On the other hand, she saw a few beautiful words written on the back of the photo, wishing my daughter and son-in-law and Meimei a generation.

Gentle heart violently swings out and forgets to float back.
That’s mom’s wish. It always has been.
Mom hopes that she and Teng Yun will have a good time.
But …
At that time, when she divorced, she was a real person. She could not stand the misunderstanding, but she could not stand his humiliation.
It is the thought of my mother’s dying speech that still hurts a lot.
Later, she lay on the sofa and rested herself. When Wen Liang came out, she saw it and went over and sat in a single sofa.
Gentle hanging eyes looked at my brother sitting over and moved slightly. Why didn’t you sleep?
"What about you?"
"I’m not used to telling my little brother about my mood." I smiled gently.
Wen Liang looked at her very carefully and went to sit beside her. Carpet sister, are you still frustrated by your brother-in-law?
Later, he was too used to calling himself Tathagata’s brother-in-law
"a little"
I still don’t want to talk about some things, but I can’t say them. I don’t mean to hide them or I can’t say them with my mouth open.
On that day, chenchen and Yun Xiang waited in the restaurant to see Su Jin meet a man gently. I couldn’t help but be curious and have been watching.
"Is this still the Su Jin we know?"
"It must be a show, and there’s still some conspiracy going on."
"But didn’t you find something wrong with her coming back this time?"
"Well … it seems a little"
Su Jin looked at Er Ya Nan across the street and said with a smile, Do you know me?
"In the past? That’s not important? "
"It can’t be unimportant unless you have taken his money."
"What do you mean?"
"I’ve been a chicken or abroad," she said
Section 254
The man stared at her in shock. What did you say?
"I won’t say it again."
The man was scared out of his chair, but Su Jin was smiling with low eyes.
She is used to it, and she thinks that if someone can accept this, she will marry.
But there won’t be anyone like that. No one can accept her passing like that.
And she won’t tell anyone that she actually danced pole dancing and was raped twice.
She can readily accept herself like that.
She can understand those days hanging from a steel pipe.
She can also understand that these men are scared away after listening to her words. To be fair, if they were men, they would not accept being so dirty.
Unless the man is ill.
Allow xiang and chenchen looked at the man left and couldn’t help but be more curious about what happened?
"blind date?"
"Isn’t she with Teng Yun?"
While two people were wondering, Su Jin suddenly got up and went downstairs with his bag.
Chenchen and Yun Xiang are depressed. I wish I could take Su Jinxin out and have a look, but I didn’t expect tenderness to enter the restaurant. The first thing I saw was her.
Su Jin is also a lag nodded to go.
Gentleness is not a friend at first glance, and there is nothing wrong with passing by like this.
It was she who didn’t expect that she was suddenly stopped.
"I want to talk to you."
Su Jin didn’t say this before
"What do we have to talk about?" Gentle theory
"We may have misunderstood," she said.
Gentle tie followed her to the corner.
"I’m not with Teng Yun."
"I know what he said."