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This really hit the nail on the head. Among the Watchmen, the punisher is obviously a different dark hero. The wanted order of SHIELD, fbi and Interpol has never been revoked. Even in the war, the presidential pardon can’t forgive the charges faced by the punisher.
Imil was silent. Tony looked at him and said, "Look, this is the problem. This is what? You can’t look at things from my point of view, because my point of view is to judge things in the bureau. Only when superheroes are deployed to the government can you really make an appointment with them, and you see your little freedom and criticize my efforts."
Imil was holding his arm. He was noncommittal about Tony’s words, but he really couldn’t find any reason to refute them. After talking about Imil, Tony looked at Rogers and paused before he said, "The implementation of the registration bill is based on the fact that superheroes make mistakes, and you and I don’t know what to say to you. Captain America never makes mistakes."
"I-I think I will make mistakes" is different from the government’s announcement that Rogers never recognized how great he was or praised Captain America as an altar.
The fact is that Steve Rogers is also a mortal, and he also has all human emotional impulses, and he will also make those seemingly childish mistakes. If Rogers does not make mistakes, the winter soldiers will not be injured and disappeared in World War II, and Rogers will not always be merciful in the battle of the aircraft carrier.
Tony actually smiled. His trust in Captain America exceeded Rogers’ own expectations. "Those are some important details, but you have never crossed the line. This also proves my point. Let’s face it, if everyone were like you, we wouldn’t need to register, but most people are not like me, like Imil. Everyone will feel defective when they stay next to you. God knows I always feel this way anyway."
He looked at Imil apologetically and said, "I didn’t mean to take it personally, Imil, but you really belong to the group of superheroes that needs the most warning!" And Rogers said to Tony, "You? Tony Tony Stark, you are talented and successful, and you are the most successful person in the world-"to be continued"
Chapter DiSiLiu A night in New York (14)
"Yes, I am," Tony frankly accepted Rogers’ evaluation of himself and then said, "Imagine what it would be like to be a child like cloak Johnson and dagger Tandy Bowen?"
Tony looked at Rogers seriously and said seriously, "They all worship you, Steve. We all do! And you are interested or interested in this! "
"I what?" Roger stared at Tony for a few times, and he was deceived by Tony’s accusation.
Tony winked at Imil. "If it weren’t for your words, how many people would take part in the government confrontation in the anti-registration camp? Daredevil and Doctor Doom may resist, but what about Imil? If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to do something to the truth. Imil had a grudge against Hydra, not S.H.I.E.L.D., but it was you who confused the two and those street heroes who didn’t want to disappoint you, Captain America! "
Rogers was stunned. He retorted in shock, "How dare you accuse me of benefiting these people? You are the guy who is used to manipulating others, tempting them to sign the registration bill and give up their free life. You have gone too far with Spider-Man. Anyone with eyes can see that he needs the image of a reliable father, and you have perfectly played this image in front of him, so that he can obey your manipulation!"
Smashed his fist on the table. Tony said angrily, "Peter is an adult. He can choose his own opinion." Like Emile, Tony also had high hopes for Spider-Man.
Rogers was not afraid of Tony’s anger at all. He pointed to Tony and said, "You didn’t force him to make a decision. You are a good man at heart, Tony, but you are a genius. You always think you know what the best choice is, and once you decide, things are settled. You want to talk to Imil not because you really want to persuade him to turn around, but because you hope he can accept your suggestion and join your camp. I don’t think we will argue at all."
Tony shook his head and said, "You don’t know that I am the most qualified to come."
"That’s enough. Do you care about my feelings?" Imil interrupted Tony’s argument with Rogers. There was a dark green jack-o’-lantern in his eyes. No one could benefit Imil unless he wanted to.
He just mingled with the Avengers Department to meet Captain America. If possible, it would be best to get Captain America out of prison. This meaningless argument really made Imil a little tired. He pointed to Tony and said, "You are the best hero in the world, Tony, the most successful hero leader and the most reliable avenger, but in the end, what you want is always better than everything else. This is a trait I can see in many alcoholics."
Tony sat up and shook himself and almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood. Imil’s words are really irritating. What do you mean by the qualities that alcoholics can see? Is he Tony Stark, captain of Avengers, Iron Man a drunken madman in Imil’s eyes?
Tony’s hand twitched, clenched his fist, and then loosened it. If it wasn’t for him, he would have expected to speak Imil dialect peacefully. He would have had the impulse to blow Imil out with an energy cannon.
"Well, let’s not talk about it. We finally know what you want to register the bill for, right?" After staring at Imil for a minute, Tony took the initiative to compromise and avoided his eyes. "This makes sense. Many things can be said to hurt now."
Tony "Hehehe" laughed for half a quarter of an hour before his face suddenly sank. "Imil, maybe you don’t even know who you are. You are rational enough, but you always do things that don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back. What you seek is balance, order, balance, which is indeed the most profound force that can influence people’s character, but not this kind of balance will lead them to self-improvement. You are more extreme than me. When reality conflicts with your ideas, you always regard yourself as a balance weight, even though you know it is the most unwise choice."
Imil raised his eyebrows and knew best that he would always be the enemy. He was noncommittal about Tony’s evaluation. He shook his body and stared at Tony with a sneer. "Hey, don’t make this personal. You can’t say me."
Tony shook his head and said, "In this matter, whether it’s you or me or Rogers, we have mixed too much personal feelings. Because the promoter of the registration bill may be Hydra, you tried your best to oppose its implementation. Do you know what the other plan is? I know that I read those plans when I was Secretary of State."
He looked at Imil and Rogers. "Have you ever heard of the Sentinel Plan? At first, it was not to cooperate with Ultron to unify an auxiliary plan, but the giant war-type mecha development plan that really integrated a variety of mutant capabilities."
Glancing at Imil with a shudder, Tony said coldly, "Imagine that the sky is full of giant sentinel robots that arrest us, forcing them to implant inhibition circles in our minds to take away our strength, carry out genetic testing for all residents in the United States, and put all potential haunters and mutants under government surveillance before they are born."
Imil’s eyes widened. Unlike Rogers, he never thought Tony’s words were alarmist. It really sounded like the story in "Men Reversing the Future" that he had heard in previous lives.
The story takes place not far away. In the future, the police officers encountered the biggest crisis in history. They had to go back to the past to save their own destiny. Perhaps the police officers have the most advanced genetic creatures in this era.
However, in the near future, they are all hunted by the new special fighting robot Sentinel, which is manufactured and commanded by the founder of trask Industry, Bolivarian trask, and are in danger of extinction.
The giant sentry robots can detect the forms and variants, and their genes can enable them to transform and transform themselves in an instant, thus defeating the war police. This makes the only hope for the war police to go back to the past and change the history before trask’s research eventually leads to their extinction.
Chapter DiSiLiuYi A night in New York (15)
Before Imil’s rebirth, the world "Men Reversing the Future" still stayed in the cinema to announce posters, but after his rebirth, it seems that no one in the Marvel Comics world has ever had this crisis.
But no one is whiter than Imil, who is proficient in fate. Just because fate has gone inertia does not mean that it will not happen.
All they are doing now is to postpone this scene until it happens.
The other way is to be as confident as Rogers. "It never happened and it will never happen in the future! We fought the government and we stopped these plans. "
Tony leaned his hand on the table and said wearily, "I stopped these plans. Otherwise, what were you and I trying to do?" I have been trying to stop these terrible plans from becoming as bad as I know from the day I became the commander-in-chief of the National Emergency Office. "
He looked at Rogers and accused him, "From the first day, you and Imil joined forces to fight with me. Now, at this point, Imil is wanted and you have been sent to prison. Old friends tried to kill each other and several families have fallen apart."
Then he turned to Imil. "You want to fight for freedom for your own reasons, and I want to protect as many of our comrades as possible from public misunderstanding."
"Like all your superheroes, I don’t want to put American symbols in prison, but"
Imil looked at Tony with tears in his eyes. "Tell me, Imil, what can I do? I hate that we are trapped in this self-destruction created by the joint efforts of both sides. You escalate your actions and I will invest more force. Rogers is going to make these things pay the price. Imil, tell me what I can do to stop it before it goes to the worst possible? "
Imil didn’t expect to see Tony cry. This is Iron Man. This is a superhero. There are a lot of Iron Man fans everywhere, both in previous lives and in this world.
However, this is a war, and tears can’t rewrite the war. Go to Imil and say, "Release Captain America and join us to overthrow this unfair superhero registration bill, dig up the remnants of Hydra and completely defeat them!"
Tony couldn’t open his hand in the face of Imil’s offer. "I can’t even hate Hydra. I have fought with them, and I absolutely believe everything you said. I will take revenge on Hydra, my father, but I tried to overturn the registration bill and left me, Reid, Hank and several politicians in the US Congress. They will all fly over and take over all this."
"But you can disband the resistance. After Captain America was put into prison, you have become the leader of the actual anti-registration camp. You can let these things go to Imil, and I can even recruit you into the Ministry of SHIELD to change these things."
Tony extended a hand representing friendship to Imil, which is why he insisted on having a good talk with Imil. Tony made a generous offer, and Imil also believed that he would be on his side in dealing with Hydra.
But the first thing lies in the price that Imil and Kathleen have to pay. They not only have to sell themselves freely to the government, but also have to deal with those comrades who are full of faith in Imil.
For example, Hulk Hulk and Johnny, the knight of evil spirits, even if they are registered with the government, no one will be wary of these uncontrollable factors. At best, they will just pack themselves up from the dark and put them in front of politicians who are hostile to them.
There is also the elimination of the members of Hydra lurking in the Aegis Bureau from the Ministry, which is something that Nick Frey has not done. Imil never admits how clever he is. Compared with the top wise men such as Iron Man and Mr. Wonder, even Nick Frey, who is a little inferior, can also blow himself up.