Or his management methods are too miraculous, and the two are not at the same level.

She watched him build a huge business ship in six months, watched him make more profits in one day than he did in hundreds of years and worked hard dozens of times, and watched him take out the pockets of the rich at an incredible speed to earn hundreds of millions of wealth.
Then he readily promised himself a holly * * * * * * flag. Those luxury industries that make people linger have expanded into a business map that makes the country fear.
Although he didn’t show up for forty years, those industries were not only created by him, but also constantly joined new industries. Even * * * * * * often encountered problems, he always found the best way through information, and the outside world still recognized her credit.
He was a mystery to her before, and now?
Now he is a myth that can’t be copied to her!
Maybe we didn’t get along face to face in these years, but she loved him, even though she didn’t want to admit it, but it was true, but she didn’t. She was still trying to surpass him. She was angry. Why didn’t an excellent woman like herself get his favor?
Women worship the strong and men who are stronger than themselves, especially in their best field, being surpassed by a man.
I found that the beauty in my arms no longer resisted the cold, and I didn’t have a lag in my heart. I suddenly woke up and provoked an evil smile at the corner of my mouth.
The lip corner almost touched the warm breath exhaled by the pink earlobe. Caroline’s eyes closed slightly, and her body trembled even more. She felt the heat coming from her ears. She felt that her body had become soft as if she would fall down without those powerful arms.
"Be good at managing * * * * * * Some things are men’s things. Shouldn’t you pay attention to white?" Without touching your lips gently, your voice is gentle but dignified, as if it were an order and you don’t disobey it.
"I …" Caroline’s voice was so low that she could hardly hear the word simple.
"I’m going to leave here for a while, although I’ve caused trouble to those guys by killing God, I don’t guarantee that * * * * * * will definitely protect myself and bring more people when I go out."
"I …"
"Is this command white?"
"I see. Where are you going?" Caroline has lost all her strength, and her gentle voice is about to drip. If people know that this iceberg beauty and strong woman have such a weak side, it will definitely make the young talents of the entire Kanpa Empire fall through the glasses.
"Men and women don’t ask me to leave. Take care!"
Chen Han gently put her in the plush chair. Just after walking out of a few meters, she turned her head to show that Caroline almost fainted and smiled gently, which made a blue rainbow disappear.
For a long time, she recovered a little bit of strength from the plush chair and sat up straight, gently pressing her chest.
"What should I listen to him? I … "
Looking at the figure away from the place, Caroline’s face was flushed. "What does he mean by that?" Does he really … really want to confront these coveted countries? What should I do? Alas ….. Since … Little can’t become his obstacle? The bad guy … He stopped just now … "
I was inexplicably a little frustrated, and I hoped that his lips could advance half an inch, but the thought made her even more annoyed.
Just as Caroline’s mind was in turmoil, Chen Han quietly returned to the backyard where Aubrey and others were not allowed to enter.
This time, I left to find Avril, although I had to go to the Magic Feather Tenglong first, but I was not going to come back before I went to the blood clan territory. According to information from various sources, the blood clan territory is extremely far away from here, even if there is an Anderson sponsor aircraft, I don’t want to come back for a year.
The trip is good or bad. I learned that the care is good. * * * * * * The reception desk at the headquarters must be stationed here. Some masters have their own unknown accidents, which makes it difficult for Wan Xuzhu to accumulate strength and become someone else to marry. He entrusted Wan Xuzhu to Chen Yan.
blood relation
It’s a race that has little contact with the outside world, and all parties don’t know much about them. Since the foundation has already arrived here, I don’t want more people to accompany me on the adventure
The most important thing is that Wan Xuzhu contains all kinds of things needed by * * * * * * * to make all kinds of food raw materials, stagnate wine crops and manufacture modern equipment. If the industrial chain is taken away, * * * * * * * will it continue to be supported?
In any case, Wan Xuzhu can’t be taken away, so this time he acted alone and completely lost this reliance.
Everyone is receiving Chen Yan’s hell-like training. Chen Han wanted to accompany them for a few days, but he was trained to death. A group of people ignored him. He could change his identity and quietly sneak out of the * * * * * * * ordinary tourist identity. He went straight to the Compas cluster.
Just when he arrived at the magic feather star, he received Anderson’s news. The old guy successfully bewitched the big emperor to deal with the magic feather Teng dragon Zhongjun commander in chief.
Of course, unlike other countries’ wars, dealing with the magic feather Teng Dragon’s military forces is not because of the dragon’s face, even the actions are extremely secretive, and it is absolutely impossible to give people a handle on the Kanpa Empire. Conversely, the magic feather Teng Dragon is not those powerful countries that are far more powerful than their Kanpa Empire, even if the other party has more scruples, it is still at a disadvantage.
What’s more, this time, the opponent is a general who protects the country and wins the title of the Great Emperor Merlin, but they still don’t know it …
Chapter 1 Technical Surprise Field
All the way to the magic feather star outside the city with hand identity to FuChen cold straight to the palace and found no abnormal bubble (
Of course, he also knows that even if the magic feather Teng dragon wants to deal with him, it is impossible to inform the face before. If he shows any changes in the city, it will give him a chance to escape. Once he enters the palace, it will be different. With his strength, it is absolutely difficult to fly.
At the gate of the palace, take out the communication crystal symbol and connect the marshal of military forces. Unfortunately, there is no reply from the other party.
"Grandma is a bear … what does this mean?"
Chen Han didn’t hesitate and secretly thought, "Wan Xuzhu gave Chen Yan a lot of troops around him. If these guys are really ready to deal with me entering the palace, it’s not the case that the meat bag hits the dog back and forth, but it’s not the case that you don’t go in. Now is the best opportunity to loathe to give up the child’s ability to trap the wolf or not?"
Wandering in an alley outside the palace for a long time, he finally chose to take risks. After all, although his identity was seen through by the magic feather Teng dragon, the other party could not grasp the evidence of his own layout, which means that he was not against the magic feather Teng dragon.
In that case, he has reason to explain why, and now * * * * * * the powerful Magic Feather Dragon Teng will have some scruples.
His figure flashed outside the palace, holding the high-level token that Princess Xu gave him to represent the princess’s identity.
The face of the guards outside the palace changed. On the spot, the first little leader knelt down and banned the entrance to the palace. When Chen Han just walked in, he secretly handed out the message.
After this period, the newly-built and destroyed city not only restored the old view, but also made it more beautiful on the original basis. However, the layout of this palace was very cold. I was very familiar with walking towards Zhu Yuge, which was the bedroom of Princess Xu, and he was the escort appointed by Xu. After returning, I should have seen Princess Xu first.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Before and after the journey, I suddenly broke the huge breath and filled the whole film. Then Chen Hannai found herself surrounded by a large group of people.
He looked at the encirclement and let dozens of people walk out of the small tunnel. The first impressively turned out to be the magic feather Teng Dragon King.
Hughes, the dragon king, looked at him coldly and said slowly, "Or should the king call you the boss behind Razer?"
With him, there are royal dignitaries and dignitaries from all families, including almost the whole core figures of the magic feather Teng dragon. Everyone looks very different. The civil servants are more gloating, while the martial ministers are frowning and don’t know what they are thinking. The royal family looks more diverse.
Flocculent face worried, ling face excited, Sue motionless, princess li sneer at …
"Brother Mayer, you are finally back. Why don’t you take Linger to play hide-and-seek?"
Ling still doesn’t know what happened, but she was encouraged by Princess Yun’s pull when she ran excitedly to Chen Han’s side.
Chen Han continues to hide, and the Yi technique has changed dramatically with the launch of his figure and appearance.
Still handsome, but where is the old man?