Lu Zhan is very economical, but he is not without money. He can still afford these achievements.
In China, when he encounters such a despised thing, maybe he will choose to laugh and finish it, and he will not take the other person’s knowledge to make himself unhappy.
But this is a foreign China. He represents the national appearance. He doesn’t allow people to despise themselves.
"I’m afraid I don’t need you to take back the certification money, do you? I’m going to the certification now. Take me there! " Lu Zhan said to the member
Chapter 53 Certification
"I ask again, are you sure you want to participate in the certification?" The girl didn’t seem to believe Lu Zhan’s words and asked again.
"What do you say?" Lu Zhan didn’t want to repeat the answer. He simply asked where to pay and where to certify.
Because it has been dragging on here for a long time, another woman came over.
Unlike many other assemblers, this woman wears a darker color than ordinary clerks and should belong to the leadership.
Compared with that member just now, this leader is more beautiful, with a lot of delicate eyebrows and charming eyes, and smiling when he doesn’t talk.
The figure is also very good, and the waist and hips are twisted to match the fork cheongsam, and the glistening flesh color is very attractive.
As soon as the man came, he asked the front clerk about the situation. Two people said it was Korean, but Lu Zhan couldn’t understand it. However, Lu Zhan still clearly felt that the new comer was surprised and seemed surprised that someone wanted to challenge the certification.
When he learned that the person to be certified was Lu Zhan, the man looked at Lu Zhan and finally asked in Chinese, "Hello, I’m the person in charge here. My name is Li, and there is one certification level here, that is, we must reach the professional level …"
"I have!" Lu Zhan interrupted her words. No matter how much the other party doesn’t believe in his strength.
If ordinary professional players don’t have a land show, I’m sorry I’m going to participate in the Paris Star Race.
"Well, come with me. Come to the second floor!" Member Li called Lu Zhan and asked him to follow him.
Lu Zhan followed her and walked towards the inside of the hall.
The deeper you go, the stronger the gambling atmosphere becomes. Many of these people look like gamblers who stay out all night, shouting and shouting.
The innermost Lu Zhan finally reached the row of brains, and to his surprise, everyone was playing in front of each brain, which was full.
"This is a place to bet, but it’s all small orders. If you really have a chance to pass the certification, you will know them one by one." The front female circle and then the ass twisted and introduced to Lu Zhan at will
Lu Zhan nodded. He is already a little white. This place is probably held down by the certified players and others.
This way has a taste of an ancient arena. Gambling with competition may be a deformed product of the evolution of Korean competition.
He followed the women’s building. The second floor is different from the first floor. There is no hall here. There are rooms that are similar to hotels, but from the room, he always invites gambling to let Lu Zhan know what is going on inside.
Not long after they left, they came to a bigger room.
The woman asked Lu Zhan to wait here to push the door in and say something, and then came out to greet Lu Zhan. "Now hand in your ID and you can rest assured that we will keep it a secret."
Lu Zhan nodded and he casually reported his ID in Korea.
The other party didn’t delve into it, but recorded the ID name and let Lu Zhan enter the room.
"Our testers are already waiting for others. I hope you don’t wave him!" The woman spoke very rudely and told Lu Zhan so directly.
"Don’t worry, I’ll let you know who is in the waves!" Lu Zhan said with a smile
When the woman stayed for a while, she smiled thoughtfully, as if she didn’t believe in Lu Zhan’s strength at all.
Lu Zhan didn’t continue to tell her that strength will prove everything.
When I got inside, Lu Zhan saw that there were two brain desks in the small room, which looked very luxurious. The water-cooled giant chassis suddenly missed its value and looked very luxurious.
"This case alone is hundreds of thousands of won," said the woman surnamed Li proudly beside her.
Lu Zhan rolled his eyes and ignored him. This chassis is good, but he doesn’t envy him at all. A few years ago, his desktop could play QA at the speed of light.
"Do you want to specialize in keyboard and mouse?" The woman who first received Lu Zhan also came and asked.
"No, I haven’t had a special mouse and keyboard," Lu Zhan replied.
For professional players, the mouse and keyboard are just like the blade of a sword, which is the best place for them. Lu Zhan is still trying to find him. He has always been the most common mouse and keyboard.
"No one wants to participate in the certification even with a set of keyboard and mouse. Now college students are really enough! You are more impulsive to participate in the certification. Every week, there are many college students who lose money here in vain! "
Lu Zhan heard a whisper from the opposite player.
The man bowed his head and couldn’t see his face. Lu Zhan didn’t expect such a person to speak Chinese.
"These people really have their eyes above the top and can take it and educate them how to be human!" Lu Zhan’s eyes flashed a light.
Since all three people are not optimistic that he has passed the certification, he will show the other side his strength.
"solo bureau wails the abyss terrain, and one tower leads by five knives to decide the outcome!" The woman surnamed Li announced the rules to Lu Zhan.
By this time, Lu Zhan had finished the brain test. The solo rule of the keyboard and mouse is an international practice, but it is not divided into regions. The scientific place is that the five knives are the gap, which can better reflect the strength and put an end to the solo procrastination tactics of the brush soldier hero.
In the other person’s guidance, the login account was entered, and Lu Zhan tried the account and found it to be a hero.
Lu Zhan had already held his breath and wanted the horse to win, so he chose Yasuo to fight as soon as he entered.
On the opposite side, I chose the demon Ji, who seems to be a show-loving player.
Before the fight, the demon Ji showed off several times in the middle of the road, which looked very dazzling.
"I bet 10 thousand won that this small one will lose!" See demon Ji performance that female immediately said
"Why did you gamble without suspense?" The woman surnamed Li is sarcastic.
Lu Zhan didn’t listen to these things carefully, and he will keep his state no matter where he plays, and it is best not to be interfered by the outside world.
In the first wave, the skills of six soldiers and two people were revealed. Lu Zhan didn’t miss a soldier and pressed the other side for two knives.
At the second level, Lu Zhan directly hit an EQ combo, and the demon Ji exhibited the pursuit brigade. Finally, Lu Zhan consumed blood at the second level, and Lu Zhan followed the demon Ji Qian to the tower and killed him.
"This ….." That member grew up and his mouth seemed to be overwhelmed by the strong killing of the tower by Lu Zhan’s secondary level.
"Hello, I’m Li Xiuyue. What’s your name?" Li Xiuyue is embarrassed to Lu Zhan said
The two men were defeated in such a short time at the land exhibition. Who would have thought that the time period was right and they won, but they didn’t like the land exhibition
"Marine!" Lu Zhan simply replied that he deliberately read the word "Zhan" in his name into the word "war" in the four modernizations.
"Then please report your Korean position!" Li Xiuyue took out her mobile phone and seemed to have registered the land exhibition materials.
"Korea? Just over level 3 hasn’t been ranked yet. "Lu Zhan touched his nose and smiled. Because of the tight game, he didn’t play Korea’s account or bought a number just at level 30.
"Just level 3 hanged me? Are you sure it’s not a joke? "
The player in charge jumped up like a cat with its tail stepped on.
Chapter 539 to three
"What’s strange?" Lu zhanwen
"Uh …" The player stayed for a long time, but he was also a long-term hangout with Han Zuiyi and the king player, who thought that level 2 was actually killed.
They compete and wail the abyss, which was a special one-on-one hit map of League of Legends some time ago, except that the shunt is different from summoner’s Canyon, and it is the same as the normal alignment equipment and other aspects.