Jiang Yue seems to sleep very restlessly, and his hands are different. He shouted, "Let’s go beautifully. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I can’t live without Xu Hao …"

In my sleep, I was full of Lin Hao, and I don’t know how she loves this fickle man.
Glancing at Jiang Yuemu’s eyes, he tilted his head and said, "It is said that love is easy to get carried away. Now it seems that it is true." Otherwise, how could someone fall in love and kill someone or be their best friend and roommate!
This kind of thing is really puzzling. I don’t know what went wrong or where there were some major doubts.
Xu Hao looked at Jiang Yue’s eyes and some could not bear to walk over and touch Jiang Yue’s forehead lightly. "Jiang Yue has nothing for you to admit that everything will pass."
Jiang Yue seems to have heard his words or felt his breath. After finally satisfying his smile, he grabbed Xu Hao’s finger and slept peacefully.
This surprised Muming a little, but he returned to normal in an instant. After a slight glance at Xu Hao, he took the baggage and take the journey. "I don’t know what you think of this man. You are the person you like and the potential and status."
If you really choose beautiful, you should completely break with Jiang Yue, but now it is not broken.
Gu Jingke held out his hand and gently promised in her ear, "Don’t worry that it won’t be like this after me. If I were you, give me a clean break."
"Are you trying to kill me?" Mu Ming asked her eyes to smile.
Gu Jingke seriously thought about it. "It’s not bad that we won’t die together."
Mu Ming held out his hand and pestle Gu Jingke. He said lazily, "I don’t know why I always feel sad about my position but I want to get love again."
"Generally speaking, the road is his own choice. We have nothing to criticize. There is also this man. I will have reason to say in the future, but Jiang Yue’s actions are too extreme."
If a man can change his position and abandon a woman, it proves that this man doesn’t love you as much as you think. Maybe you should be lucky to see such a man’s face clearly.
I’m glad you haven’t been cheated again. I’m glad you still have a whole forest. I’m glad you still have a lot of things …
Muming narrowed his eyes and fell asleep on Gu Jingke’s shoulder.
The next day, Jiang Yue was brought back to the police station and Xu Hao was always with him, which made some people feel satisfied. Jiang Yue confessed in the interrogation room and laughed. "Now that she is dead, Xiao Hao is free. I don’t care what I do."
Mu Ming tilted his head after squinting. "Xu Hao, have you ever loved Jiang Yue?"
"I love her more than anyone!"
Muming glanced at him and smiled. "But you don’t love her more than anyone else. Your love is just yourself. Your love is just her attachment to you. Xu Hao, don’t let us look down on you. It’s really useless to say too much."
It is not worthy to say the word love when you talk about it all day, but when you turn around, you push a woman who loves yourself into a pit of fire.
And this man must have said something in front of Jiang Yue, which can make Jiang Yue so sure to have a beautiful life. If he says no, I really don’t believe it!
Mu Ming hooked up his lips and straightened up. "Xu Hao, you don’t quibble. If you like someone, you won’t lose your position. Give up what she said. Your love is nothing but profit, your own love is the person who can give you the future."
It is not graceful to be another person, but to have status, I think Xu Hao can be with that woman.
That’s what people do.
Xu Hao laughed. "Officer, I find what you said is quite right. Hehe, I am such a person, but so what? I didn’t expect Jiang Yue to kill Mei. Honestly, I really don’t want her to kill Mei because Mei can give me what I need, but now that she is dead, it’s hard to find another prey! "
Graceful likes what he does, so he will choose her own pedal.
Xu Hao narrowed his eyes and sat in the chair. "The police officer doesn’t know how long this trial will last, Jiang Yue … What will happen to her?"
"Jiang Yue killed someone. What do you think will happen?" Muming counter-question 1 don’t want to see this man go to the next chair to sort out the files while sitting opposite her in the cold dissatisfied way
"Ghost elder sister, I think this man is really disgusting. If you give up Jiang Yue, you won’t be able to break up with her again. But this man! It’s really hateful! "
Graceful and angry, she narrowed her eyes and said, "I will definitely step on a few feet when I meet this man. So will Chen Jun. I won’t want it again!"
Chen Jun was really lying down and shot …
After Jiang Yue was taken away, Xu Hao also breathed a sigh of relief. He was extremely dissatisfied with his cold performance. When he walked up to Chen Jun, he sighed heavily, "Chen Jun, you can’t learn to be like him or you will look good!"
Chen Jun shook his head. "Absolutely not. You can rest assured that I won’t learn from him …"
This he naturally refers to Xu Hao Xu Hao also white and didn’t say much, and Mu Ming and others said good morning and went out of the office to see the eye Jiang Yue figure and took a taxi back to school.
Jiang Yue …
From then on, there will be no Jiang Yue in his life. It’s a pity to think about it now. After all, this girl loves him so much, but Jiang Yue can’t give him anything, and all love is nothing.
After he shook his head slightly, he tilted his head and smiled a "goodbye Jiang Yue"
Mu Ming and others are sitting in my office with a ba Tao. "It’s a pity that Jiang Yue is such a man who is not worth killing. It’s a pity that you didn’t have a good word with her if you look at Xu Haogen."
It’s just because the police are here in the hospital, which is really disgusting
Muming swept his eyes and Cheng Man shook his head. "Everyone has their own way of living. This Jiang Yuehuo is not like Xu Hao, but Xu Hao is ungrateful. This is also her own fault."
Who can live so lowly?
Cheng Man is also slightly narrowed his eyes. After work, everyone went to see the night scene, which will make him home.
The next day, it didn’t take long for a news. The latest debutants, Qinchuan and jane doe, showed an affair …
Section 31
But these muming didn’t care.