"You this is fuck a few shandong stick to run in the sea also don’t see what is this place? Don’t ask who we are? "

"Who are you? Who the fuck didn’t force the seam to clamp and let you out? It’s your turn to show off in an ostentatious manner. "Brother Ba’s life experience in the army makes Brother Ba’s cursing of genitals very exquisite, so crew cut can’t help but wave his hand after hearing it."
The burly man behind crew cut immediately came out. Brother Ba had already heard the younger brother say that this was a kick to fly the tiger. The thugs looked back at Lin Cheng Lin Cheng and looked at this man.
More than 1.7 meters tall, with long legs and hands, he is good at fighting. He is also looking at Lin Cheng, who seems to be unable to see through Lin Cheng’s strength.
That Han’s left foot stands on tiptoe slightly is obviously good at the left leg method, and his right foot supports his left leg. This is a legal person who is good at the left leg.
Lin Cheng didn’t move Tai Chi. He was good at static braking. I didn’t move. I moved first.
That Han stepped over two meters away from his left foot and kicked Lin Cheng’s head with a side kick.
Lin Chengyi was short, but the Han didn’t expect Lin Chengyi’s boxing to be so fast and fierce. Lin Chengyi’s moving hammer just drilled a block and hit the Han’s abdomen with a punch, knocking the Han directly to the ground.
That crew cut was so surprised that his eldest brother invited the Sanda master to be unworthy of a fight. It was a fight and he was knocked down before he could see it clearly.
Brother Ba was very excited when he saw how superb Lin Cheng’s boxing was. He laughed. "You’re still in the sea at this level. Get out of here!"
That crew cut immediately flew away and ignored the Han who was punched by Lin Cheng.
Brother Ba put the cherry stand up again, and Lin Cheng helped the Han. In fact, Lin Cheng’s fist didn’t have dark strength. If the dark strength hit him less, it was a wound, and the Han also helped him up.
Upon inquiry, I learned that Wang Mingjie, a native of Hebei Province, was born in Sanda and won a place in the national competition. However, after all, time and tide wait for no man. Although he insisted on exercising after retiring, after all, his mother was in her thirties. After all, the bonus of the competition was spent long ago and he had to accept the invitation of the Henan Gang. The Henan Gang’s reputation in the town was poor since ancient times, but a penny puzzled the hero. Wang Jie had to live by his fists again. I didn’t expect that he was beaten by Lin Cheng as soon as he came out of the mountain. The Henan Gang promised money
Lin Cheng asked about the situation and Wang Jie’s mother’s illness. She also asked how much it would cost to turn around and call Brother Ba. Brother Ba is the most generous and affectionate person. Without saying anything, Han took out 20 thousand yuan to treat his aunt first. I still have goods here that are not sold out. You can come and get them when they are sold out.
Wang Jie refused to bully brother money. He felt sorry that bully brother delayed bully brother’s business and refused to give it back to others. Wang Jie resolutely refused for a long time
Finally, Lin Cheng asked Wang Jie, "How much did the Henan gang give you in January?"
"Oh, what do you think of Brother Hangba?" Said to bully elder brother Lin Cheng also don’t know bully elder brother mind don’t mind to take a puma hand, after all, puma with bully elder brother is very iron.
44 木蓉情怀
Wang Jie took the money and was just about to go home to get medicine for his mother. That crew cut who just left brought twenty or thirty people to the steel pipe chain and dragged the ground to make a harsh sound.
Wang Ba and Lin Chengying went and Wang Ba’s younger brothers also copied guys to come over and wholesale cherry vendors, hiding aside and watching the excitement. China people just like to watch the excitement and watch the excitement without fear that the bigger the bureau, the more lively it is.
"Hit me" crew cut roared.
Wang Ba Lin Cheng and others rushed to wait for Wang Jie to react and lay all over the floor. Most of them were knocked down by Lin Cheng and Wang Ba. When they looked up, there was no one to hit around. Watching the vendors didn’t see Lin Cheng move, but Wang Jie’s keen eyes saw Lin Cheng’s high and low to avoid the gangsters’ steel chain and met a concrete one. Lin Cheng was attacking where to put Wang Jie down. He didn’t see Wang Jie’s failure to rush, and he didn’t know whether he should rush or not. But later, Seeing Lin Cheng’s fast moving forward and backward is an art, a kind of fighting art. Wang Jie never thought that fighting could be so easy, just like art. This realm means that his contact with kung fu is all kinds of popular boxing such as Sanda and Muay Thai, but Lin Cheng’s boxing method of sending sharp and forward and backward has never been seen before.
Lin Xingyi Taiji is different from the popular practice in today’s society. Lin Chengquan is an attack on the main body, and it is really long. The dust masters are all inheritors of the ancient boxing method of Xingyi Taiji. In the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, it was the most chaotic period when warlords and foreigners ran amok, and their lives were the most critical. All the boxing methods were based on the principle that one punch could not kill the enemy.
For example, at that time, the boxing frame was not like this. At that time, there was a complete boxing frame, but no matter whether the kung fu master usually fights or the master apprentices, it was not a complete boxing frame, but a single type of beating wild horses and manes, that is, the wild horses and manes were practiced for hundreds of times, and the diamond tamping cone was pounded for hundreds of times in a row. The more solid the bones were, the more accustomed they were to beating the wild horses and manes. When the enemy punches, it was a wild horse and manes were distributed at will.
Practice makes perfect, and Lin Cheng’s attack techniques are very natural and convenient in such a counseling center.
Now it’s time to stare blankly at Wang Jie, and Wang Jie has a mind to learn boxing from Lin Cheng
Wang Jie is only concerned about his mother now. His wife ran away with someone as early as two years ago. She disliked his unprofessional work and saved money to treat her mother. She lived alone with her mother in Wang Jie, and Wang Jie took her to the sea when she was sick.
Not long after the fight, a few people with Xiaoping’s headband were able to get up, so the police machine roared slowly from a distance, scaring Henan to help crew cut and quickly helping crew cut and his immobile brothers to get into the crowd quickly.
It took half an hour from hearing the siren to the police’s appearance at the scene, and Wang Ba had already packed up the iron chain steel pipes left by the Henan gang. I can’t do it if I didn’t clean them up. Besides, they are all weapons. Besides, they are all iron and ten cents a catty. They can play more than 20 draft beers for 30 to 40 kilograms.