That death game door looks the most dangerous and has the least people, but the people who enter it are either rich or expensive and almost all are strong.

Brother Gou, pick a door at will and I’ll show you in.
Rio Tinto still didn’t explain is casual laughed.
Well, then play the game of death.
Yang day snigger this Rio is obviously meant to test yourself.
Brother Hao has the courage to know that the game of death is a really strong paradise
However, Rio Tinto rushed to praise the first step into the game of death.
Yang Tiansan followed after looking at each other.
Loud cry and violent atmosphere came to the extreme when I stepped into the door of death.
In front of us is an independent and huge circular Yang Tian, where all kinds of supernatural powers and spiritual senses immediately fell to the lowest point.
This means that every inch here contains some mysterious and powerful power.
To Yang Tian’s surprise, the building materials here are all dark.
It seems that the owner here can get a lot of abyss materials back by means of tongtian.
There are very few people here, but Yang Tian found himself wrong.
It’s a huge funnel, surrounded by layers of shemale from high to low.
Everyone’s attention is focused on the bottom of the funnel, which is also the center of the death game, where there is a big fighting field.
Entering the position is at the highest point on the edge of the funnel. At first glance, Yang Tian saw that one person and one demon were fighting fiercely in the big bucket.
Brother Gou’s face is the devil’s arena. After the battle here, it’s a life-and-death fight. There is no rule to lose, and a dead end can get rich rewards. The most attractive thing is that the audience can bet on the victory.
Rio Tinto is obviously very familiar with this place, introducing H novels to Yang Tian while leading the way.
Demon fighting field
Yang Tian and others seem excited to listen, especially when hearing the generous reward, they can’t help flashing their eyes.
A line of people came directly to the edge of the hopper at the bottom of the hopper, and Tuoli was very miraculous. It was easy to get a few seats to lead the people to sit in the forefront.
Brother Gou, who do you think will win this game?
Yang Tiangang sat quietly in Rio Tinto suddenly asked seemingly casual.
Yang God knows that this question of Rio Tinto contains profound meaning, which is another test of oneself.
Just now, Yang Tian noticed that the man in the fighting field was a two-turn fairy.
And that demon is a first-order demon king, a panther monster, and a very fast ghost. It doesn’t seem that this kind of talent is magical.
Although the immortal avatar is slightly better, the leopard king’s body is naturally superior
Especially in the devil’s arena, I was imprisoned by the great avatar, and my magical powers were greatly reduced.
The cleverest way to play here is to reduce the mana coverage as much as possible, and it is perfect to have a close combat in the palm of your hand or a magic weapon in the avatar.
At this time, one person, one demon, each of them is injured in a stiff body, and it is difficult to see who wins and who loses for the time being.
Hehe, I guess that fairy will win.
Yang Tian immediately answered Rio’s many questions, which also seemed casual, just like guessing casually.
Oh, haha, it’s a pity that you can’t bet as soon as you fight, otherwise I must gamble for Brother Gou.