However, these people are not as happy as Wei Ji, and it is better for Zheng Fan to join Luo Zhenren Monroe with strong real strength.

Luo Zhenren did not stay here to accept congratulations from his master brother. After Li Zhenren left, he immediately accepted his flying sword and magic weapon.
As soon as the two then-real people left this first sword-fighting valley, they naturally became Zhu Ji’s younger brother Tianluo’s younger brother. At once, they cheered and called friends to let everyone go to the seventh peak, not the sixth peak to attend the celebration dinner.
Previously, those Li Zhenren’s younger brothers have all gone with them. The rest of the first sword fighting valley is Luo Zhenren’s younger brother who has a friendship. Naturally, no one will object when everyone swarms out of the first sword fighting valley and flies to the seventh peak of the highest day and now the sixth peak.
The efficiency of Wuxing Sect is unexpectedly fast.
When they arrived, they found that the ban on mountain protection on the sixth peak had been put everywhere, and it was refreshing that a seven-color halo of hundreds of feet on the top of the mountain shone brilliantly, and the majestic attraction formed a huge vortex in the virtual.
A thick white air stream, like Changhong and mighty like a river, poured straight into the seven-color aura from the direction of the five peaks.
It’s white to see this kind of younger brother present. This is because the seventh peak of the highest day was promoted to the sixth peak and the five elements of Lingfeng large array operation will transfer the part of aura that was originally given to Li Zhenren here.
This benefit of witnessing with one’s own eyes makes all the younger brothers watching at the foot of the mountain feel excited, and encourages their masters to challenge for a higher ranking, but they can also think about this kind of thing in their hearts, and they certainly can’t complain.
Wei Ji didn’t feel anything about it. It’s not that he doesn’t care about such a huge gas gain. It’s really because Geng Jin’s second peak aura is better than here.
The second peak of Gengjin once had a great aura and profound knowledge by a master of the divine king in the past years. This is the so-called legacy of ancestors.
All the people did not immediately climb the mountain to watch this rare scenic spot. It is obvious that the seven-color halo is the core part of the ban on protecting the mountain on the sixth peak of the highest day. However, it obviously did not make sufficient preparations for the rich aura and failed to condense it into white spiritual clouds floating around the peak, which added a lot of immortality.
This scene lasted for more than half an hour, and then disappeared into the shape, and everyone else was white. This is not really disappearing, but the ban on the sixth peak mountain protection has completely adapted to this level of reiki indoctrination, which can be carried out in a stable way in the future.
Since then, the Lingfeng array of the Five Elements has sent aura to the sixth peak of plough, and it will remain at this level until Luo Zhenren succeeds in challenging again or is challenged by others.
The sixth peak mountain protection was banned when the mighty aura disappeared, but this was like the passage of things to the sixth peak brother. Jade Fuling immediately showed up one by one and soon everyone entered the sixth peak.
After entering the peak, people from the Sixth Peak, such as Lejin, left quickly to prepare, while Wei Ji and others visited and enjoyed the Sixth Peak at will.
At dusk, Brother Feng came to invite Wei Ji and others to sit down.
When I came to the guard, I didn’t know that this banquet was divided into two places. One was hosted by Luo Zhenren personally, which was a real person with a friendship that could not be better than that. The other place was hosted by Luo Zhenren’s eldest brother Kang Wen, and all the younger brothers were left.
Zheng Fan was not disappointed to see such a situation. He was able to show up directly in front of Luo Zhenren and leave a deep impression. Now it is really impossible.
"Eldest brother also don’t have to be too disappointed. In fact, I think it’s better if Luo Zhenren isn’t here. You’re a young player to send such a heavy gift. He really doesn’t have to be willing. Nine times out of ten, he will send a return gift, so your mind won’t be light?
If he doesn’t return the favor, you will become a brother-in-law directly, and your hope will be ruined. After all, if you become a brother-in-law as soon as you enter his door, it means that he likes goods and is too snobbish. Maybe Luo Zhenren doesn’t care if he is humorous, but this kind of thing can’t be prevented!
Now this kind of situation is good. My master brother will accept it. If Luo Zhenren people don’t have him, it will be appreciated or appreciated by you. How can it not be related to the transaction? "Wei Ji said immediately when he saw this.
Zheng Fan is a person with a good personality. It is this matter that his future is difficult to worry about. When he heard that Wei Ji said this, he also relaxed his heart.
Then everyone took their seats, and everyone’s ranking arrangement is naturally very particular. It is obvious that the younger brother should be arranged in front, while the younger brother should be registered in the back, and the younger brother should be further behind, while Zheng Fan, the only younger brother who refined gas outside the door, can be ranked last.
The crowd didn’t have a banquet immediately after taking the seat, but a foreign brother, Xiu Gao, said a congratulatory message, and then his lunch first took out a second-order flying sword gift.
This flying sword is full of green light, full of blue waves, and it contains strong vitality. People who know things like Wei Ji can see at a glance that this flying sword has almost reached the apex of the second-order flying sword, that is to say, it is equivalent to a good top-order weapon, and its value can never be said to be low.
This man is obviously arranged by the sixth peak brother, but this is also the basic program, and no one said that they will take out their own gifts in turn according to their respective rankings.
When it was Wei Ji’s turn, Wei Ji took out the multiplier prepared by himself at that time. As soon as this multiplier came out, most of the rooms were blue and bright, which attracted everyone’s attention.
You know, so far, the most precious gift from all the people is the first one to send a second-order wooden flying sword. Most of the others are a medium-order weapon, and the number of high-order weapons is not much, so Wei Ji can judge that it is a jewel by the brilliance alone.
At that time, Kang Wen, the eldest brother of Sixth Peak, who presided over the banquet here, got up and said, "This congratulations from my younger brother is just a token of my appreciation. A treasure is too precious. Please take it back and change it for another one!"
Who avoid knowing the way of the world, plus this is where Zheng Fan will take it back when he answered, "Brother Kang, I just want to do my part. I have learned a lot since I got started. Watching the sword fight today has benefited a lot. Compared with my income, this part of my mind is also very light."
But I’m not rich myself, except for my own instruments. It’s the best thing I can do to congratulate Brother Kang. If I refuse, it’s because my gift is not good. I can and remember to find a magic weapon to send it in the future. "
Kang Wen’s refusal to listen to Wei Ji is so natural that he ordered his brother to accept this Wei Ji limelight for a while, especially after some conversations and learning about Wei Ji’s other situations, many people have invested in him and his kind eyes are obviously of great friendship.
However, naturally, not everyone is like this, and quite a few people are quite dissatisfied with Wei Ji’s stealing the limelight. Don’t say goodbye to Wei Ji, but I feel bad about the precious treasure. After several times of hesitation, I still pressed this idea away. However, with Wei Ji’s treasure, many people have received it before, so people don’t despise it. If you have the ability, you can’t help but send yourself out. The frequency of the top-level horoscope has increased greatly.
This kind of situation makes Kang Wen and others happy in their hearts.
It wasn’t long before it was Zheng Fan’s turn to be the only gas refining brother.
It is very rare for a gas refining brother to appear here, which is why no one dares to look down on him nearby. After all, no one knows what kind of background he has behind him.
All the Zhu Jidi brothers were curious about the gift that Zheng Fan would send, so all eyes were fixed on him.
Zheng Fan is a long-term experience in practice, but he has never been at all uncomfortable. He smiled and reached out from the waist bag and took out three pieces of multiplier, one knife, one handkerchief and one needle.
That knife is perfect and white, only one foot and two fingers long, wide and dense, and there are strange ornamentation everywhere. There is a faint scent of blood escaping, which is obviously a magic weapon.
Napa, on the other hand, is colorful and bright, just like a cloud weaving in the sky.
Finally, the needle is three inches long, and the perfect blue is faintly emitting a wind and thunder sound.
Anyone who looks at these three instruments can be white, not everyone who knows the goods is more aware that this is three treasures and the level is not low.