Besides, whoever hits the left has a problem.

There are eleven people on the court. One more person will reduce one person.
So who will be reduced?
If you play 451, there will be fewer strikers, but neither Raul Gonzalez nor Ronaldo can be substitutes.
Then you can also play 442 and reduce one person from the original dish midfield to the diamond midfield in midfield.
Sacrificing helguera to let Makelele play in the back will weaken the team’s defensive strength and make helguera unhappy …
Anyway, I think this mendieta is difficult to arrange.
I bought mendieta from Real Madrid three months ago and cheered. At this time, the Madrid media also frowned and said that the mendieta issue was difficult to solve.
In addition, winning words seems to be a wake-up call to reporters.
Reporters note that mendieta is in more and more difficulties in Real Madrid, and mendieta is not really concerned about the news in Real Madrid.
Seeing these reports always wins, you will know that his plan has succeeded.
The nail has been smashed, and the random quotation has already appeared.
He believes that Bosco must have made florentino feel overwhelmed at this time.
He doesn’t know whether Bosco can perceive his real intention from his speech, but even if he does, what will happen?
Since I can end the super Laco era before, I naturally have to sink the galactic battleship Real Madrid before!
People who cross the body don’t do this kind of thing, which is simply blind to this identity!
But everything that threatens you will be strangled in the cradle!
Madrid media have been arguing about mendieta’s position until the second round of the Super Bowl.
The Valencia media, on the other hand, seemed silent and indifferent to mendieta’s tears at Real Madrid.
In fact, it’s not that they really don’t care, but that the Valencia media don’t know what to say. At this time, they are still surprised.
Surprised by Chang Sheng’s ability to do everything in the transfer market?
Because when the Madrid media exposed mendieta’s difficult situation in Real Madrid, the Valencia media remembered that just three months ago, they thought it was definitely a big defeat to let the team captain go, which not only weakened their own strength, but also strengthened the strength of their competitors.
At that time, people believed that they would always win, which paved the way for them to coach Real Madrid in the future and please Real Madrid.
But now it seems … Real Madrid’s strength doesn’t seem to have been enhanced by getting mendieta, and Valencia didn’t really lose its strength by letting mendieta go …
Their previous criticism and speculation about winning always looks like a joke now.
They were severely slapped by the facts.
This fact embarrassed them, so the Valencia media simply stopped talking about it, as if they didn’t know a player named gaizka mendieta at all
The more they talk about it, the more humiliating it is. Now they hope that Valencia fans don’t remember what they said three months ago at all, otherwise their faces will be ugly once someone turns over old scores …
Chapter one hundred and seventy We want to defend our title!
The second leg of the Spanish Super Cup was held in Mestalla, Valencia.
Before and after this game, everyone’ s views changed a hundred degrees.
Before a game, many people thought Real Madrid would beat Valencia at home.
Now many people think that it is impossible for Real Madrid to win the Spanish Super Cup.
It’s a … sad comment for a team that has won the Champions League nine times.
This is indeed the case.
In this game, Valencia continued to follow a game tactical idea at home, that is, defense.
Defend when attacking or defending.
Defense can be seen everywhere.
The scene is not very good because Valencia is slow and sleepy when attacking.
However, they can ensure that the ball will not be broken due to frequent direct plugging.
In a game, Valencia blocked a lot of straight balls, some were offside, and some were intercepted by Real Madrid to fight back. It’s hard to say what the game would have been like if they hadn’t implemented the "mad dog" defensive tactics.
Now there is no need to take risks in Valencia, which has a two-goal lead at home.
So he asked the players to control the ball more, run more, but just don’t rush to plug or shoot.
Even if the ball goes back and forth for 90 minutes, it’s so-called
In the face of such shame, Real Madrid always wins, but there is no good way. Although they have many superstars, it is not good if the ball is not in their feet.
Mendieta didn’t start this game, but he still sat on the bench. Real Madrid started exactly the same as a game.
It can be seen that Bosco resisted the pressure after playing with florentino.
Changsheng sat in the coach’s seat with his legs crossed and sneered.
How long can Bosco resist?
In the end, neither side scored a goal. After a dull game, Valencia won their first championship in the new season.
In the press conference after the game, Changsheng once again made a surprise speech.
"Super Bowl? That’s it. I won’t be happy for a super bowl. My goal is to win the league! We are going to defend the champion in Valencia this season! I’m not kidding, I’m not making a stunt, and I’m not bluffing. You’ll see us act. "
After the game, many media reported Chang Sheng’s remarks.
Although Chang Sheng said that he would defend his title during the season, it was during the celebration of Valencia Department. Many people think that maybe Chang Sheng was overexcited at that time, or he just wanted to please Valencia fans and say a scene, so that he would not take this sentence seriously when he slept.
All the media didn’t take it too seriously.
I didn’t expect Changsheng to say it so boldly now, so it’s obviously not a joke!
He really wants to compete for the league title!
The first reaction of the media when they heard this was puzzling, and then "it’s impossible."
They are well aware of the curse of La Liga’s Champions League.
Valencia participated in the Champions League twice, ranking fifth in the league. This season, they also participated in the Champions League and led the team to win the Champions League. He has never played in the Champions League before, so how can the team take care of both?
Unless the winner gives up the Champions League …