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"The princesses of the f * * king countries are staying well in Chang ‘an Palace. Will there be people here who will capture the fake princesses?" Chi Tandan shouted that the Lord of the Southern Tang Dynasty is very gay and clearly knows how many princesses there are in the Lord of the Southern Tang Dynasty, and there will be no players, whether they are kings or princesses.
Therefore, this beautiful woman appeared with a princess token, which can be a fake. Although she saw her body before, she pretended to be a princess, but she did not dare to cover it up. If it fails, the cover-up will also be a capital crime. In the game, there are often fake officials and chivalrous people cheating everywhere, and there are countless NPC’s, which makes the government furious and sets different levels of crimes according to the level of fake officials.
It is a felony to impersonate a royal family member, just like impersonating three officials, they will be sentenced to death; If the capital crime is committed, the chivalrous man will be beheaded, and his property will be confiscated and preserved. This property confiscation is a great trap, and the property transferred before the impostor will be recovered, and the chivalrous man who took the stolen goods will also be implicated.
This kind of Jianghu anecdote is broadcast every day. Occasionally, we will check whether the Jianghu news hidden chrysanthemums are very dedicated, whether it is gossip or rumor or anecdote. They will be carefully classified and then summarized to the "Hidden Chrysanthemum General Hall" in the Chishi compound outside Chuzhou, Luzhou. Even if Chi Tandan is not in the Hidden Chrysanthemum General Hall, he can access the information there at any time.
Bow and waist Ji was startled when the guard suddenly knelt down, but before she could make things clear, the knight-errant who led the way came out and closed his mouth to death, which made bow and waist Ji nervous and finally stabilized her mind and shouted, "Ah, wait, wait, wait, I’m not a princess. I got this piece of Yu Pei to do it."
"Non-royal people have royal things. This is the crime of stealing royal treasures." Chitan Dan roared with great official prestige
"Ah … but it’s a thing!" Bow and waist Ji Ji shouted with a hint of crying in her voice. There is no way for a young girl to meet such a battle. Plus her rookie performance has been seen by some strange uncle who is very happy to tease her!
"Oh, it’s a thing, then it’s not stolen, but what did you pick up?"
"I got it from a refugee who fell into the sea. The refugee said that he was a descendant of the royal family of the Southern Tang Dynasty. He thanked me for saving his life and giving me a fortune. Then he handed me this Yu Pei. Then I heard Tong Shi say that I received a royal family called the victim."
"What is the name and location of your sect?"
"The Fishing Boat Sect is located on an island not far from Shicheng Port. My master’s name is a lonely boat …" The poor little sister’s paper was told all about herself by the old bird by means of one surprise, two deceit and three threats, but she forgot all about her brothers and sisters’ advice in front of the school.
Such as bow and waist kyi return to absolute being, but it’s time to say or not to say that the Ministry told Chitan Dan, which made bow and waist kyi couldn’t help but feel wronged and tears poured out of her eyes, but made Chitan Dan a little embarrassed; Pass a handkerchief and ask the doorman to let her bow and waist in. Take this crying rookie into the hall and ask the maid to get hot water towels.
"How can you grow up and cry if you don’t eat something? What do you want the police to do?" Chi Tandan said with a smile.
"I know that’s what my brother and sister said." With a thick crying nasal voice, she bowed her waist and said to dry her face while wiping her face. She raised her shiny face and looked at Chitan Dan and said, "You must be an old hand in Jianghu, right? Can you help me grow up? "
"Oh, it turned out to be a simpleton girl. No wonder she dared to take off her clothes and swim in the sea without looking at the environment; It should be easy for a girl to cheat on her bed like this, right? Hey, hey, buddy, if you can cheat a beautiful sister paper to warm the bed, it’s really a golden house. Gillian Baizhi is so happy to say. "
After some calculation, Chitan Dan’s eyes burst into lust/light, staring at her beautiful figure and saying, "Of course, but I will make you grow up. Hey, it will grow up very quickly."
"Really? Great, thank you. What’s your name? "
"Chen Guaxi, bah, it’s not my name."
"Oh, my name is Gong Yaoji."
"Bow? Gee, there is definitely no problem with posing in various difficult positions. "
Chapter VII Official Party ()
The flowing water reflected two figures, one left and the other right, staring at each other at a distance of about 20 meters; The man on the left is wearing a light blue gown with a long sword in his hand, and the man on the right is wearing a black knight with a long bow in his hand. Both of them are looking for the best attack opportunity, but only to find that a lazy word is incongruously inserted/inserted into this master confrontation scene.
"This is my site. Did you ask me if you chose this place for the decisive battle?"
"Uncle decisive battle place can’t casually?" Before the male voice settled, a female voice sounded, and then the male voice continued to be lazy and replied, "That’s natural. Although there are many gods, there are also many owners. Just because you are a knight-errant, you can’t fight casually on the roof, warehouse and so on according to your master’s wishes."
"Oh, I remember!"
Gong Yaoji took the Chitantan words very seriously. According to her understanding, these are all Jianghu experiences that must be remembered. Although I have been with Chitan for less than half a day, I feel that I have learned a lot. Although I don’t understand that Chitan is similar in age, I am very tough. I let myself call him uncle. After several slips of the tongue, I firmly remember to call him uncle Chitan.
The duel atmosphere was destroyed, and the two chivalrous men were very depressed. The chivalrous men with light blue shirts and swords were very impatient and said, "If you two want to fall in love, go away."
"Oh! Why don’t you two go away if you want to be gay? "
"Kao" the two chivalrous men suddenly stopped being calm and looked at Chitan Dan, and found that the guy who uttered rude words was actually wearing an official robe, which made the two chivalrous men look silly and have seen many strange chivalrous men, but it was the first time they saw a chivalrous man wearing an official robe.
"Small waist When you intend to break into a strange environment and find that someone in this environment is going to be bad for you, you need to be vigilant and look for opportunities to shoot; If you find that you can’t beat the people in that strange environment, you should take the initiative to escape instead of chattering for a long time like those two gay people and missing the best chance to escape. "
When Chitanli spoke a long speech, he made himself free on his toes and even ordered some water on the water surface, which rolled like boiling and formed a 10-meter-high wave towards the two gay friends. The five-level barrier turns into a "dragon’s eye", so that Chitan Dan can clearly see the secretariat sword in the hands of two gay friends body acupoints. It is impolitely pointed out that two poor gay friends were knocked to the ground without the help of high-value evasive gems.
All the horse deaths are naturally caused by Chi Tandan’s merciful practice of martial arts for several hours every day, which makes him more and more proficient, and he can see that other people’s acupoint loopholes can play several kinds of injuries, such as injury, disability, dizziness, fatal and so on.
The two shackles tied up two fallen chivalrous men, covered them with the official seal, and sealed the two chivalrous men’s departments. Unless someone came to rescue them and tear off the seal, they would always exert their martial arts without removing the seal.
Bow and waist Ji looked at Uncle Chi with stars in her eyes. It’s amazing! And uncle’s experience in teaching Jianghu is really incisive! It is very skilled to bow down two chivalrous men one by one, but she doesn’t know it yet.
"Pa ….." The shocking case was shot, and the red tone sounded in the lobby of the official residence. "Kneeling?" What is lacking is that the guards in the hall didn’t knock on the stick and shout "mighty". How to say this is not the county yamen, but the duty of guarding the yamen. In this yamen, it is not a catcher but a real soldier.
Boiled vermicelli, boiled vermicelli, covered in purple, in the hall, where can you see that they are kneeling? Cold hum one or two chivalrous men handcuffed by shackles decided to ignore the soul-light two/goods. They were looking for a place to compare martial arts to see their mastery of the game. Who the hell was it that hindered? I cann’t believe that Wu Du was directly killed instead of caught in seconds.
"Your honor, please answer the question quickly or stick 5". One of the ten soldiers in the hall is very cooperative and drinks a way.
"Please be careful when you are seriously injured by reducing your blood volume by 1% with the unified display stick and staff 5."
Boiled vermicelli People’s boiled vermicelli naturally dare not play with their personality when they hear this general indication, and obediently replied, "People from Yanzhou of Southern Tang Dynasty cooked vermicelli (boiled vermicelli)."
"Ah, Weizhou, Yanzhou is so far apart, one in the south and the other in the north. Did you two go all the way to offer sacrifices to the emperor and confront the idiots?"
"What is there to offer sacrifices to the emperor?" Two gay friends shouted with different mouths, and their faces were all stunned.
Chitan Dan found that the expressions of the two men did not look like faking, and he was puzzled and asked; "You don’t know that place is a sacrifice to the emperor?"
"Of course I don’t know. We wouldn’t be so stupid to fight there; There is a sacrifice to the emperor. Don’t say that you are the new defender. Make Chitan Dan give me a wipe. No wonder you say that it is your territory. "Boiled vermicelli can’t be corrected to vomit blood to form your own depression. Where is it wrong to go to Chitan Dan to defend the place? I really want to die, but it’s not the way to find it.
I called on the next guard, Wen Chitan, to ask him which article of the Tang Law he violated by using force to sacrifice the emperor without authorization. Shou Zongwen seriously told Lord Chitan that it was a sin to sacrifice to the emperor, but for the destruction or destruction of the tower to sacrifice to the emperor.
"As soon as those two guys started fighting on the lake, it would definitely destroy the trees on the shore next to them. Maybe the pavilions, sculptures and the like would also be destroyed. Is this not a crime?" Chitan Dan asked some depressed.
"My Lord, did they destroy it?"
"Not yet, but they are about to destroy it."
"The idea of adults is to form a crime that cannot be committed."
"Holy shit, I just want to convict them both."
"Adults say they are guilty and they are guilty."
In the evil feudal society, the official position is extremely good. There are two mouths that say that you are guilty and you are guilty. Cooking vermicelli according to Tang law is definitely not a crime for the two brothers, but these two guys are guilty according to Chitan Dan’s preference. It is also possible to cook vermicelli for a day or two just by defecating anywhere. gay friends is a chivalrous Chitan Dan official. If they are NPC, Chitan Dan says guilty, which is really guilty!
When Shou Zhiwen said that the two gay friends shackles and seals were locked when the law was convicted in the Tang Dynasty, it disappeared automatically, but the two gay friends were afraid of Chitantan and did not have the strength to break the shackles. Such a good attitude made Chitantan embarrassed to continue to be difficult; Generally speaking, these two guys are too unlucky to meet with the pain of idleness. Chi Tandan is stipulated to do everything all day. Although practicing martial arts and sorting out assets can pass the time, it is always not wonderful!
Just thinking about when there was something wonderful, a soldier rushed into the hall and shouted, "My Lord, the water people and the Hong Kong people are fighting!" "
Shuimin refers to the indigenous Hong Kong people living in the nearby sea islands, and refers to the people living in the southern Tang Dynasty on the mainland, that is, the fishermen in Shicheng Port of Weizhou; Both the water people and the Hong Kong people are fishing, but the Hong Kong people don’t know where their superiority comes from. They always despise the water people and are very picky about everything about the water people. Officials in the Southern Tang Dynasty say that this is a cultural difference, Nimei! It’s all fishing
Bow-waist Ji cooks vermicelli, and the vermicelli is cooked together. The two vermicelli in Chitantan’s class have a font size. The bow-waist Ji is a master at repairing the first-class barrier of a font size. It must be a direct lie, but it is a high mountain to stop at when dealing with ordinary people.
Be an unreasonable guard, so that Chi Tandan led five guard soldiers and three followers to rush to the emperor’s altar; Sacrificing the emperor to the East China Sea is a connection, but there are some special things here. No one dares to catch fish here because of the special situation. The fishing here is rich, and the people of Hong Kong secretly catch a few nets. Because the dispute occurs in the sacrifice to the emperor, it is naturally managed by the ambassador.
When a group of people arrived at the east side of the memorial hall, they could see that there were hundreds of fishing boats of different sizes crowded together in the wide hall. The direction near Chittagong was the Hong Kong people and the direction near the sea was the water people. Cold weather is not a good season for fishing, but the sacrifice to the emperor is not only special, but also has its own singularity, that is, no matter how cold it is, it will not be cold. In winter, water people and Hong Kong people will fight at the sacrifice to the emperor, and dozens of people will not die every year, which is not a complete year
Hundreds of fishing boats belong to the most common class of small sampans similar to Wupeng boats, and each fishing boat only stays for two or three people at most; Although there are few people in one ship, hundreds of ships are crowded together, and there are thousands of people. The whole surface is very chaotic, cursing, screaming and falling into the water.
"You two fly over with flying skill and knock the boatman into the water, waist. Which boat do you want to follow behind? If no one is there, you can directly pierce the boat and sink it."
Destruction is the most enjoyable thing. Whether it is reality or games, there are always many restrictions and punishments on destruction, which allows human beings to bury their powerful desire for destruction in their hearts. The attraction of the game is that its punishment for destruction is much lower than the reality, which is why so many people like to play virtual games.
Boiled vermicelli boiled vermicelli is naturally a powerful destroyer of violence, because they dare not do whatever they want even in the game because they cherish everything they have won in the game; But now they don’t have scruples about hitting people. Naturally, they are very happy. They rush to bow their backs and bow their heads. They don’t know that her legacy is like the general teacher. Now she is taken by Chitan Dan, and she also has scruples about doing things and cheering as soon as she goes.
Several people fell into the water, regardless of whether they were Hong Kong people or water people. The cold water made them desperately swim to the shore, and some wanted to climb back to the boat, but sadly found that the boat had begun to leak and slowly sank, giving up the boat and swimming to the shore. Thousands of people fluttered in the middle of the pond, and the scene was spectacular, while hundreds of ships were cooing and diving into the water, which was also remarkable. Three chivalrous men pranced to hit people and hit the ship, and when others could hit the ship, the three guys suddenly found themselves in tragedy.
I was too busy hitting people and hitting ships, but I forgot to leave a place for myself to stay. When I came over, I had a boat to borrow. Now all the boats are sinking to the bottom. Their boats have taken advantage of their flying skills and then grazed a dozen meters at most, while they are 100 meters away from the shore. The three chivalrous men were very sad and plopped into the water to swim to the shore.
"Three pigs, with so many heads, you won’t prance on the shore!" Chi Tandan laughed and scolded, saying that the three chivalrous men were too pure to step on other people’s heads or that these three guys were too inexperienced in Jianghu in Chi Tandan’s words!