"Say good! Have you forgotten what you did? I’m afraid you’re not much better when it comes to heretics! " What is right and what is evil has been unclear since ancient times, and it is even harder to say "you!" " Once upon a time, where did anyone dare to talk to them like this without paying attention to the saints? Yuan Tianzun was so angry that he flew into a rage, but now he can’t stand it.

Once you have done something for a generation, you can’t erase it. Now it seems that the third clean-up has not been successful, and I am afraid it will be an eternal stigma. This stigma can’t be washed away. After all, everyone knows exactly who did it.
Just then, when the old gentleman arrived, he interrupted Wen Tian. "The original younger brother doesn’t need to say that I am waiting for a saint. Is it white for him?"
"Oh, Yuan Tianzun, the leader of Tongtian, then you are the old gentleman of Sanqing Taiqing Moral Tianzun!" Wen Tian looked contemptuously at Sanqing Qi. Do you really dare to start work? Even if you start work, you may not be able to win well. Wen Tian is not afraid at all.
"Yes!" Too old gentleman’s eyebrows are raised, and this young man has repeatedly frustrated himself. Too old gentleman has no reason, and his heart is tight. It is incredible that he is so young that he can have such a way.
Wen Tian took two steps slowly. "Yes, I think we should talk about it. I don’t think you want to fight here either. If you really fight, you may not be able to take advantage of it. Although you are three saints, I’m afraid you can’t keep my confidence. I still have something. Let’s not fight well."
This sentence came from Wen Tian’s mouth, and the old gentleman frowned again. He couldn’t figure out what the young people relied on in front of him, so he was sure that he dared to boast in front of the saints. It must be that there was something extraordinary, and the old gentleman was not sure that he could deal with Wen Tian. It was so strange that Wen Tian’s avatar was so strange.
"Then what shall we talk about?" If you have to, Yuan Tianzun can listen to what Wen Tian is going to say first. Although this taste is not so good, he has to consider the consequences.
That’s good. Otherwise, I really don’t mind a big battle here. I’m not afraid of this kind of thing. "I don’t know what the three saints, Hongjun and Daozu, must seal the gods, but I know that once the gods are completed, they can only gain enlightenment in the celestial world. I’m afraid that this vast land will be cut off. Even if they can, they will only have a few comments. If I don’t agree to seal the gods, you will die!"
"The pavilion avatar has been painstakingly trying to control this leisure and sanctification. Isn’t it more leisurely and happy to be happy? It’s not very good to have a hard time. I don’t know if Wen Tianfan is determined to be a mother, but I really let him see the flaw in the gods. Even the ancestors can’t restrain this freak.
"Ha ha ha! It’s good to be greedy for all the dust, like I have my own way, but I’m sure I’ll play it so well that even my disciples and grandchildren will be given the list of gods, so it’s good to work hard! " Wen Tian immediately laughed with a sarcastic face. This is a terrible thing to say.
In fact, what he said is also true. Their disciples really asked them to give the list of gods. The Three Sages are other disciples, but they didn’t sign the list of gods with reluctance, but they all signed the names themselves.
Later, I also told my younger brother to close the mountain gate and become a list of gods. This kind of behavior made me feel sick and sold everyone. I also said that my face was not red and my heart was not jumping. Those younger brothers who were sold by them were really sad, and I felt sorry for them. You know, their younger brothers were all loyal, and they were sold as soon as they changed hands. If Wen Nai and Wen Zhong had entered the interception, they would not have cried to death.
"F * * king, do you know what there is no deity? Those with poor roots are difficult to turn to ashes in the catastrophe. Only deity is their chance! Xiaoyuan Tianzun’s face is so bad that Wen Tianke can find someone to poke the pain without mercy.
Even saints don’t want to talk more about this matter. It’s true that the old gentleman knows so much more clearly than he knows. It’s unimaginable that even himself and others know so clearly when they sign the list of gods. In other words, the root of gods is planned by themselves and others.
"Then you will sell your apprentice! Pei! " Wen Tian’s mouth can be very poisonous. Since you have done it, I will say it well. I don’t know what those brothers in the door will think. Wen Tian proudly thought, "That’s enough. This is my door. Don’t you make irresponsible remarks. What do you want to say today? Too old gentleman has heard enough of Wen Tian sarcasm and can’t help but drink a way.
Wen Tian put on a hard face, but his heart actually laughed. "I mean it’s very simple. You want to seal the gods, don’t you? Take Ji to the fairy world and seal it. Just don’t seal it in Yinshang. My dad asked me to protect Yinshang. I also have to. If you are saints, don’t embarrass me!"
Whether it’s too old gentleman or tongtian hierarch’s face, it’s just like the original Hongjun Taoist ancestor. If it’s not in the human world, there are still plans for thousands of years. If you are willing to give up the saint, you will be blackmailed one day. Sansheng never thought that there would be such a day.
Tailaojun was just about to speak when Wen Tian interrupted him. "Don’t worry, you’d better think about the three. I don’t think it will affect you if you don’t seal the gods. If you really want to seal them in the celestial world, I don’t think there is any difference. Go back and think about them. You can take them away and go to the celestial world, too!"
You can seal it as you like without counting yourself in the universe. Wen Tiancai won’t care what they did to his disciples, and he won’t do anything. I’m afraid some saints are not willing to send their disciples to the gods list. Wen Tiancai has made a second way without trace.
Let’s go!’ Too old gentleman nai rolled up her head and flew out of Xiqiao City without looking back. Yuan Tianzun followed closely, but Tongtian leader did not follow, but stared at Wentian intensely.
"Why don’t people give you tongtian sage? Do you want to greet the pavilion? " He’s not afraid to watch the Tongtian leader fight, but it’s a matter of learning whether this plane should fight or not. Hitoshi can’t fight around.
Bite around. It’s just a fool. Fighting depends on whether it’s worth fighting.
Tongtian hierarch seems to want to fight with Wentian. From her eyes, she has never been away from Wentian’s old gentleman and Yuan Tianzun. She still stares at Wentian’s two swords, and her eyes are always chilling.
"I’m waiting!" Tongtian leader precious little words like gold said three words.
"Oh, I’m curious about what is worth waiting for!" Wen Tian took a step, and the street was already gone. Everyone who should go was taken away, and the desolate street was killed by Xiao.
"When you leave, you can’t stay here forever." The Tongtian leader seems to be determined by Wen Tian, staring at Wen Tian, and will follow him until Wen Tian reveals his flaws.
When the time comes, it is impossible for people to do it when they fight against Wen Tian, and the leader of Tongtian seems to be stunned by Wen Tianmao. He really didn’t expect that he would also encounter being stared at to death.
"If you play war, then fight with me!" Now that the bedroom method is good, let’s have a good fight. Wen Tian is not afraid, and the leader of Tongtian is unwilling to fight.
"good! Have courage! See if I beat you! " Tongtian leader’s spirit is weathered, and a divine light rises into the sky, followed by Wen Tian Hou.
"It’s not worth the wind flash tongue! Let’s talk about it after the war! "
Chapter one hundred and four Chapter seventeen Tong Tianmu
Li Yao is only half a step away for the saints, and when they heard of the disaster, they flew out of the vast land and came to the stars. It is also the most suitable place for the saint-level war. It is difficult for the vast land to bear the terrible war of the saints. It is not only as simple as destroying the western skills, but he is also afraid that the vast land will be broken by their explosive power.
Wen Tian’s posing is crazy. If you get angry, Wen Tian’s guy may really smash the vast land. He just regrets it. In the saint’s view, Wen Tian is a dung stick and suddenly stabbed himself. That taste is not so good. It can definitely make you coquettish.
In this world, it doesn’t matter if a person’s strength is abnormal, even if such a person doesn’t behave according to the rules, it’s the biggest headache. Once a saint like Wen Tian is strong enough to compete with saints, it’s not fun.
As the saying goes, once a peerless strong man dies, the consequences are absolutely unimaginable. It turns out that all saints are in the scope of heaven, and it can also be said that they are in the commander-in-chief of Hongjun Daozu, so that things will be easy. Just call everyone together to discuss when something happens. It is rare to explode saints to fight, but now suddenly there is one more person, which is great.
Because Wen Tian doesn’t agree to seal the gods, he must stop it, and this guy has blocked the door to seal the gods. Seize this opportunity to go directly to the dead and see if Wen Tian is going to seal the gods one by one. It’s really a headache for saints to stop sealing the gods.
Another person would never dare to do this, so would the Tongtian leader. Although he didn’t want to, he gave his brother a sacred list because he was a saint of heaven and a sage of Hongjun’s ancestors. Otherwise, the Tongtian leader would directly press all his brothers on Jin Ao Island to see if he would dare to kill Jin Ao Island.
Even if he borrows Jiang Ya for a few hundred times, he won’t dare anyone. If he dares to do this, don’t say that the leader of Tongtian disagreed. I’m afraid that Yuan Tianzun will have to kill this fellow, no matter what kind of god you are.
A huge star in the virtual space is burning, and Wen Tian and Tong Tian, the leader of the school, look at each other, and neither of them takes the lead in breaking the deadlock.
Stared for half a day tongtian hierarch seems to be unable to wait for the first time to break the deadlock, but it’s a pity that he didn’t start work. "I said you have balls! You’re the first person to dare to talk to a saint like this. I really don’t know where you come from. "
Tongtian hierarch Gherardini looked at Wen Tian. For such a heterogeneous person, he really has something to say, so that people are called outliers. Generally speaking, such people will be killed before they grow up. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for this person to be killed now.
"Generally, I have always been very courageous, otherwise I wouldn’t have been hiding for so long!" Wen Tian smiled at random, but he cursed in his heart. Now he also has some doubts about what medicine Tongtian leader is selling.
In the past, he also came to Tongtian Leader to really fight with him, but I didn’t expect it to be the first sentence, and the attitude of Tongtian Leader was quite strange. It didn’t seem like a fight, which completely confused Wen Tian.
However, the leader of Tongtian is also very upset. This little fox is definitely not going to see the rabbit and not scatter the eagle. However, he has been hiding for 20 years and has been calling for a long time. Don’t expect him to say anything unless you give him a little Mawei first.