"In the eyes of others, he is avoiding the world, but the real reason is actually escaping," said Shennai.

"escape? Isn’t he the god of war? Is there anyone else who can beat him? " Xu Shao was a little surprised.
"Everyone has weaknesses, so does he." God said and touched Xu Shao’s head and smiled and disappeared in front of Xu Shao.
"Can we meet again?" Xu Shao shouted in the direction of god disappearing
The divine voice of "predestined friends will meet again naturally" has disappeared in the desolate land more and more finally.
Xu Shaoning stared at the distance for a long time and couldn’t calm down. I don’t think anyone can calm down. It’s a bit strange for a mortal to have so many things in a few months.
"Shit, I forgot to ask him where I can find a place to eat Gollum." Xu Shao touched his hungry belly and said.
It’s another sleeping night. Xu Shao looks at the celestial sky. Although it’s not as beautiful as Lin Jun’s, it’s really beautiful. The vast sky is full of stars flashing with various Se rays. Two semi-magnificent stars like Tianhe are hanging in the middle, which is very spectacular.
Gradually sleepy, Xu Shao’s eyes closed and he fell asleep quietly. Li Shuguang blinked and now the dazzling light awakened the sleeping Xu Shao.
Xu Shaoshen had a long stretch and looked around at the lifeless stone Nai shook his head, found a pool of water, washed his face at random and walked in the direction indicated by God, where the Death Islands were.
Soon Xu Shao came to the edge of the death islands. The name of the death islands was really terrible. The week was filled with thick green Se fog, and a number of strange shrubs stopped at the roadside. The week also showed a low voice of birds and animals, which was very terrible.
"It’s really difficult." Xu Shao looked at everything in sight and sighed and continued to walk forward.
It’s true that something unexpected happens to Xu Shao, and people will get rich one day. Not long after Xu Shaocai left, the atmosphere around him is not right. All this said that something big was going to happen. Xu Shao quickly hid behind a tree and waited for the vision to come.
As Xu Shao expected, soon the ambient air sao moved and the temperature rose, and the ground trembled slightly.
"coax coax coax ….." a burst of noise to Xu Shao ears Xu Shao looked in the direction of the noise. I really don’t know if I saw it. I was shocked. I was red and huge. Warcraft was coming in this direction. This monster has sharp claws five meters away, and it is very fierce to continuously spray strong flames in his chest and mouth.
"God will really find something to do for me," Xu Shao said when he saw that Warcraft swallowed saliva.
"Ow" Warcraft shouted a huge fireball in the direction of Xu Shao.
Xu Shao saw that a backward leap escaped the threat and landed on a big stone, but when he was triumphant, Warcraft now showed his bad temper. How could a person escape from his mouth and immediately rushed towards Xu Shao? This scared Xu Shao enough to roll and climb, and finally hid.
Which of Warcraft was stabbed like this? J: When I saw that Xu Shao was angry twice, it was a big fireball. One after another, Xu Shao flew towards Xu Shao, and Xu Shao woke up from a panic and waved his dodge collar. Every time he had a thrilling escape from the attack of Warcraft, he gradually became complacent.
"If you can’t hit it, you can’t hit it." Xu Shao strangely stabbed J and started Warcraft. At this time, Warcraft had been mad, and his eyes turned red. A fire wave came towards Xu Shao.
"Wow, angry!" Xu Shao saw that the fire waves were fierce and serious, and took out the streamer sword to prepare for the death of Warcraft.
Warcraft is not easy to provoke, especially angry Warcraft. Now Xu Shao can realize this. Compared with just being chic, now he is much more embarrassed. The flame of Warcraft is hot, which makes Xu Shao very headache.
"Light chop" Even if Warcraft is severe, Xu Shao doesn’t forget to fight back. He has been dealing with Warcraft.
At this time, when Warcraft finished ignoring Xu Shao’s attack, the light cut to the body of Warcraft did not respond, as if a light fell on the body of Warcraft and it was not lethal.
However, the attack of Warcraft is different. Although it is the same move, the power is not diminished, and it is getting bigger every time. This is a headache for Xu Shao. Just hiding from the fireball has already embarrassed him. Now it is very funny that the fire waves and fireballs together make Xu Shao lose his vantage point and jump around.
So for a long time, Warcraft seems a little tired, and the flames don’t appear as frequently as just now. Xu Shao seized the opportunity and made a crazy counterattack.
"Wan Jian definitely" several light arrows rained down on Warcraft. It was the turn of Warcraft to have a headache. It was impossible to hide from such a large-scale attack, but it was too uneconomical to be recruited by the Ministry. When Xu Shao was complacent, there was a change behind Warcraft. A pair of giant wings suddenly showed their strength, shook Warcraft and took off in the middle, easily escaping Xu Shao’s crazy counterattack.
"No" Xu Shao was shocked by the move of Warcraft. He blinked and couldn’t believe everything in sight.
It’s the turn of Warcraft to be condescending. It’s easy to fight. No, it’s smooth. The fireball of Warcraft is higher than the previous times. Although the number of times is not as much as just now, the area is much larger. This makes it difficult for Xu Shao to hide, but fortunately, Xu Shao is not a vegetarian. He can escape to safety several times when the fireball is about to hit Xu Shao.
Seeing such an attack, Warcraft can’t afford to hover around Xu Shao in the sky. If you want to subdue Xu Shao, you can also dive once in a while to find a sense of prestige.
Xu Shao didn’t watch Warcraft’s every move carefully, hoping to find a flaw. Although Wan Jian definitely let Warcraft hide just now, Xu Shao also knows that it is difficult to subdue Warcraft with such a move. If you can’t subdue it once, then Warcraft may be angry and it will be difficult to subdue it then.
"By the way, the light bound" Xu Shao suddenly thought of the place where the prophet once subdued a behemoth with advanced light magic. He also missed the light bound, but he didn’t know what to do.
Warcraft doesn’t give Xu Shao much consideration. At this moment, Warcraft seems to have thought of a way to defeat Xu Shao and rushed to the sky. It soon disappeared into the sky. Just before Xu Shao could react, Warcraft appeared on Xu Shao’s head again, and the momentum was very strong in Gao Chong. If it is hit like this, I think the person who was hit must be dead. Of course, Warcraft will not live if it lands like this.
Just when Xu Shao was still considering whether to hide or not to hide, the wings of Warcraft slowly unfolded fiercely behind him. Warcraft suddenly stopped in the middle, less than five meters from the ground, but Xu Shao was blown down by the sudden wind and couldn’t find the focus. He was finished. When the root of Warcraft was used, he was not prepared to rush in. He just waved his wings by rushing force.
When Warcraft saw that Xu Shao was blown down by the strong wind generated by his wings, the momentum was like a macro. At this time, Warcraft slammed his wings on the ground, and the strong wind was too late. Now he is completely trapped by the strong wind and can’t find a focus. Swinging in the wind like a lonely leaf.
"Break" was just when Warcraft was still triumphant. Xu Shao suddenly started the powerful essence force to temporarily suppress the strong wind around him, which made him have a breathing space. When Xu Shao decided, the strong wind could not afford him.
Warcraft seems to have long known that Xu Shao will stop the wind and not be scared by the immediate things. Just in Xu Shao’s steady moment, the condensed fireball flew to Xu Shao.
Xu Shao’s murderous eyes saw a big fireball flying towards him. He was a little surprised, but he could not think more. It seemed to be able to respond. Xu Shao immediately raised his hand and the power of the streamer sword went crazy. A giant sword was instantly produced. See Xu Shaochao’s fireball swing away.
After Warcraft, I didn’t expect Xu Shao to meet himself hard. As soon as he drew a fireball sword, he met two huge energy collisions. It is conceivable that Warcraft was hit by powerful energy waves and lost its balance and stumbled to the ground.
"Long Yin Four Seas" has passed through the chest of Warcraft before it is clear about the situation, so Xu Shaojian died with a bitter heart.
Xu Shao is no better than being tortured by Warcraft. More than half of him is tired to death, or second, he is covered with the blood of Warcraft and dusty. Now Xu Shaogen is a clay figurine.
"Bah!" Xu Shao SiJin spit two saliva patted the soil and walked to Warcraft.
At this time, when the eyes of Warcraft were turned over and there was no breath, Xu Shao relaxed his vigilance and took a long sigh of relief when he was sure that it was dead.
At this time, it was getting dark, and the darker the forest became, the more silent the week was, and the smell of death became stronger and stronger, and the smell of blood floated in the air, which made people vomit.
Xu Shao struggled to get to the depths of the forest, where the light was blocked by dense leaves, and the week was very dark. In this case, Xu Shao finally couldn’t hold back and rested on a boulder.
"What the hell is this place? It’s harder to walk than a foggy forest." Xu Shao complained.
God seems to be joking with Xu Shao. As soon as the voice fell, it began to drizzle, and it was difficult to walk more muddy.
"Gollum" At this moment, Xu Shao’s belly cried unwillingly, and he didn’t eat anything from the ruins of God. Now Xu Shao has endured the baptism of hunger and finally sat down to the ground.
"Where can I find food?" Xu Shao looked up at Nai Tian and sighed.
Just then a white velvet rabbit ran out and stopped in front of Xu Shao.
After thinking about it for a while, Xu Shao still decided to push the issue of ecological balance to a generation. Now food and clothing are the most important.
Xu Shao, a flint, has pounced on the white rabbit. When the white rabbit saw that there was such a terrible person coming at it, he turned sharply and ran to the depths of the forest. Generally speaking, it is not difficult for Xu Shao to catch a rabbit, but it is different here. It can be known for a long time in the dead islands. There are naturally special places here. For example, this rabbit is almost out of Xu Shao’s imagination
The white light flashed, and the white rabbit disappeared in front of Xu Shao, leaving a few shadows in several trees and disappearing into the forest fog.
Never give up and never give up is what Xu Shao thinks now. He chased the white light and rushed to the depths of the forest.
The white rabbit is as good as an arrow, but it can be compared with the fastest arrow eagle in the underworld. Xu Shao is barely behind the white rabbit, but he can’t see the kinetic energy of the white rabbit and looks at the ghosting moving forward.
When Xu Shao saw his dinner, he ran away, no matter how much soil there was. Advanced magic attacked the white rabbit, which really worked. The white rabbit was stopped by the gutter in front of him and trembled. Xu Shao came at himself like a hungry ghost reborn.
Just as Xu Shao approached the white rabbit, the white rabbit closed its eyes and ears stood high, and its body could not help shivering, which was very pitiful.
The time sword is still five meters, four meters, three meters, two meters and one meter away from the white rabbit. The tip of the sword suddenly stopped in front of the white rabbit, and Xu Shaozheng was struggling.
"To kill or not to kill" Xu Shao’s murderous look in his eyes is heavy, but his expression is still awake and he keeps shaking his head.
"Stop it" Suddenly a figure rushed out and stood in front of the white rabbit.
Xu Shao hesitated and suddenly rushed out of a person to naturally dispel his idea of killing the white rabbit.
"Don’t hurt Bai" turns out to be a child or a girl. Zhang is quite cute, but his body is too thin and he is malnourished at first sight.
"Sister, why are you here?" Xu Shao was startled by the girl who suddenly rushed out, and the hunger disappeared.
The girl looked at Xu Shao and then at Xu Shao because she was surprised and didn’t take back her sword.
"Oh, I’m sorry." At this moment, Xu Shao felt a little embarrassed and quickly put away the streamer sword.
"Who are you and why did you come to the Death Islands?" the girl asked.
"I’m a visitor from a distant planet, and I have to cross the Death Islands because I accepted God’s mission, so I’m here." Xu Shao didn’t guard against the girl as if he had known an old friend for a long time
"Then why do you want to hurt Bai?" The girl’s eyes showed anger and seemed very dissatisfied with what Xu Shao had done.
"It’s called white. It’s so cute." Said Xu Shao, squatting slowly towards white.
"My name is Yuenu, and you?" When the girl saw Xu Shao’s attitude changed, she was no longer angry with him.