Ancient behemoths roared everywhere, and ordinary people couldn’t hear those who formed the Yuan God to live in seclusion, and cultivated their hearts with a chill and felt that the Yuan God was unstable.

Kunlun Mountain, the great camp for teaching after the immortal disappeared, became an adult in China through the afterglow of the deity war. The Potala Palace, the Buddhist temple in the heart, stood side by side in the world, leading the earth, the stars, Buddhism and Taoism.
"Fierce star came while blood! Sin … Sin! The amount of Buddha "before the jade palace, the green robe road fell with a sigh."
Maoshan, Kongtong, Emei, Putuo Mountain … People from different factions have sent elderly people to Yuxu Palace to discuss countermeasures to deal with the coming disaster.
Qi Guo Ji Xue gong
Xun, the contemporary master, squinted at the west with his hand touching his chin and beard and asked the young people around him faintly, "Is Han Fei ready?"
Han Fei hesitated to nod and immediately asked, "Teacher, did you select the land of Western Qin? The foundation of Xuegong lies in the sudden transfer of Qi, which makes it difficult to gain credibility. What’s more, I’m afraid the Qin people are arrogant and ignorant of etiquette, and their ambitions are hard to show. "
Xun side stupefied eyed Han Fei, his most appreciated brother, and pulled out a Pian Yu operator to weigh in hand with a wry smile, "What do you worry about? It was the decree of the sage who ordered me to wait for the help of Confucianism. Qin and Ying Zheng unified for a hundred days. It was the second time that I received the order from the sage that his old man’s eyes were high. He must have seen me waiting for nothing. "
"ah!" Han Fei exclaimed and dared not doubt again and again, thoughtfully saying, "Teacher Li Si and his younger brother went west to Xianyang a few days ago, but the sage thought the same thing?"
"Reese?" Xun’s mind showed a thin and gloomy face, and he commented that "the intelligence is high, but the mind is poor", and his brother sighed with disappointment.
Young men’s knees are trembling and they want to kneel down. With a strong insistence in their hearts, they insist on self-gnashing. How can they kneel down to their children?
The Yuan God Chiyou gradually runs in the flesh and slowly converges.
Coincidentally, a strange baby Chiyou was also born in a small mountain village on the east coast. Generally, she didn’t cry or make trouble. Her parents were too frightened and had already passed out. Don’t hold a jade symbol and a bloody long knife with a playful smile.
Master, I won’t let you down.
Take a deep breath. How intoxicating the taste of freedom is …
Deep in the northwest grassland
Witch’s legacy, ghost clan leader, ghost flame, tears streaming down her face, the gatekeeper, the guard, surprised eyes, sincerely bowed down to the middle earth, and once thanked God Pangu for his grace.
King Chiyou, after years of absence, you finally came back. It’s been a long time since I looked forward to this day …
Tidy up the mood and immediately call the heads of the ministries to order the whole army to prepare for the war. At the same time, send two of the best geniuses in the family-Leitian and Wang Jian to contact a think tank, Chiyou, and kill them.
In 260 BC, in the Changping battlefield, nearly one million troops of Qin and Zhao confronted each other, and the camp was endless, and the long birds and animals disappeared.
Wu Anjun, the head coach of Qin Jun Big Account, stood respectfully beside a fierce young man with a murderous face. He was a five-or six-year-old child.
There is a strange contradiction in the dignified look of the immature little face. Other distribution schools and eccentric monks in Guri didn’t feel anything wrong because the whole body was almost condensed into the essence of imposing manner and domineering.
"The main four hundred thousand Zhao and the Godsworn of Xiandao Buddhism factions have all fallen into our army and will be annihilated at the Lord’s command." Leitian stepped in to prepare and play with perseverance, and his face flashed with wisdom beads.
"Well," Ying Zheng said with a noncommittal frown, thinking about the pink little hand on the case and beating his heart rhythmically. Leitian’s opinion is that this person is unruly by nature, and he takes credit for his pride and needs to beat it often, which is the way to control.
"Where need such a thing? !” Wang Jian patted his chest and shouted, "The other party didn’t even ask the Lord to allow Wang to kill them all."
Ying Zheng a few cases made into dust, pointing to Wang Jian folded yelling "unbridled! Can the human world kill mortals blindly when the dynasty changes? ! ! ! If you want to learn more from Leitian, how can you have the courage to lead the army to conquer the six countries in the future! "
Wang Jian’s heart was so scared that he dared not speak out.
Glaring at him mercilessly, Ying Zheng turned to command Bai Qi to say, "The six countries in the East are only famous soldiers of Zhao, which is a big worry for me in Daqin. This war will definitely guarantee me to worry about the frontier of Daqin for decades. When something goes wrong, the power of the array will be the best time to push it to the extreme!"
"The master is thoughtful and will not be taught at the end of the day."
Ying Zheng or Chiyou, I don’t know how many old monsters can recognize Leitian, but it’s true that Pei smiled and got up and gave up the position of general. "It’s far better to dispatch General Bai than the king, including the king’s obedience to General Bai’s command."
The red tide surged in the white sky, and a hand armor jingled and choked, "I am the Lord of the white sky!"
Ying Zheng claimed to be the "king", but he didn’t respond at all. Gai, therefore, and others are all from the same vein of the witch family. Can anyone else call them Chiyou?
Only two scribes, one of whom was thin, aquiline nose, high cheekbones, and a different color passed away; The other man’s face is like a crown of jade, and he frowned deeply.
Ying Zheng will two people look panoramic smile.
Reese’s ambition is quite big, but he has never put it in his heart. Ying Zheng is full of imperial domineering, and few people can compete with the emperor today. Naturally, he should have respect and tolerance.
There are many rivers in the sea, and only when there are great talents can Ying Zheng dare to have him. A small Reese can’t afford to turn over any big waves in one day.
Yu Hanfei has two words for Ying Zheng, who is also a Confucian-pedantic.
At that time, the parties in the Zhao camp raised a black flag and surrounded 400,000 Zhao troops on eleven sides.
The thunder suddenly appeared in the area surrounded by the banner, giving birth to fog. Ordinary ordinary soldiers fainted at the touch.
"Good black magic! Notify the head! "
"Sacrifice a magic weapon to protect yourself!"
"Amitabha good Uber! How to be so vicious will be condemned by heaven! "
"The brothers of all factions should not panic and settle the Zhongjun camp!"
"Amitabha! Array defense! "
All kinds of precious lights shine for a long time, but they don’t condense into a large array. They form more than a dozen small arrays according to sects, and the monks of Buddhism and Taoism are in a mess, which is thousands of miles away from all the people who are silently brewing fierce and violent witches.
Human-God relies on Xuanyuan Huangdi to compete for the male position. Although Xiu Yuan, the disposal man, is not as good as he was in those days, and these unconfirmed Taoist priests can resist it?
However, after only half an hour, the battle was over. When Wang screamed and led the witch people into the array, he was alone. Only the monks staggered everywhere and scattered all kinds of magic weapons.
Ying Zheng with Xiao Suoyi quietly listening to leitian reported the results with great interest. All the 400,000 Zhao soldiers were captured alive, and Zhao had made efforts to the west. Hundreds of monks have no resistance, and the elite of the Godsworn is lost.
The trench, grain, hay, weapons and armor have captured several hundred thousand troops a year.
Everything is so easy … Lonely …
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Ying Zheng began to reign.
The stars demon emperor The third volume Fairy things Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Ying Zheng began to reign.
There is no great victory in the political mind, and the chest is full of loneliness and suddenly remind of the saints who are high in the heavens. Are they equally lonely?
They look out again?
The hegemony of people can no longer satisfy Ying Zheng’s early vision of a wider world-there is a Buddha, a Taoist, and a demon, and the celestial world remembers that the mountain that is not topped by the mountain is almost unshakable.
The rise of the witch clan can’t avoid their fierce breathing, and soon they have a cold sweat and a long breath.
The government belittles itself and whispers, "Heaven is sorry to die if there is a chance to climb the realm of Pangu ancestors." A firm look flashed through my eyes, and then I was afraid of doubts.
Wang Jian hurried into the handsome account, fuels, and says, "Please tell me about the disposal of prisoners and war benefits."
"It won’t be martial ….." Ying Zheng shook his sigh and wondered if he would be so sentimental when he was dealing with major sects in the future. "A bunch of people who fix the truth are not small enough to make up for the warriors in the sub-clan, refining them to the prisoners of Zhao …"
The word "pit killing" was gently spit out in a flash of rage.
In the account, the three kings were born in a witch family, and they were violent and aggressive, which made them agree with each other and grinned and ordered them to leave.
Although Reese has a gloomy mind and believes in treating troubled times, he is, after all, a mortal with a trembling body. If you move your lips again in Ying Zheng, Reese will not dare to raise bad intentions as long as he is alive.
How can you be so young and have such an iron heart that people are not afraid?
Han Fei was born in Jixue Palace, and honest and frank, with a heart, suddenly left his seat and protested, "Lord, you must never do this. If you do this, it will be too late for your enemies!"