"Good-bye, grandparents."

"Eh, goodbye, my darling."
Jiang Zhihong and Lin Caiyin looked at the door for a long time and looked at it reluctantly.
The car was firmly holding Joe’s heart and sitting in the back seat. At this time, it was finally quiet in the back seat. It was easy to get sleepy by car, and the little meat hand kept dragging the plastic bag, which was full of candy and toys.
Qiao Xinwei wanted to take the bag away and put it away, and exclaimed, "I’m sugar, I’m sugar."
"How heavy it is for you to carry your candy without it."
Now I nodded and leaned against my mother’s arms and said, "Mom, the teacher said that there are many prizes for mom and dad to participate in activities in the kindergarten."
"Well, the teacher told me that we would go to kindergarten together."
"Good mother, you have to help me win a big prize."
"No problem," Qiao Xinwei touched his neck. "Oh, my smelly baby, you see your back is wet and you have to change clothes when you go home."
Suddenly, I touched my little hand in my neck and then touched it in her neck and said with a smile, "You are the smelly mother. Mom is holding the smelly baby, and that mother is stinking."
Qiao Xinwei can’t laugh or cry. "Well, let’s go home and have a good bath, and then one day we’ll win the grand prize."
Jiang Hao was driving in front and said, "Xi Baotian’s father will definitely help you get the biggest prize."
The next day, the sun is shining, the more sunny it is in winter, the colder it will be. Qiao Xinwei is wearing a new down jacket and jumping. Lemon yellow can be seen at a glance in the crowd.
Jiang Hao took a SLR at Qiao Xin’s only direct shot. Today, she wore a red cashmere coat to make her face look particularly good.
Qiao Xinwei blocked his face unhappily and said, "Why are you filming me?"
Jiang Hao giggled "You look good".
Holding his father in one hand and his mother in the other, his father is tall and handsome, more handsome than a movie star, and he is extremely proud.
A banner has been put up at the entrance of the kindergarten, which says, "Xiaoshumiao Kindergarten welcomes the New Year Games".
Jiang Hao looked at the banner and laughed. "Does this mean the Pediatric Games?"
Section 169
Qiao Xinwei "You are almost a little bit."
There are all kinds of events in the sports meeting, such as stepping on balloons, two people walking on three feet, pulling the tail, I putting shoes on my father, and so on. Everyone takes an active part in them, and there are gifts. Of course, the first three gifts are bigger and better.
In the push-up event, the child rides on his father’s back and his father sits on the push-ups continuously, and whoever does more will win. It’s really hard to beat Jiang Hao.
Some dads fall when they sit in push-ups. Some dads are ok, but they get tired when they do too much. Don’t say that their backs, arms and legs can’t stand up. Sitting in Jiang Hao, they help their dads count "36, 37, 3, 39, 4? ? Ha ha ha ha dad, we have won, and they have all fallen. "
Jiang Hao made a fool of himself by propping himself up on the ground with one hand, and his body was still straight.
Qiao Xinwei said at a side, "Come on, let’s stop."
Jiang Hao stopped, turned around and picked up two high-fives at his father to celebrate "Oh, yeah, what number one is this?"
Xi Bao decisively raised four fingers. "Four are the first. Dad is great."
At the end of the game, I was a little sweaty and sweaty. It was six degrees today, okay? Half a day of kung fu actually made me sweat.
At the end of the sports meeting, everyone said goodbye to each other. Qiao Xinweila won a lot of prizes in Jiang Hao, including learning and plush dolls
"You two really just took a shower yesterday and you’re sweating today."
Laughing at Xi Xi, "Mom, don’t you have a good time, too? How can you participate in the sports meeting without sweating?"
Jiang Haobi agrees, "Yes, exercise will make you sweat. What does Bao want to eat at noon?"
"big hotpot"
"Good to eat hot pot" Say that finish Jiang Hao to Joe heart only ear whispered a sentence "son like to eat hot pot that with you hahahaha"
Qiao Xinwei felt that he was pointing at something and smiled particularly thieves.
Driving to the hot pot restaurant Qiao Xin’s only view is how familiar the place is. How unbearable the past is. This is the place where she and Jiang Hao first went out alone. This hot pot restaurant is still in operation. It seems that the place has grown and the store next door has expanded, and the business is getting better and better.
Jiang Hao hugged his son and said, "Xi Bao, let me tell you a story before mom and dad."
Qiao Xin only listened and quickly stopped "Jiang Hao, don’t tell your son some strange things."
"What do you mean?"
"You? ?”
Jiang Hao walked into the store with her baby in her arms and found a place to sit. He said, "This is the place where mom and dad first dated, and it’s mom’s favorite hot pot restaurant. Shall we eat more today?"
Nod and shout "yes" in the park.
Chapter 14 May there be years to look back on
Chapter 14 May there be years to look back on
Everything comes to him who waits. After a series of interviews, a unit finally gave her an answer. "Hello, is this Miss Qiao Xinwei?"
"I am"