish.
The green dragon is his grandson, Eugene. If you don’t cherish it? Eugene has clearly seen that the Green Dragon suffered at least one injury today, and it will take six months to recover carefully. Moreover, it is only a mental trauma, but I don’t know if it can be repaired.
Qin Chu saw it in his eyes and smiled bitterly in his heart. Today, Kerry did it only after he got his own order. It was a lesson. A dragon had a bad influence on the new city because of the previous dragon. This time, if they were arrogant and did not know how to converge like once again, Qin Chu decided to teach them a lesson.
And Qin Chu did this not simply because of this matter, but because of the dragon’s gallantry, which has made Qin Chu alert and attentive. Although he threatened to resurrect Jinlong, it is not necessary for the dragon to confront the huge light god of his alliance.
Qin Chu wouldn’t believe it if there was nothing fishy in it, but Qin Chu didn’t know what Longgu was plotting, but in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Qin Chu decided to give them a shock and wake them up, so don’t calculate for yourself.
"Ha ha, that’s a must." Qin Chu smiled and said, reaching to the ground and dying, the green dragon raised its hand and Eugene felt a copious vitality and quickly merged into the green dragon.
There was a flash of green brilliance in the green dragon’s body, and a moment later, the green brilliance disappeared. Eugene, they were surprised to see that the injury of the green dragon’s body had disappeared. Not only that, but the fear in the green dragon’s eyes faded a lot, but they looked at Qin Chu with respect and fear
Qin Chu this skill’ coming back to life’ has completely transfixed the presence of these proud dragons. They can’t figure out how Qin Chu did it. The Green Dragon, who was dying just now, instantly recovered his injury.
Qin Chu quietly closed the Kowloon mirror of life and death. "Elder Eugene, it’s windy here. Why don’t you go to the lobby with me and have some carefully prepared drinks?"
Qin Chu smiled kindly and looked at Eugene’s complicated eyes projected on him.
Chapter 25
Chapter 25
"Is everything ready for Elder Eugene’s visit?" Qin Chu carefree asked.
"Lord Qin Chu, everything is ready. We can start at any time." Eugene respectfully said that at this time, he calmed down the tension just now, but in his heart, he completely put away his previous feeling of being superior at heart to Qin Chu.
Whether it is Qin Chu or the terror called Kerry, it is enough for him to subvert his previous cognition
"But the situation there is a little complicated. I think it is necessary to introduce the situation there before leaving," Eugene added.
"Well, I’d like to hear more about it."
Qin Chu’s kind attitude made Eugene feel relieved. He had never felt so strange that he felt so nervous when facing a human being, as if he were his ancestor now.
"Although we know that the baby fruit grows there, we can’t go in at will. I told you that the baby fruit grows there and is now occupied by a dragon. I don’t know where this damn guy learned some means, but the complex terrain of the volcano has built a huge maze." Eugene carefully explained while watching Qin Chu’s reaction
"oh? Is there anything strange about that maze? Can you be stumped? " Qin Chu asked with interest.
"Ashamed and ashamed" Eugene waved his hand with a wry smile in the face of Qin Chu’s banter. "We dragons have nothing we can’t do since we were alive, but the facts are not denied; It’s amazing how big the world is. There are many things that we can do even if we do our best. This maze is built in a volcano, and we dare not force it in it. If we risk destroying the maze, we will be buried deep in it, and there are sinister machines and poisonous smoke everywhere in this maze. If we are not careful, we will be countered. "
"Is that where Solomon was assassinated?" Qin Chu frowned and asked.
"It’s true that the smoke is very strange. Once you open your eyes, your eyes will be burned by the toxic smoke. It hurts unbearable, and you can’t breathe. There are strange toxins in the smoke. You know, our dragon body is very tough. Generally, the toxins in the smoke can’t hurt us, but the toxins in our body can suppress our strength with our breathing. Not only that, but even our perception is limited in the smoke. Perception is at most two meters away from the body, which is difficult to detect."
"Then what do you have to grasp this time?" Qin Chu felt something was wrong when he heard it. Eugene said the maze so badly that he felt that he could restrain them everywhere. How can he get in?
"Don’t worry, I haven’t finished yet. The main thing we can do this time is that we have new preparations," Eugene said. "We found some strange clues in the maze. Although it doesn’t feel very obvious due to smoke, we can always feel that we suspect that there must be something strange on this side. Although the volcano has been abandoned for many years and has not erupted, there are still many fire elements there. The content of other elements in the maze should be very low, but it turns out that there are still dark elements."
"What does this say?" Qin Chu felt that Zhang Er’s monk was puzzled, and Eugene was circling around here, which made him feel a little confused about what this guy was trying to express.
"If we guess right, the dragon has completely abandoned the dragon god’s belief in Diablo god, otherwise, the dragon doesn’t have to make it so tight, just as it is afraid that others will know, and from the point of view that smoke can suppress our power, we all agree that our guess is correct, because it can suppress all forces except light purification ability, which is Diablo devouring ability."
"What shall we do?"
"If the dragon doesn’t practice the dark achievement method, it’s just that he wants to hide in it, and we can’t stand him, but now that he has practiced, we have a way to repair him. To tell you the truth, the dragon dark clan has a deep hatred. The dragon clan once betrayed the dragon in the war a long time ago, so we angered the dragon god, and our dragon valley expelled their clan from the dragon valley. After so many years, they almost repented and found a chance to put them back in the dragon valley and let them recognize their ancestors, but I didn’t expect that one of them would make it this time.
Eugene spittle splash "Although the Diablo clan war was over, there are still some things in our Dragon Valley that are specifically for the Diablo clan. We have specially bred a creature called the Black Beetle, and they have a characteristic that they can find the Diablo atmosphere in a certain range."
"Is there such a creature?" Qin Chu slightly one leng.
"Ha ha, it’s right here. The Lord’s adult might as well have a look." Eugene saw Qin Chu’s curiosity and took out a box and handed it over. "This box contains the black beetle. They are naturally fond of dark forces. There are generally dark elements in places where they live. In fact, this thing is also kept in the Temple of Light. The Lord’s adult can’t hit this box. You can directly perceive and explore these little things and die when they see light."
Qin Chu gave off a hint of gods. This box of materials is just an ordinary material. The roots can’t stop Qin Chu’s gods. Qin Chu explored the inside. The moving parts in this small box are all black bugs. The rest of them are completely dark. They keep wandering inside, as if trying to climb out, making the whole box clatter …
"Lord, you have dark powers here, so they are so excited," Eugene explained.
Qin Chu handed the box back to Eugene. "You mean we can find the dragon with a little beetle, right?"
"Yes, the dragon is hidden in the smoke, and the maze is airtight. The smoke is hard to disperse. We can only rely on the black beetle to find the position of the dragon," Eugene replied positively.
"Since you are all prepared, let’s start early." Qin Chu said that the eyes fell on Eugene’s side. The dragons turned into human bodies, and they all looked handsome and extraordinary. One of them was a young man in green, but he looked a little pale. Sitting there, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe more. Qin Chu knew that this was the green dragon that was ravaged by Kerry just now.
Qin Chu felt two strange eyes rested on his face, and then made a quick turn. Qin Chu did not move, but the eyes turned just right.
Qin Chu saw that a beautiful woman dressed as a lady was looking at herself affectionately, and found that Qin Chu also looked at herself. The woman’s eyes were full of spring waves, and she bit her lips gently and stared at Qin Chu hard.