"all right"

The little fellow incarnated a dazzling white ball of light suspended in the middle of the morning and exclaimed, "Xueyun will fly when you arrive in Du Jie, won’t you?"
Xueyun turned to look at him with a puzzled face and replied, "I can absorb energy and control it. Of course, I can always fly by energy."
"Always fly? How come I’ve never seen you fly before and always let me run? Haven’t you seen a conventional energy attack? " Chen cold almost collapsed on the spot and rolled his eyes.
"Conventional energy attacks are far less powerful than talent. Why should I attack conventionally?"
Xueyun glared at the sound angrily and cried, "Why should I fly if you want to hug me and not run by yourself?" I can’t fly when I run for my life. Don’t you just want to say that if I could fly, you would have run away by riding on me, but … but I won’t let you ride on me and ignore you even if I die! "
Hoo …
The little guy’s mouth opened and released a horrible suction force. The demon yuan that has been poured into the circle for decades has lost at a terrible speed.
If the energy attribute does not exceed that in the early Mahayana period, the loss rate will be incredible, even if a few people input energy from the top and strong demon race, for example, they have reached the peak of Du Jie in the middle period, and the quality of Long Aota demon element is comparable to that of the snow cloud in the middle period of Mahayana, and it can also slowly absorb and consume with terrazzo, but the speed is relatively much slower.
On the other hand, in addition to a wry smile or a wry smile, the little guy can’t pretend to fly all the time. Even if he is in danger, Chen Han doesn’t want to fly with him because he doesn’t want to be ridden by him.
"What death also don’t want to let me ride? Well … "
"Slight cold, I think the snow cloud has that kind of idea for you or else …"
"Ancestors, don’t talk nonsense, okay?"
If someone else were Chen Han, he would have become angry from embarrassment. Although Duanmu Dome doesn’t tease him like a knife, he says what he really thinks. If a beautiful woman is interested in herself, she doesn’t know what shyness is, but when the object becomes a puppy, it’s different.
People and dogs are still in love?
Thinking of this cold body is a shiver and marrying the blood princess Avril. After all, she is mainly a small human figure. The snow cloud is completely irrelevant to people. He has no special hobbies and will have some special feelings for a puppy.
Duanmuqiongtian saw that he was embarrassed and said with a smile, "It’s no big deal. Wait until Xueyun takes shape one day. Maybe she will still be a big beauty. Well, I won’t tell you this. The true identity of Xueyun is definitely not simple. You should be careful."
"You … what the hell are you?"
Long Ao of the Falun Gong stressed that his face changed, and the appearance of Bai Xueyun made him feel heartfelt fear. At the same time, it made him wonder what the snow cloud was. If it was the demon race in the early days of Du Jie, it was impossible to have no signs of taxiing. But if the demon race was a part of it, there were too many questions.
First of all, I can’t feel the energy breath of the demon race in its body, and secondly, I’ve never heard of the demon race that hasn’t been transformed in the transitional robbery period.
The last point is that if it has never heard of surpassing the monster beast, it can explain what it is. So far, it has not been questioned. However, he has not even met the real monster beast. The monster clan should feel the intimidation of the monster clan in place, but he did not feel anything.
Xueyun shook his little head and said blankly, "You are the thing. Who am I … I don’t know if my parents left without telling me, but it’s none of your business!"
Even if it is stained with a trace of the blood of the god beast, the demon race has the theory of inheritance memory with different numbers, and its level is far beyond that of the god beast. It is impossible to have no information about its own race. How can it not know which ethnic group it comes from?
Don’t say that Long Ao can’t figure it out. Hearing the snow cloud say this, Chen Han and others have also been puzzled.
The large array of energy goes by rapidly, and the most common concealment function gradually fails. You can vaguely see the lush world of the array.
Hundreds of thousands of demon families flew from all directions to pour demon elements into the circle, but at this moment, a strange scene happened.
Just as those demons delivered magic energy to the array when they attacked the array in Vatican, those low-order demon families just poured demon yuan and immediately seemed to be sucked into the magnetic iron sand. They struggled desperately to get rid of the strange suction in the array, but the root method broke free from an uncontrolled source and poured into the array.
Their source is exhausted and dried up at an alarming rate, and their bodies gradually shrivel up. Yuan Ying loses its bright luster, and finally even Yuan Shen fades until it disappears.
The daylights out!
Just like the magical snow cloud that beats cattle across the mountain is connected by the magic circle, if it is a big realm lower than it, the demon family will be swallowed up and die.
After the war on the spot, first the allied master blew himself up, and then the inferno attacked the demon race. Nearly 90% of them died in the distracted period. Now it is the green and yellow that is sucked by the snow cloud. The demon race lost its life in a short moment.
Even the rapid loss of demon resources in the middle of the fit period made them livid. Fortunately, they were numerous and the demon yuan was relatively strong, and some of them were not turned into mummies by horse-drawn light sources.
Chapter 275 End of the road
Snow clouds emit bright brilliance, which is thousands of times stronger than the noon sun in summer. At last, there are too many demon elements, and it is absorbed, so it devours the demon elements of the array like an energy conversion machine, and then releases them through those white lights to become dissipated energy.
Every white light is full of rich and pure demon Yuan Chen Han can’t help but shine at the moment and hurriedly call out, "ancestors, let those guys out quickly!"
Duanmu dome day first one leng and then to react face suddenly reveal joy.
The demon clan absorbed the aura in Lingshi in their ascension, which is far more than the ability to completely expose the snow clouds without directly absorbing the essence of pure demon elements. This ability shows Chen Han another possibility and hope.
With thousands of rays of sunlight spouting from his celestial spirit, there are 1,200 men and women with different shapes.
They all knelt down to Chen Han’s mouth and drank heavily. It’s also a demon yuan that haunts the host outside.
That’s right!
These people are the three-story demon cubs who couldn’t control themselves in those days. After more than 100 years of abundant resources, they have already possessed a strong cultivation, which is also the first time that they have really been in front of outsiders. Now, most of the two big families didn’t know it before.
The first 70-year closed dive retreat, although there are a lot of resources piled up in the body, these demon families are the strongest and have the initial state of integration
There is no way that the demon race has extraordinary talent and amazing combat power. One of the disadvantages is that the cultivation speed is relatively slow before taxiing. Even if they are born, the demon race has the lowest initial state of elixir, and the early state of elixir has risen rapidly in 70 years, and it will rise to the initial state of combination at most in the first ten years or so.
In the same situation, Qin Yang and others have amazing repairs in the middle and late stages even if they don’t have a knife.
It is precisely because these demon families haven’t repaired enough that the cold has been hidden and motionless. Anyway, their failure to get out will affect some large-scale conflict situations.
In the initial stage of distraction, the demon race entered the taxiing stage, and it also had the taxiing opportunity in the initial stage of the combination of the demon race with the blood vessels of the god beast. Once the taxiing spirit and wisdom were fully enlightened, the body was transformed into human form, and the ascending speed would change dramatically, from the initial stage to the stage of surpassing the ordinary practitioner.
This 70-year retreat has made these demon families feel like a duck to water. Now, the weakest have a combination, and the realm in the later stage is the strongest. About 300 people have reached the Du Jie period, and several of them are outstanding in the middle of Du Jie.
The demon race is strictly hierarchical because the stronger the blood, the less the number, and the greater the combat power.
There is usually no increase in the number of demon families, and the increase in the number of demon families is close to one order. The increase in the number of demon families and the five elements is almost the same as that of the blood of a god beast, and the number of demon families is even less than the increase in the number of god beasts in the sacred body of lightning.