"Do you think you can meet people if you are held hostage by me?" Yunlai deliberately teased them about this bad habit, and even seized the thimble of Gongsun’s emotional illness.

"All right, stop that now. We’ll leave as soon as possible. It’ll take a long time to change." Mu Rou came out to make amends. She didn’t want to big sleep.
"Yun and I are both walking alone, but sister, you shouldn’t have left home. Don’t you need to take anything with you?" The wrong novel network does not jump words. Gongsun Qing wakes up and yearns for judo. "You must leave this time. Maybe you will not come back in this life."
"You wait here. I packed a big bag last night. I went back to the house and got it. Let’s go." Mu Rou said and went to her boudoir.
Mu Rou left for a while, and the relative atmosphere between the two sides was a little awkward. In the end, the two of them really couldn’t hit each other. One was a famous old chivalrous woman in the Jianghu, and the other was a new scum in the Wulin. It can be regarded as a thing that should be mutually exclusive at two poles, but when Sun Qingyun met, he turned dizzy and came to Chen Shisan Lang for a contest. Most of his strength was wasted. When Sun Qingyun went crazy, he tried his best to stop it and missed everything in himself. There was no resistance to cloud atrocities, and then something more dramatic happened. Li Qing appeared, which made her feel ashamed and insisted that she was Yun’s fiancee, and this "lai" could not turn back.
After two people and longed for soft buffer at the moment they are left don’t know what to say.
"Why don’t you shut up?" Sun Qing took the lead in breaking the silence, but the tone was a little difficult and unnatural.
"I … I feel sorry for you." Yun was a little afraid to look at her.
"Do you think you wronged me? Am I forced or do you recognize me …"
"That’s not true. Actually, I’m a little confused. Now I’m all white. At that time, you said something like that to Li Qing …" Yun looked at Sun Qing and waited for her answer.
"What should I say … I think how you should contact the girl? I really don’t know how you are so lucky …" Sun Qing said with a beautiful look at the cloud. "The girl sometimes loves my Li Qing for a long time, but at that moment I can’t stand her sympathetic eyes …"
"So" is like a lightly sighed cloud hanging its head.
"You seem to misunderstand again." Sun Qing boldly hugged the cloud neck and offered a kiss. At that moment, the cloud seemed to be as sweet as the clouds. Looking at Sun Qing’s affectionate eyes, the cloud hugged Sun and kissed him.
Lip separation
"Do you believe in fate?" The wrong novel network does not jump words. Sun Qing stared at the cloud and asked softly.
"I’m a monk," Cloud replied with a smile.
"I believe it!" Sun Qing caressed mo’s face and said softly, I can’t believe that big miss Sun, who is bold and fierce, has such a gentle and lovely side. "If it weren’t for fate, how could I turn from disgust and resentment to joy and love for you in one day? If it weren’t for fate, I …" She seemed to think of something annoying, and her eyebrows frowned. "How dare I lose my old master and commit myself to you?" Clear eyes seem to sink to the bottom of the lake. "But you should be prepared. It’s not the gentle sister who needs your care." A wry smile passed over the corner of your mouth. "My elders and sisters will not let me go. You should protect me then!" I laughed again when I said this. The cloud is getting bigger and bigger. I feel that I have been calculated. It seems that I have provoked another great potential opponent unconsciously.
"I don’t know whether it’s lucky or unlucky …" Cloud shrugged and said naively.
"Cough!" When they heard a clear cough, it turned out that Mu Rou had brought the baggage and saw that the two of them were pestering mian people. I didn’t know Qing Cough woke them up and restrained them.
"Sister, are you ready?" Wrong novel network don’t jump word GongSunQing naturally stood on tiptoe and kissed a cloud forehead put cloud neck and smiling asked.
"What do you think this is?" Mu rou shook the small cloth bag in his hand.
"Is that all?" It is expected that there will be a big burden if you don’t jump from word to word.
"Didn’t you make out enough just now?" Mu rou said mysteriously with a wink at the cloud
"Well …" Yun said shyly, scratching his head and looking around. "Now that it’s all done, let’s leave as soon as possible. Where do you think is better?"
"Why don’t you go to Beijing? I dream of going there to have a look!" Mu rou is a little excited to discuss the way
"There should be a lot of people in Beijing, right? I’m this …" Cloud worried about his bad life again.
"What are you afraid of? Do you want our sisters to go with you to find a remote place to live in seclusion?" Sun Qing pie mouth said that she is always so outspoken and doesn’t give any noodles, but she is still respectable.
"Well, that’s settled. Let’s start now," Yun said awkwardly. In fact, that’s what he came to think.
"Come with me and we’ll slip away from the back door." Mu Rou waved and led Yun Gongsun to the back door at home.
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The first chapter midnight song
At this time, Sun Qing suddenly stopped and said, "I’m very tired after driving for so long. Why don’t we stop and have a rest?" At this time, it’s also very late, and it’s not very suitable to continue on the road. Yunmu Rou also stopped.
"I don’t know what’s going on today. My spirit is particularly good. I’m tired after walking a few steps, but now I still feel that I can’t finish my work." Yun Gongsun hasn’t asked Mu Rou himself to say that this is because "people are happy when they are happy" and she can’t help but feel smug about her decision to leave home.
"Sister, have you really never practiced martial arts?" The wrong novel network does not jump words. Sun asked tentatively, and she vaguely felt something strange about it.
"No, dad said it was a man’s business. It’s good for girls to be popular." Mu Rou pouted and complained. "In fact, I wish I had a martial arts so that I could be a swordsman like my sister." She said and peeked at the cloud again. "And it won’t be a drag on you …" She felt a little inferior about this matter.
"Don’t say that. No one thinks you’re a drag, right? Say something!" Sun Qing is still very rude to Yun. Of course, Yun has long been used to it. Is it because she is thinking about the unconscious thing and remembers that "rouge strength" disappeared from her body after that …
And Sun Qing thought that after that incident, his own strength was vigorous, and there were many more ways to control the strange qi. It may be that he longed for softness and also benefited. It is not necessarily that the two men looked at Sun Qing and discussed, "Sister, let my sister check your interest. If it is suitable for our sword style, my sister can teach you."
Desire for soft nature is readily agreed to stretch out your hand.
Gong Sunqing put his hand on Mu Rou’s arm, and after a little exploration, he smiled and released Mu Rou’s hand. Mu Rou quickly asked, "How can I learn?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"There is no doubt and you can get twice the result with half the effort!" The result is as expected. Mu Routi’s true qi is quite vigorous, but it’s not pure enough. I can’t think of the cloud. This secularized monk is actually a treasure. Sun Qing can’t help but look at the cloud with strange eyes, and it looks creepy.
"Meaning, is it so good?" The wrong novel network does not jump words and yearns for softness, looking at Sun Qing with a puzzled face.
"Ask your official!" Sun Qing smiled naughtily at the cloud pie pie.
"Ah, isn’t it your official, too?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump words, and it’s a shame to admire softness. I have to chase after Sun Qing and peek at the cloud expression.
And the cloud seems to have not heard them talk, but it still has a dignified face with a tight frown.
"Hey, smelly boy, what’s wrong with you? Are you thinking about that confidante again?" Sun Qing waved in front of the cloud and asked
Yun froze for a while and suddenly took Mu Rou’s hand and asked, "Can you exercise by yourself?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"I … I … won’t" Mu Rou has never been so intimate and dynamic with Yun’s heart, and his warm heart is like a deer’s bump, and he can’t say anything.
"Then, my son, you help her to see if there is a strange dark energy in the abdomen." Cloud frowned. This "rouge energy" is not a good phase. If it is unfortunate, it will be unimaginable to be stranded in Mu Routi.
"Something happened. That dark energy stinks in my body … What the hell are you doing?" Being called "love son" by the cloud made Sun feel so happy that he pretended not to care much about it, but "smelly little" could no longer be called "intimate" and he was embarrassed to be evasive.
"Have you heard the story of’ Rouge Jin’?" It’s a sigh of relief to hear Sun Qing say this. Sun Qing has a solid foundation on her own, and her practice since childhood is much more solid than her own. "Rouge strength" may be a good thing for her.
"That is?" Two women are a blank face.
"Even if we can sleep out tonight, why don’t we light a firewood and build a fire first? Let’s talk about it in detail. I believe you are hungry, too. I’ll get something to eat." Yun now that he is in no hurry, he will consider sleeping out tonight.
Yun didn’t say it was a good thing that he felt that his stomach had been swinging for a long time, so he went to collect firewood, while Yun was going to get some rabbit pheasants and suddenly slapped his thigh. "Oh, no!" "What’s the matter?" Two women asked together cloud rare so rude.
"I left my blood in your house," said Yun ruefully. It has a deep affection for blood, and it would not have been forgotten if it was not for all the things today.
"It’s so good that we’ve all gone this far." Mu Rou sighed. She could hear that bleeding is important to the cloud from the anxious and fearful tone of the cloud.
"Blood? That’s it. Is that an interesting bat? Now that I have lost it, I will go back to get it back. "Sun Qing knows that Yun Jiaocheng’s journey doesn’t count.
"It seems like this. I’ll buy some snacks in the city and bring them back." Cloud nodded and agreed.
"Be careful in the dark night" longed for softness, a little unwilling to leave the cloud, but knowing that there was no dissuasion, he lightly charged.
"Go quickly and come back early!" Although Gongsun’s mouth doesn’t say anything, it also vaguely expresses his reluctance.
"hmm!" Cloud nodded and turned to show the posture of "one thought" and disappeared into the night in an instant.