Feet to the lead, can’t lift the pace forward. The harsh horn makes Xia Yu surprised and cut himself again, dragging his heavy steps to the company.

I hit the card at the company, but fortunately I arrived at the last minute. Fortunately, I was not late. Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief and went straight into the public office. Ji Yu was already in the office.
"Nobody told you to knock on the door when you came in? Go out." Ji Yu didn’t look up and beat the words in Xia Yuxin word by word.
Xia Yu withdrew from the door again, and his eyes were unconsciously foggy. Xia Yu gently tried to manage his emotions "dong, dong, dong" symbolically for three times before slowly entering the office.
"Did I call you in? No one was allowed to call you in." Ji Yu growled unceremoniously, and his tone was even worse than before. Today, Ji Yu wore a black suit to line Ji Yu with black, which was very boring. Adding his angry expression on his face made people feel scared and shy away.
Knowing that Ji Yu was retaliating against himself for just saying something, Xia Yu’s anger was burning in his heart, and he couldn’t help overflowing Ji Qu’s tears.
Looking at Xia Yu’s eyes, the heart of the glittering and translucent season domain is all pulled together, but the mouth momentum is still undiminished. "Are you so secret?" The tone is full of sarcasm.
"Who wants to be your secret is not rare?" Xia Yu’s angry tone is also quite sharp. After Xia Yu finished, he wanted to turn around and walk out of the office.
"Liu Xia language, if you want to know clearly, if you walk out of this door, you won’t want to come back. No one dares to record you again." Ji Yu threatened the tone so hard.
Xia Yu stopped when he heard Ji Yu’s words, but he didn’t look back. "I’m not rare. I’ve had enough." Xia Yu deliberately said it word by word without any hesitation. He slammed the door and left, making a loud noise and shaking the door frame.
Every word is like a needle stuck in Ji Yu’s heart, which stung and angered him. Ji Yu overturned the whole public desk of Xia Yu, and everything was scattered all over the floor with a loud noise.
At the moment of the door, Xia Yu’s eyes couldn’t stop being wronged and sad, and tears poured out from my heart like a beating department. Passers-by saw Xia Yu’s mess and looked askance. Now Xia Yu still cares about other people’s strange eyes and glassy eyes. She walked forward like a wandering soul.
At this time, in the office, Ji Yugen didn’t bother to sit in front of the French window and look at the floor. People wanted to chase Xia Yu, but they couldn’t get through it.
At the crossroads, Xia Yu hesitated which way to go, just like her life, as if she were at the crossroads, but she had no choice in her life.
Faint raised his eyes, and at the end of the sidewalk on the left side, there was a figure resembling a city. Xia Yu rubbed his swollen eyes to make sure that he was wrong, but the figure didn’t seem to let her see clearly, and the opportunity disappeared in the blink of an eye.
"Rucheng" Xia Yu, regardless of crossing the road, ignored it. Now it is a red light and orderly traffic order. The road is disrupted by Xia Yu, and the brakes are harsh, accompanied by a list of curses. But now she knows that Rucheng is gone.
"Rucheng, where are you? Come out!" Xia Yu kept turning his head and searching around for the cry. It was so heartbreaking, but where was the shadow of Rucheng?
I was hoarse, but I didn’t get any response. Desperate Xia Yu squatted on the side of the road and cried. She choked and sobbed so hysterically.
Every time I can’t get over something, I like to sit on the bank of the river and caress my little face full of tears with a slight wind. It has a healing effect and can slowly calm down when I look at the sparkling river.
I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting, watching one ship after another pass by the sun. I don’t know when it’s already over the hill. The afterglow of the setting sun is scattered in Xia Yu’s face. It looks particularly beautiful. In the south, it’s still hot in autumn during the day, but the autumn wind is sharp when the sun is over the hill. Today, Xia Yu wears a short-sleeved arm and feels particularly cold. Rub your arms gently to relieve the cold.
I don’t know when a man’s coat was put on Xia Yu’s body. Xia Yu was so excited that he suddenly grabbed the coat and wanted to pull his hand away. "Rucheng is that you?"
Xia Yu’s excitement turned around only to find that Ji Yu’s eyes were full of bloodthirsty scarlet like an angry lion. "Liu Xia’s words don’t be shameless, don’t forget that you are married." Ji Yu now wants to kill people, and his face is blue and his fists are ringing.
Ji Yuli concealed his anger and kept telling himself desperately that Lu Xia was pregnant and couldn’t be rough with her. He was afraid that if he didn’t leave, he might strangle Lu Xia. No man could stand that there were other men in his heart.
In the end, Ji Yu left and slammed the door, then started the engine and drove away.
The dj of iky Bar is singing happily on the huge dance floor. In the middle of the dance floor, the crowd is twisted with djhi’s song, and the colorful lights are shining on the crowd, which is particularly mysterious and wild with the music.
This is the largest bar in city A, and the decoration style is unique, which combines the essence of French court and Chinese classical style. Everyone here is a midnight elf, and they are relieved of pressure in their hearts.
In the corner of the bar, Ji Yu drinks vodka after vodka. This kind of wine is the strongest liquor in the bar. It is also a famous wine in the world. People who have a bad wine should never try it. For Ji Yu, although sweet liquor is choking, it is not as painful as his heart.
Bai Yifan held Ji Yu’s hand and motioned for him not to drink any more, but he was dumped by Ji Yu.
Wu Junfeng in honest and frank has always been unable to sit still. "If the boss drinks too much, his stomach will hurt a woman. It’s not worth it. What kind of woman do we want now?" Say that Wu Junfeng showed an annoyed expression. He followed Ji Yu at the age of 1, and Ji Yu was like a god in his heart, but a generation of lean people eventually felt sad about beauty. This is the reason why Jin Junfeng was particularly annoyed.
Today, Ji Yu is dressed in a black leather coat, and his eyes are even more mysterious. The facial features are particularly three-dimensional, giving people the whole feeling that they are unrestrained and unrestrained. When the three of them are seated, a woman comes to chat up, but Ji Yu drinks them away. Ji Yu’s face is full of strangers, which makes many hot girls forget.
Bai Yifan sighed faintly and thought in his heart, boss, you don’t need women, we need them, but I have physical needs. Of course, these words can’t let Ji Yu know that he can secretly think about it.
"Women are easy to think of the past when they are most vulnerable" Bai Yifan, a self-proclaimed lover, casually said that he is much more sophisticated in love than Ji Yu.
"How do you know?" Ji Yu took a white look at Bai Yifan and continued to gracefully pick up the glass and drink it off.
"It’s hard to make such a big noise. The office has become your battlefield." Bai Yifan’s eyes are still the same as the new ones.
"Women are the most likely to be coaxed, and they will be so stiff." Bai Yifan pressed the scarlet liquid channel of the remote hand.