These two guys haven’t been back in shape for two months since their sister transformed into a human form on the day she gave birth two months ago.

And I don’t know if it’s because I became a human being that I understood the rules, or because Xiao Xuan’s pupil became a kind of elder after birth.
In the past two months, tourmaline felt that this little white Mowa was sensible and had more rules.
No more bickering and bickering in the yard every day
It seems that he is not the only one who has grown up with time.
When I got to the ward of the building, I immediately isolated the building into two worlds.
Xiaobai, you will protect me for a while.-I want to attack a seal.
It’s the owner. Rest assured that Xiaobai knows what to do.
Well, you don’t have to do much. You just need to add another layer of seal to stop it if it is too powerful to leak at the moment when my seal is washed.
Talking to Chai Wanying before tourmaline is not a lie to comfort her.
But true.
Some seals that imprison his Yuan God’s mana did become shaky after Xiao Xuan was born.
I believe that you should be able to flush that seal without spending too much energy.
It’s the impact seal that will cause mana fluctuation after all. My sister was still in the month two months ago, but he couldn’t let it go in his heart, but he couldn’t set his mind at to rush the seal.
It’s different now.
Sister Xiao Xuan pupil is all right, and he also believes that if they really know six children, there will still be a great possibility that her sister will get pregnant again one night yesterday.
It’s time to raise his ability to a new level.
Tourmaline, he calculated that he would break the seal and imprison those spiritual powers in an instant to prevent them from being scattered and leaked into the air. People in the other world may not notice the slight changes in the human world here.
It was only when he kept a low profile that he won a little more.
Chapter 8 Mowa Xiaobai
Of course, this thing was not so foolproof if it was done before.
But now it’s different. A small white is helping to protect the law, so it’s very grasping.
It is a test for Xiaobai, and it is also a higher level.
After this dharma, Xiao Bai’s vitality will be damaged somewhat.
But for Xiao Bai, he doesn’t consider this. In Xiao Bai’s view, he can be lucky today because of his master and hostess.
Otherwise, even if he’s a golden thunder snake.
Today, it’s not just hanging out among a bunch of wild snakes, hunting two voles from time to time to eat.
At best, his life span is a little longer than that of ordinary snakes.
If you are unlucky enough to be caught by the snake man, it will not become a delicious snake soup on the human table, or it will be pulled out and sold as a pet for people to watch.
It will never be like this.
I am very satisfied and grateful for Xiaobai now.
Therefore, he made a solemn ceremony at tourmaline, and the master assured Xiaobai that he would never let the aura fluctuation leak out of our house.
Tourmaline patted him on the shoulder. He was always satisfied with this little white snake.
Although it is only a short year, this half-blood Jin Lei has followed him from an egg to this day, and he has become a father.
Don’t say it’s changed, but it’s finally his tourmaline family who will doubt it.
Plus, he has always been loyal to his sister, and his ability is weak, but this loyalty is enough to keep him and cultivate him.
If I succeed in breaking the seal this time, I will reinforce your current realm, and your personal appearance will consume a lot of energy.
Small white smell speech immediately excited grateful to get up hurriedly tunnel thank you master.
All right, go outside the boundary and protect the law. If it goes well, it will be no problem for up to 4 hours. If it doesn’t, it will take a little more time.
It’s the master
If you wake up halfway, let Mowa stay with her and don’t let her know that I’m rushing to seal things.