"Right system, don’t worry. The wolf master is greedy and recognizes his master’s amazing power. Liu Biao can’t stop the wolf master. He must have been delayed by something." Someone comforted him.

"That’s right," Rose said, feeling relaxed a lot. "Let’s wait here, everyone. Wait until the wolf master finds us and joins us, and then go north."
The voice just fell, but it was not the rear but the rose in front. The whole person was nervous and shouted "Prepare to meet the enemy!"
At the same time, I looked puzzled at Lejin, meaning to ask what happened again. Didn’t I say there were no enemy troops in the north?
Lejin also felt embarrassed and smiled, even embarrassed to say an explanation.
Kang Luo gave Li She more than 10,000 foot soldiers. After Li She repeatedly blackmailed and persuaded, there were finally thousands more and more than 1,000 cavalry. This is Kang Luo’s old man. At this time, Kang Luo is in Li She’s hands. This is a desperate attempt to put the treasure on Li She.
Li wade impatient Tianmen city safety with more than one thousand cavalry first go all the way to the infantry is handed over to Zhou Cang suddenly there are all black spots in front of faint and howling sound in my heart. The marching cavalry immediately slowed down slowly and the luggage wade finally saw the true colors of those black spots. It was indeed a wolf riding.
Wolf riding? Not to mention the Three Kingdoms, even though Li She has never heard of a general who took a wolf to ride. It is difficult to be tamed because of the nature of the wolf, and it is not the most important thing to hurt people from time to time. The most important thing is that they are not tall enough to mount.
But all this is not a problem in this world, because this is not an ordinary world. Even if you say that the evil wolf becomes a demon, no one will doubt it. Of course, Li She has long suspected that Li Qiang’s blood wolf is a demon wolf.
"Please take a detour or don’t blame me for being rude!" Because the distance is very far, Rose doesn’t know that Li is a woman who drinks a lot with a gun. She is not a warrior’s armor, but a tattered dress after training a wolf to ride. What do you think of it? It doesn’t look like a female general whistling in the battlefield, but it looks like a female barbarian king in Shan Ye
I was familiar with Li She immediately heard it and shouted, "Rose forgot me about Li She so soon?"
"Li Lang!" "Meng Lang!"
The crowd rushed to Li She Le Jin, a big girl, and knelt down directly to worship "Master! Will you be able to hold the city at the end? Please ask your master to punish you! "
Lightly sigh to help Le Jin "I don’t blame you for this. I’ve heard Yuan Fu say that Liu Biao dumped his troops and came to Tianmen City. You don’t blame yourself for waiting for the county to stop him naturally."
"Master, if you are generous and happy, you will be all over the place!"
Li’s eyes turned to Ruyan’s arms, and Bian Shi’s mother jumped into Li’s arms together. Mother cried, "Menglang, I’m so scared. I’ll never see you again!"
"Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!"
It’s really bad to be immersed in love like this in front of the army. Li She quickly points out Bian Shi’s urgent way: "My parents-in-law and sisters are all in Liu Biao’s hand and my eldest brother Li Qiang is currently rescuing Li Lang. You should think of a way quickly." To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-six Blood struggle
Without saying much, Li rode to Tianmen City to leave a few elites to protect Bian Shi’s mother and immediately took people with him.
"Master, wait for me!" Shouting behind him is joy.
"Wen Qian worked hard for a long time and didn’t want to take a rest?" Letting Lejin rest is one reason, and part of the selfishness is to let Lejin protect a Bian Shi woman and two girls.
Naturally, Le Jin also has selfishness because his wife, Zou Shi and others, were captured by Liu Biao. At this time, it has been confirmed that the two ladies, Le Jin, are no longer willing to wait hard. He wants to save Jiao Er.
Since Le Jin wants to talk to Li She won’t ask much, anyway, Bian Shi and her two daughters have settled down, and Wen Pin’s pipa is locked up, which is almost equivalent to an ordinary person. Besides, it will be convenient for many Li She acquiesced in Le Jin following herself.
At the moment, Li is on a fast road, and another place, Li Qiang Yiming and others are just fighting bloody battles. Hundreds of thousands of troops will surround the whole field. With the flexibility of wolves riding, they can also fight hard in the face of this torrent of steel.
Li Meng drank a concerted effort to "greedy wolves to destroy the world" and greeted a large number of enemy troops in front of him. If the thunder was on the verge of splitting, there was a loud bang and the earth cracked in front of him. The enemy was swept away and stood proudly as if he had killed the gods. "Don’t be afraid of me, uncle and aunt. Li Qiang will take you out!"
Just now, Li Qiang has rescued Li’s family members from the county magistrate’s office, including those with Li’s family members. It’s a pity that Jiao Er has never seen Li Zhuang again and again, but he still hasn’t seen Li Zhuang. Li Qiang guessed that he might be looking for someone in prison, but he planned to go to the prison to find someone. But the enemy in Lu Yu was in a scuffle.
With the prolongation of melee, more and more enemy troops are coming, even though what happened in Li Qiang is that the more you kill, the more powerful you feel, just like a blood wolf in your crotch. The more you kill, the more excited you get. The more red your hair is, the more you show that you are killing yourself, but you can’t carry it with a wolf!
Fortunately, Yi Ming came together, and with Yi Ming’s elite wolf riding, the pressure was less than half.
"Hey hey hey …"
The army shouted, and a large number of enemy generals appeared again in front of Li Qiang. After a few steps, Li Qiang stopped again. "It’s really the ghost!"
"A bunch of losers dare to show their ugliness!"
Li Qiang disdain cold hum a hubris in terms of hand blood gun arm in the gun flash killed several enemy star eyes a stare angrily said, "Yi Ming protect uncle aunt see me make our way out".
With that, the blood wolf jumped into the sea of people, and the blood gun in his hand was indistinguishable from the naked eye. The speed of the blood gun danced repeatedly, and the blaster gas strength was like a sharp wave, and the water blade broke away, and it was violent and murderous. The enemy troops repeatedly retreated around and avoided, and either died or was injured.
At the same time, Yi Ming shouted, "Wolf Master, be careful!"
Li Qiang’s heart is wary of sideways evasion, but it’s a sharp knife from cutting to position. If it’s not easy to wake up Li Qiang, it’s bound to suffer and I’m furious.
"Are you human?"
In the future, it will be said that "remember Jiangxia Huang Zu!"
Mom is this guy. No wonder it’s so insidious. Li Qiang can’t help but whisper.
Huang Zuxu also secretly played dirty tricks. Sun Jian was killed by his bully Sun Ce, and Huang Zu couldn’t get away from Sun Cai. He hated Huang Zu so much. I heard that Huang Zu’s last game seemed to be skinned after Jiangxia was attacked by Sun, and Li Qiang couldn’t remember it clearly.
At this time, Li Qiang remembered that people were insidious, but he didn’t know that he was just cheating on others, Wen Pin, and he also said that it was justified
The sword and the gun hit each other, and the stone sparks flashed around. After Li Qiang adjusted his state, Huang Zu found that he was by no means this person. Because his opponent always wore a cold feeling from his opponent’s blood gun, this feeling seemed to have a fear in his heart, and Huang Zugen could not play his level.
In addition, Huang Zu has learned from the encounter that the opponent’s force is higher than his own, so it is necessary to suppress it by force and then unite. It is quite dangerous to directly suppress it several times.
Huang Zu frightened to disgrace JingXiang had this kind of character exclaimed "are you from? I am afraid of being a junior! "
"It’s almost my gun. It’s still meaningful to know my name."
Contempt for Chiguoguo and contempt for Huang Zu can’t help but feel angry. I think that Huang Zu is good or bad. It’s also a famous warrior in Jingxiang. One of the best generals in Jingzhou Mu Liu’s watch was so despised by a famous teenager. Huang Zu was so angry that he flew into a rage. "How dare you insult me to see a knife!"
A bright silver dragon crossed the sky and covered the world with thunder, and then the thunder resounded throughout the battlefield as if in response to Huang Zu’s anger.
Jingzhou naivety means that when the sun is shining, the thunder is rolling at noon. It’s really interesting.
Thunder resounded through the heavens and the earth, and silver danced wildly. Every day, the whole painting style changed, and the atmosphere became more bleak. Being surrounded by the enemy, Wolf riding suddenly had a feeling of burning the boat.
"kill! The Tianmen Wolf is indestructible! "