South America, the former Yugoslavia, the former Soviet Union and other countries have made this banquet one after another, and the gourmets have finally fallen into a difficult situation. At this time, the host of the banquet has left behind the promise of aid, loans and investment early, and various excuses have been delayed. Finally, it is possible that these countries will develop to the same level as them and fall rapidly, completely losing the qualification to enjoy the feast of great powers. At this time, these countries will react and become anti-American and anti-European, but everything is already late, lost forever and never come again.

Fortunately, China is more patient than its northern neighbor, Mao Xiong. Instead of rushing to Europe and the United States for a feast, he waited […]

"Kill me?"

Xiao laughed a few times and seemed to be angered by my words. His tone suddenly became cold and he said coldly, "There are people […]