"Well, teacher, you should know that I competed with Xu Pan’s mentor Feng Yuan, the two monks of Level 4, and they all took away their magic weapon. What Feng Yuan’s magic fan handle, but I managed to control it? I remember that Xu Pan’s mentor’s magic weapon was easily caught in my hand." Xiang Ye wondered.

"There are two reasons. One is that Xu Pan has no strength when he competes with you. If he does, it is impossible for you to take away the spirit from his hand. Feng Yuan won’t leave his hand. He is strong when he attacks you. The second is that the Godsworn in the Four-level Spiritual Realm can sacrifice and refine his own life weapon, and he wants to get someone else’s life weapon unless you have a stronger soul force or a little soul force to refine Xu Pan against you. I guess it’s good that Feng Yuan’s spirit fan should be his life weapon. "Grain Rain explained.
"Oh, I see. No wonder I can’t control his spirit fan," Xiang Ye said at this moment
"Yes, that’s why."
"Is it possible for a monk to use the spirit organ only when he reaches the fourth level of repair?" Xiang Ye know lingqi power asked.
"There are four monks who can make the lingqi. The reason is that the lingqi has spiritual power to control the mana. Of course, the spiritual power can also control the multiplier. Mana is indeed a method to control the lingqi. Do you understand?" Grain Rain said a few words.
"To understand the teacher means to have a spiritual force level 4 monk to make the multiplier and the horoscope, but the level 4 monk can control the multiplier." Xiang Ye thought for a moment.
"It’s true that Cong has become a four-level monk before the monk can transform his body mana into spiritual power," Grain Rain said
"Ah, I want to give the teacher some magic tricks. It seems that coming is also a method to make" Xiang Ye sighed.
"Hey, hey, I forgot to tell you. In fact, we can’t be a four-level monk, so we can have our own life spirit." Grain Rain said jokingly at this moment
"What didn’t you just say that you have a psychic force to make a horcrux? How can we have spiritual power if we are not a four-level monk? " Xiang Ye said some not white.
"It’s not a matter of having spiritual power, but that our soul refiner can forge a life spirit device by himself. If the soul refiner reaches the third level, the monk can forge a multiplier, and he can also forge a life spirit device by special refining techniques. This spirit device can be used after the refining is successful." Grain Rain continued
"Wouldn’t it be very severe? Can the base be the enemy of the four monks? You know, the power of the spirit is not comparable to that of the multiplier, even if it is extremely powerful, it can’t compare with an ordinary spirit." Xiang Ye said excitedly
"Yes, this is the abnormal place of our soul refiner. I just told you that although I am only a six-level peak monk now, seven monks who are one level higher rarely beat me. The reason is not only that my soul is strong, but also that I have a life source." Grain Rain said.
Chapter sixty-one Re-enter the gambling pit
"What is the source?" Ye Xiang heard a new thing from Grain Rain.
"The source is the seven-level enlightenment of the source realm. The friar makes the difference between the source and the spirit like the difference between the spirit and the multiplier." Grain Rain said simply.
"Oh, so that’s it. So if I want to break through to the third-level monk, I can have my own life weapon." Xiang Ye asked, looking at Grain Rain with some heat.
"The principle is this, but you also know that the life horcrux can have one thing, or you should think about it before refining it," Grain Rain said
After the mentoring and mentoring continued to chat for a while, Xiang Ye left. In fact, according to Grain Rain, he wanted Xiang Ye to live with him, so that Xiang Ye could ask out what he was practicing at any time. Unlike now, Xiang Ye had to run back and forth, which was very troublesome.
Xiang Ye didn’t accept Gu De’s suggestion, but said that he would come to live here in Grain Rain when he broke through the third-level monk, because Xiang Ye would have to stay in Grain Rain to learn some knowledge of the soul refiner.
After returning to their residence, Xiang Ye told them a specific plan, and the three decided to go to the gambling pit the next day to earn Lingshi.
Back to the room, Ye Xiang didn’t sleep. In fact, Ji hasn’t slept since he became a real monk. He has to meditate every day. At this time, Xiang Ye is proficient in getting several new instruments. He needs to make all preparations before the ring.
The next morning, the three of them got together and walked towards the gambling pit. Xiang Ye wore a mask and the multiplier became a very ordinary appearance. I thought it was necessary, and my luck was not so bad. No one should find out if I met someone who knew the mask and changed his appearance.
"Brother-in-law, your appearance is not as good as before. Why don’t you look better? This is attractive." Clock looked at Xiang Ye and said.
"Go away, do others think the same as you? No shame, no shame," said Zhong Linger, who couldn’t stand the words.
Listening to the argument between the two brothers and sisters, Xiang Ye didn’t say anything. He just smiled.
After a while, Xiang Ye said, "You two go first and don’t let anyone see the three of us together. Although no one knows me now, be careful."
Zhong Linger’s brother and sister nodded at this moment and walked first. The two of them came to the door and went in after two pieces of Lingshi. The clock marveled and said, "It’s really dark in the gambling field. You have to pay Lingshi when you enter the door. You see how much so many people in the hall have to earn for tickets a day."
"Don’t talk nonsense. Now we should be careful not to cause trouble to Brother Xiang Ye. By the way, did Brother Xiang Ye just tell you how to note that you remember clearly?" Clock shine some not trust way
"Don’t worry, the gambling pit is actually similar to a casino. Although I haven’t been to the gambling pit, I often go to the casino." Zhong said that and found that her sister was staring at herself.
Only then did he realize that he had slipped his tongue and quickly said, "Well, it’s not very often, it’s occasionally."
Seeing him like that, if it weren’t in the gambling pit, I’m afraid Zhong Linger would have been tempted to start work. Now she said, "I’ll pick you up when I go back."
At this time, Xiang Ye also came in. The place where he went was different from that where the Zhong brothers and sisters went. He participated in the competition. After he said his purpose, a guy in the gambling pit took him to sign up. Then he was taken to a registration room. There were two people in it. One of them said to him, "Life and death in the gambling pit are unknown. Are you sure you want to participate? If so, go over and inject magic into that instrument. We need to know your strength."
Xiang Ye still understands that it is necessary to let gamblers know that the contestants can only bet if they study, otherwise there is no way to know the winning rate, so that no one dares to bet. There is also the fact that in the gambling arena, if you want to win one game, you can get 50 lingshi, and if you get ten consecutive victories, you can get 1000 lingshi.
In the challenge competition, you can challenge to repair the height, and you must challenge to repair the height at this time. When you repair the height, you can refuse the challenge.
Xiang Ye went to the front of the multiplier and entered some mana into it. Immediately after that, the multiplier issued a yellow halo.
"What kind of gambling competition are you going to take part in, Brother Strength II?" Then another person said
"Can I challenge the ten-game winning monk now?" Xiang Ye then seriously said.
"eh? Did I hear you right? You want to challenge the ten-game winning streak. I advise you to consider it. Although you win, you can get a thousand Lingshi, but if you fail, you may lose your life. A ten-game winning streak is a murderous monk. Don’t try to show mercy, "one person persuaded."
"Yes, I will challenge them if they are still in the third-level monk." Xiang Ye said that although he is no match for the fourth-level monk, Xiang Ye believes that it is not a problem to deal with the fourth-level monk
"Well, in this case, I’ll find out which champion won ten games in a row in the gambling arena today." The man saw Xiang Ye insist and said nothing.
So after a while, he gave Xiang Ye a card with the word "three" written on it. It seems that it should be in the No.3 challenge.
After giving it to Ye Xiang, one of them took Xiang Ye to another room for Xiang Ye to adjust and then left.
The man went back to the original room and said, "I think that man was so poor and crazy just now that he won a thousand lingshi to challenge the champion for ten consecutive victories."
"Who is his opponent?" Asked another man.
"Strength is a bloody wolf in the ten-game winning streak."
"Ah, it seems that this little run blood wolf is notoriously bloodthirsty. Almost his opponent didn’t walk into the ring safely."
Sitting alone in this room, Xiang Ye feels a little funny now, because he just looked at those two people’s eyes and said that he was stupid. Now he thinks that his strength is still at the same age, but his opponent is very strong, so he feels that his strength is still too small.
After about half an hour, it’s almost noon now. It should be the moment when there are the most people in the gambling pit. When Ye Xiang is going to sit still, there is a knock at the door outside. He got up and knocked on the door. There is a page outside. Then he saw Ye Xiangmen. The page said, "Hello, you are going to participate in the gambling pit competition. Please go to the No.3 ring."
Chapter sixty-two Opponent Blood Wolf
Xiang Ye came to the hall with the page. At this time, he saw that the hall was full of people, so he looked around for the Zhong brothers and sisters.
Fortunately, after looking for it for a while, they saw two people. Both of them also knew that the game was going to be held, and they were looking for Xiang Ye in various challenges. When they saw the No.3 challenge, they just found Xiang Ye.
At this moment, Xiang Ye quietly gestured to the clock, and suddenly the clock knew its meaning.
"What’s the matter with Xiang Ye’s eldest brother just now?" Zhong Linger also saw Xiang Ye’s gesture and asked.
"Brother-in-law asked our department to bet on him," Zhong said.
"Oh, it seems that Xiang Ye eldest brother should be more sure" Zhong Linger then relieved.