Such a message makes Guo Xiaosi information mad. It’s like stealing a column to cultivate medicinal materials and let these medicinal materials absorb the essence of plants for thousands of years. It’s just as abnormal as evil heretics absorbing other people’s mana, but it’s just changed from people to plants. It seems that although things in this world are different, they are all the same.

Looking back at Guo Xiaosi again, I feel troublesome, because some medicinal materials are suitable for one plant, and different medicinal materials are suitable for different plants. Compared with the cultivation of Millennium amber ganoderma lucidum Millennium snake-shaped white stilbene, the plants they need to rely on are also very different. Therefore, to obtain Millennium amber ganoderma lucidum Millennium snake-shaped white stilbene, we need to find 3,000-year-old fragrant trees and 3,000-year-old female magnolias respectively, one of which is extremely difficult to find and even more difficult to find.
Trivial though it is, Guo Xiaosi still thinks it’s worth a try. After all, it’s much better to take a shortcut than a clue. Finding a 3,000-year-old fragrant tree can cultivate many thousand-year-old amber ganoderma lucidum, which is more convenient than directly looking for a thousand-year-old amber ganoderma lucidum.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Amber Ganoderma lucidum
Xiaobai woke up leisurely and still seemed a little weak. Guo Xiaosi was really reluctant to throw it away. He simply put it in a dry bag and took it back to Changhuai Sect. First, he went to the Taixu Temple for a walk, but he didn’t find Wu Jiao’s figure. Guo Xiaosi first put Xiaobai in a vat of Tianzihao alchemy room, and then found something to eat. The small white body was big enough, which made it look a lot smaller. The overflow water wet the floor of Tianzihao alchemy room. Guo Xiaosi didn’t care to walk back to the hall.
Guo Xiaosi’s eyebrows are wrinkly. I really don’t know where this girl died, but refining some simple pills that must be taken in Zongmen is no longer busy. I don’t know how to simply go to Penglai Pavilion and see where those trees are needed to cultivate Millennium medicinal materials.
When I arrived in Penglai Pavilion, I heard that Guo Xiaosi had come, and I rolled and crawled to meet Guo Xiaosi. I rewarded him with two good pills. He went to Guo Xiaosi to look for the needed books in Guo Xiaosi and asked Lin to find a secluded place for himself. Don’t let anyone disturb Lin Ran. I quickly found a place and went back where I needed it.
There are quite a lot of things in the discovery of plants. Just put them aside and let Lin copy them later, and then look at them. I have indeed been to the array of wild silkworm and silk, so the array is not cumbersome. Guo Xiaosi looked at it for a moment and came for nothing. After going back, he planned to find a place to test or catch an old butch to test one.
Lin soon had it copied from all kinds of plants, and then sent it to Guo Xiaosi, where Guo Xiaosi rewarded a medium-order lingshi as usual, which was already a good reward for his brother, and Lin returned it with gratitude.
Guo Xiaosi studied some arrays for a moment, including the dragon array in prison. If that set of instruments is in his own hands, it is not difficult to arrange such an array. It is to consume some Lingshi people and to urge the array to change from time to time and get trapped in it.
At noon, Guo Xiaosi left Penglai Pavilion and returned to Taixu Temple. She met back in front of the temple. Wu Jiao Guo Xiaosi greeted her and said, Where were you going this afternoon?
You came back, and Wu Jiao’s face turned pale and replied, I came to practice in my own house at noon and refined some Dan medicines. These Dan medicines really worked, and our achievement methods have improved a lot. I believe that if we go like this, we will soon be able to go to the Heaven Pagoda of Science and break through the rotating photo card to reach the rotating photo period.
That’s true. There is no place for these pills. So what do we do with such great efforts to refine them? Don’t forget to refine the necessary pills in Zongmen. The patriarchs have to talk nonsense. Guo Xiaosi laughs
Wu Jiao nodded, knowing that every time, I always need Jin Chuang Pill Dan medicine for a month before refining those good Dan medicines. You won’t blame me for wasting a lot of materials all night, will you?
An alchemy medicine which does not consume materials, I’m not insolent, but have you refined some alchemy medicine now? Guo Xiaosi nodded and smiled and immediately asked again.
Wu Jiao said that it was good. Yesterday, I tried to refine Yulu Pill and failed.
It doesn’t matter if you try it several times according to the generation steps. Guo Xiaosi comforted her, saying that although the wave of these materials made him feel a little distressed, after all, he didn’t look for these materials himself, nor did he accumulate the stone in the secret room of Taixu Temple, so he felt better relatively.
Guo Xiaosi chatted with her again for a few words, which made her go into the Taixu Temple with herself. Just entering the Taixu Temple, Wu Jiao’s eyebrows suddenly frowned and glanced doubtfully. Guo Xiaosi pointed to the Tianzihao alchemy room and asked, "There seems to be movement in the Tianzihao alchemy room." Did you hear that?
Guo Xiaosi laughed when he heard this. Of course I can hear it. It’s a friend of mine who is a guest in it. I’ll take you to meet it.
I didn’t go to see Wu Jiao with a wave and shook my head. What friends are you? I rashly went to see something bad or not.
Are you still afraid of other people’s gossip? Guo Xiaosi teased her and said she was a handsome young rich man. I’m going to introduce you to him as his third concubine. What do you think?
Wu jiao’s face turned red and angry. What are you talking about?
Guo Xiaosi laughed. I lied to you. Let’s go and see it with me. I promise you will after reading it.
Say that finish high-handed took her to the Tianzihao an alchemist’s room, and Wu Jiao resisted for a while, but she was more curious about the Tianzihao an alchemist’s room, which she had never been in since she came to Taixu Temple, so she was particularly curious.
Guo Xiaosi, hit the door of Tianzihao alchemy room, and call a small white at the same time.
Wu jiao confused suddenly a white thing flew up and let out a cry of horror. When they turned around, they found a small white snake wrapped around Guo Xiaosi’s neck. The little snake head kept rubbing against Guo Xiaosi’s cheek and Guo Xiaosi lovingly caressed the small snake body.
Hey, where did the little white snake Wu Jiao ask with a curious smile and boldly stepped forward to observe Xiaobai carefully?
Small white saw a stranger come and stare back at Wu Jiao, but Wu Jiao got a fright and criticised the small white snake for being so unfriendly to me.
Guo Xiaosi shook his head. How can it be friendly to you?
What, Wu Jiao’s losing his temper? Is this not scary, but can it scare this little guy?
Because it’s not a snake, Guo Xiaosi explained that it’s a white angry dumpling. You actually said that he was a small white snake. How can he be friendly to you? You should apologize to it quickly and call it a small white. Maybe it can treat you as a friend.
Really falsely wu jiao track, but still gather together to gently call small white.
Xiaobai listened to her name and raised her head to call a small tail quickly, and kept swinging to show a happy look.
Wu Jiao laughed. This little guy is really cute. Where did you find it?
After Guo Xiaosi told a little lie, he is the third person in our Taixu Temple. You should treat him well and don’t let him starve.
Certainly not. Then what should I feed it? Wu Jiao reached out and grabbed Xiaobai’s hand and gently stroked it, while Xiaobai obediently bypassed her neck and hung her head in the palm of her hand. She enjoyed a little tail hanging on her chest and patted it twice from time to time.
It’s really a small color dumpling. Guo Xiaosi scolded in his heart, but when Wu Jiao asked this question, he also felt that it was difficult to give Xiao Bai Dan medicine as a meal. That way, not only there were not so many Dan medicines, but so many Dan medicines were difficult to dissolve in a short time, and it was difficult to continue feeding snakes. Besides, Xiao Bai now has a big appetite and how many have to be fed a day.
You know what? Xiaobai’s injury hasn’t healed yet. Let’s feed it a little healing medicine first, and then you put it in the Huai River. We will visit it every ten days. We will feed it a little Qi Dan Dan medicine to help it grow as soon as possible. What do you think? Guo Xiaosi thought for a long time, but there is still no better way, but it will shorten the time to feed Xiaobai Dan medicine, and Wu Jiao will go together, so that even if there is no time to go, Wu Jiao will not be delayed in feeding Xiaobai.
Will it be able to feed itself in the Huai River? Wu Jiao is still worried about Xiaobai’s livelihood.
Guo Xiaosi won’t worry about this problem. No problem. You may not know that Xiaobai was released into the Huaihe River two months ago. I haven’t said anything for two months. It’s better to let it grow and put it in the Huaihe River than to put it in a water tank, but we have to work harder.
It’s no problem if we work hard. It can grow as thick as a column and can be used as our mount. Wu Jiao doesn’t care if she works hard now when she thinks about the future.
Guo Xiaosi language small white, but he has decided to mount in the future, and now it has become a two-person mount. Wu Jiao, this girl, without consulting the small white master, is good at making decisions and regards herself as a small white master.
But in this way, it has saved a lot of things. Guo Xiaosi is happy to use Xiaobai as a mount. At the very least, he will have to wait until more than one hundred years after ninety years. At that time, he still doesn’t know where everyone is.
Don’t say goodbye to other things. Wu Jiao has played together with Xiao Bai, while Guo Xiaosi continues to chew on the material that was brought back to some precious plants for refining Qi Dan. One is amber ganoderma lucidum, and amber ganoderma lucidum has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, so the efficacy of Dan medicine will rise ten times. At present, what Guo Xiaosi needs most is precisely Qi Dan.
Then you need to find a 3,000-year-old fragrant tree, and you can cultivate those amber ganoderma lucidum that have been used for more than ten years into a thousand-year-old medicinal material. Guo Xiaosi quickly flipped through it to see where there are a large number of fragrant trees and dense trees. It is likely that there are 3,000-year-old fragrant trees, but whether those places can find 3,000-year-old fragrant trees or not will have to be slowly searched, and it is necessary to take a chance.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Yellow house changes