"In that case, the master should be … still here?" Aside black don’t understand a way

Zhao Zifeng remembered that Zhang Chongxuan once possessed the white tiger body by the Yuan God. "The master said that the body was destroyed, but he didn’t say that the Yuan God was destroyed. On that day, the master repaired that Yuan God must be stronger than nature."
"I can’t talk about reincarnation. Although my body was destroyed by the explosion of the chaotic umbrella, I escaped from the passage with that momentum. I did, but it was relatively imperfect. At that time, I was reborn as soon as I saw a ray of life flying in the fairy passage and knew that there would be a new life."
They all showed relief and knew that Zhang Zhongxuan was reborn in Zhang Ai’s home, so everything became very normal.
With that, Zhang Zhongxuan breathed a sigh of relief and said, "What I told you is actually the same as when the master passed through the fairy passage that day. Because the chaotic sky umbrella was psychic, the chaotic gas in the chaotic sky umbrella was unwilling to dissipate, so it was attached to my Yuan Shen, and when the chaotic sky umbrella was chaotic, the chaotic gas was equivalent to an immortal place. If the Earth treasure bodhisattva appeared, you wouldn’t worry that the master would come out and naturally be able to carry all the attacks of the Earth treasure bodhisattva."
Yang Mu smiled slightly. "Master will lead us to soar to tell us the situation in advance after returning to the real estate."
Zhang Chongxuan mused, "There are still some things to deal with after returning to people, but as you said, the teacher said that these are really to let you know the situation and then it will soar."
"Then we can become immortals." While Heishi was excited, Zhao Zifeng and his party immediately burst into laughter, which made Heishi Zhang and two monks confused. He could ask Bai Ding about it.
Bai Ding smiled slightly. "We are immortals now, but we are not in fairyland."
"Oh," Heishi suddenly said that he was stupid.
After laughing, Zhang Zhongxuan finally primly said, "Well, now we are going to the underworld. Remember that one purpose when going to the underworld is to borrow the underworld." Zhang Zhongxuan said that he had already reached out and a deep and dark black gas was instantly diffused in his hand. Suddenly, Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand center blew a cloudy swish wind, which was scattered. Edge Zhao Zifeng and others actually feel a cold meaning. You know, at this moment, everyone has long been not afraid of the cold, but at this time, you can still feel a chill. It can be seen that the wind is fierce and the cold meaning is getting heavier and heavier. Zhao Zifeng and other human bodies are running on their own to resist it.
Chapter two hundred and four Chapter thirteen Borrow authentic mansion
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Borrow authentic mansion
Look indifferent in a face of indifferent Zhang Zhongxuan’s clothes. His left hand has been torn to play unconsciously.
A black whirlpool appeared in Zhang Chongxuan’s weathered cloud and others said, "Go in". Hearing Zhang Chongxuan’s words, the weathered cloud and others flew in together with their natural shapes, and Zhang Chongxuan followed them and disappeared into shape as soon as the black hole merged.
After entering Zhang Chongxuan’s tears, he didn’t intend to turn around in a dazzling way. Instead, he was as stable as flying in a channel. Weathered clouds and others really admire Zhang Chongxuan’s skill and can build a channel like Taisuo Ji. It is more difficult to build a channel than Taisuo Ji’s.
There was a Gangfeng in the Shu passage, and everyone’s heart was not tight. This Gangfeng was full of domineering and murderous look, which made them feel a chill in their hearts, and their hearts were even more bloody. They have been killing him on the battlefield. From this momentum, it can be seen that this is a kind of momentum condensed by the baptism of war. It is definitely a star to have this momentum!
"Damn it!" Finally, Zhang Zhongxuan cursed in his heart, which was different from others. He felt this gangfeng, but he knew that the real purpose of this gangfeng was to change the direction of his own channel exit. Obviously, the other party is a hell person who can find himself torn and change his direction. That strength should be in himself, but judging from the other party’s gangqi, the other party is obviously not a treasure king and bodhisattva. Who else in the hell would have done this?
"Leitian!" Zhang Chongxuan’s mind flashed an idea that he had definitely interfered with his entrance to the passage, that is to say, Zhang Chongxuan relaxed after a brief shock. If he interfered with his leitian, it would prove a problem that the earth treasure bodhisattva must have flown back to his lair, and he must have given it to his five soul attendants to manage. If this is the case, Zhang Chongxuan will not worry about it. After all, it is not a problem for him to add Yamaraja to stop five soul attendants at the moment.
In Zhang Chongxuan’s contemplation, the whole channel suddenly became white, and all of them had already fallen to the ground. Mei Er looked around and felt a sense of familiarity. It seemed that she had been here before. Suddenly she remembered and cried, "This is the funeral home."
When the email cried, the people didn’t answer. They all looked at four people not far away in front of them. These four people knew it was a ghost when they looked at it. They were absorbing the ghost like nobody else, and they were sending out a dead ShaQi.
Bai Ding’s facial expression, a breath of air, said, "Is it the soul servant of the Tibetan king bodhisattva?"
"Soul waiter!" The people read aloud that they had a tight face before coming, and they had a little understanding of the soul waiter of the earth treasure bodhisattva. I didn’t expect to meet the soul waiter of the earth treasure here, but there were four in front of them, not five. Where did one go?
Everyone can’t help but look around and find that Zhang Chongxuan didn’t appear. It’s because of the export that everyone’s ears came to Zhang Chongxuan’s voice. "I won’t appear for the time being. Don’t show signs and wait for your blood."
Zhang Zhongxuan’s words came to everyone’s respective stability and tact.
At this time, it was the absorption of ghosts that stopped absorbing in the front, but the eyes were lifted and swept towards the crowd, and it was cold than saying, "You are the people who make a scene in hell."
As soon as this soul waits for a sound, the weathered cloud and others feel an overwhelming chill coming, and they don’t care at all about their protective body. They can’t help but be surprised and overcome their luck.
A cold hum to the talking soul waiter revealed a hint of disdain. "You can make a fuss about the hell at this level. It seems that the Yan Luowang in the Ten Temples is really a heavy bag." The soul waiter said, reaching out and grasping the front weathered cloud, and immediately a claw shadow was mixed with a mass of black gas.
Before the weathering cloud came to react, I saw a claw shadow appear in front of my eyes. I didn’t want to think about it. The weathering cloud got up and slammed it! Weathered cloud was knocked upside down by the soul servant with a claw, and it fell ten feet away. Cough, weathered cloud fell to the ground in an instant, and spit out one mouthful blood, revealing a painful look.
When everyone’s face changed, they couldn’t think that this soul waiter said that he would start work and seriously injured the weathered cloud with one hand. Such repairs made their hearts sink. If all five soul waiters are so capable, it would be extremely dangerous to borrow an authentic mansion.
"Big Brother, how are you?" Seeing that all the people didn’t move, the email shape closest to the weathered cloud fell to the weathered cloud and helped the weathered cloud with a face of concern.
Weathered cloud coughed with a free and easy smile. "It won’t die yet." I coughed again when I said that I knew my family’s business. Just now, I was beaten by my soul, and my body was seriously injured in the real boom. I’m afraid I would have fainted if he hadn’t breathed hard.
Iron heart shape a mobile guard in front of a face of indifference to look at the soul shi low way "body treasure bodhisattva unexpectedly sneak attack you really have worthy treasure bodhisattva" said the iron heart slowly stretched out his right hand.
"Hey!" In Zhao Zifeng’s eyes, although he felt that the iron heart didn’t move, the general soul waiter showed a little surprise, because when the iron heart stretched out, he actually felt an overwhelming momentum pouring out of the iron heart and mind, and he was locked in his own body and mind through that momentum. If he hadn’t reacted too fast, he might have been shocked back by the iron heart.
The soul waits for a ferocious laugh. "It’s a pity that it’s a bit like the former Leitian. You still have the ability to fight with me now. It’s just a matter of hooking your fingers." Said the whole body and immediately sent out a strong momentum to fight back.
"Sure enough," Zhang Zhongxuan revealed a trace of the original look when he heard the soul waiter. He knew that the fifth soul waiter was one thousand one hundred percent, that is to say, he killed God in vain.
My heart is full of iron and blood, and the whole person has even retreated three steps. The whole person can’t help but face a heavy tunnel, and the other party will produce a lot. He raised his hand and gave himself three steps back.
"He’s good, but you’re not as bad as you think." Zhang Chongxuan, hiding in the passage, regrets that his brothers still lack experience against the masters. This soul waiter makes his death ShaQi sharper with the help of the mourning hillock. Every attack is not as simple as he thought, but when he attacks head-on and covers up the darkness with the help of underground anger, he will seriously injure the weathered clouds and shake off the iron heart.
At this time, Zhao Zifeng ha ha laughed. "Master, he also attacked with the help of the underground." Zhao Zifeng said that it is to let all the people have a white heart, that is, their leader, and let all the people take a short step to Zhang Zhongxuan because he knows that Zhang Zhongxuan must be premeditated in hiding.
"Oh," said Zhao Zifeng, whose iron heart and face showed relief. "No wonder the teacher felt that something was wrong there. It turned out that he was defeated by the teacher."
"Purple wind is small, but if you look carefully, it’s not the kui that he has been pursuing my goal." Zhang Zhongxuan praised in his heart that he had already set out to attack.
The soul waiter snorted scornfully. "You’re still a long way off."
"Hum, you’re still a long way from it." Zhao Zifeng learned that the soul waiter’s tone has already jumped to the iron heart and saluted. "Master, this soul waiter wants to be one of the worst. Let me show him."
Iron heart stared at Zhao Zifeng’s brief encounter with Soul Shi just now. He was deeply aware of each other’s terrorist strength. In his hand, it was really worse. When Zhao Zifeng was hesitating, his ear came to Zhang Chongxuan. "Since the blood heart is purple, you can rest assured to give it to him."
Zhang Zhongxuan commanded the iron heart to naturally surrender from the side of the body. "If it doesn’t work, return everything to the teacher."
"Master" Zhao Zifeng smiled and faced the soul waiter.
Soul Shi sneered at Zhao Zifeng, saying, "You can see that I’m emitting dark energy from the ground, so you are a smart person. It is said that smart people don’t do stupid things, but you did it. I’d like to see if it makes you so confident. Today, I’ll make an exception and let me see it. Don’t let me down, otherwise I won’t give you a chance to let your master save you."
Zhao Zifeng laughed. "In that case, thank you very much, but I think you will regret it!" Zhao Zifeng said that the right hand lifted the left hand sword tactic and a finger Huo Ran made a royal sword posture.
"It turned out to be a thunder sword!" Look in the eye, Zhang Chongxuan frowned. Although the thunder sword is a good fairy, it is not worth repairing such a profound person against the soul waiter. If Zhang Chongxuan is not mistaken, these souls are obviously beyond reincarnation and the soul-sucking murderer will never be inferior to himself.
From time to time, Huo Huo emerged from the thunder sword that the atmosphere around the whole mourning hillock was actually distorted. He was frowning at Zhang Chongxuan’s eyebrow angle and revealed a smile at his mouth. "Purple wind has actually integrated oppression. It seems that there should be something in this blow. It’s really exciting." Zhang Chongxuan said with bated breath, he could not see the situation in the passage, but found out that all nature in the venue was extremely sensitive to gas changes, and he could guess that Zhao Zifeng had oppressed it as soon as he felt the gas distortion.
Boom! Zhao Zifeng’s right hand pointed at the thunderclap sword that suddenly released a thunderclap. When it came out, all around it was blazing white. When they looked up, they saw that the thunderclap suddenly tore into five thunderbolts. Like one hand, the five thunderbolts were not straight, but slightly twisted, which seemed to tear the whole sky.
Those who escorted ghosts back to the underworld in the yellow road, black and white often stopped and looked up at the sky torn by thunder. "What’s the matter?" Suddenly there was thunder in the sky? " Just then, I felt a pressure from it, and Huo Ran was shocked and retreated several steps. They were not shocked and stupefied.
The remaining three Yan Luowang in the hell suddenly heard thunder and felt that the whole hell lit up after dealing with Zhang Zhongxuan and others, only to find that the whole day was torn by thunder, and there was a pressure that forced them to use the real yuan to resolve the pressure. "This is?" Are they making trouble again? "
The lost soul field against Zhao Zifeng’s soul waiter revealed a little stunned color. "Little good actually made the sword in his hand thunder and tore the sky, and the dust in heaven and earth produced friction and pressure. With the help of sword qigong, it seems that the old man has to seal you off." The soul waiter said that the whole person’s breath was ready to cast a final blow
Edge iron heart felt a Deloitte was alarmed to know that the soul waiter was about to launch a thunderbolt to prepare for Zhao Zifeng, who was on the imperial sword, but when his figure had not moved, he heard Zhao Zifeng’s confident voice "it was too late"
As soon as Zhao Zifeng’s voice fell, the sword in his right hand blossomed in a flash, and the whole sword flew through the soul of China like a thunder.
"Good slow" has been staring at Zhao Zifeng’s iron heart. Everyone’s heart is a little white. Looking at Zhao Zifeng’s handle with a dazzling thunder sword, the thunder sword is like a person walking slowly. It is strange that the thunder sword will make a huge series of sounds, which seems to be in intense friction.
The soul waiter’s facial muscles trembled, and the whole indifferent face Zhao Zifeng’s sword moved, and his footsteps actually retreated. It is hard to say that Zhao Zifeng’s sword seems dull, but others can’t feel the power of this sword. Because when this sword comes out, the soul waiter feels that he has been locked by the thunder sword. The speed of the thunder sword is so slow because it is not yet time for it to be shot, and if he shows his door, the thunder sword will strike himself in a very short time. And this. The sword will not be as simple as imagined, because the former Zhao Zifeng released a thunder soul. I’m sure that when the sword attacks him, the thunder in the sky will definitely echo from afar and produce a real thunder blow. You know, the thunder in the sky will divide as soon as it arrives, and the dust soul will grind harder and harder in friction. A thunder has really derived five mines that are no less than the previous one.
"Damn", the soul waiter cursed when he stepped back. It turned out that it was not wise to choose to step back when he stepped back, because when he stepped back, he felt that the air around him had been squeezed violently, and a strong pressure came from all sides towards him, which made him feel a little suffocated. Only when he resisted the exercise did he know that Zhao Zifeng’s sword contained the oppression of the celestial forbidden law, which was concealed by the thunder sword until now.
"What’s the matter?" While watching the weathered clouds and others’ faces, they were suspicious, because suddenly they saw that the whole person’s body was distorted and their face became very ugly. It seemed that they were forced by Zhao Zifeng’s sword, but they didn’t feel how powerful Zhao Zifeng’s sword was, and they all felt plain.
At this time, Zhao Zifeng suddenly debuted, "Xue Shimei quickly shoots the bow!"
Ji Xuegang hasn’t reacted yet. When everyone’s eyes are looking towards him, Ji Xuecai reacts. He reaches out and raises his hand, hurriedly offering an archery bow. When Zi rang, Ji Xuegang raised his hand to breed a dark cloud. A dark flash of archery bow has already appeared in her hand.
Ji Xue looked at the distant place and waited on the bowstring with a divine wind. When the bowstring was pulled, the bowstring was immediately lit by a black light, and several black brilliance gathered from the bow and the skull of the bull’s head to the bowstring. When Ji Xue pulled the bowstring to the maximum saturation, a black light arrow appeared to understand the bowstring. In Ji Xue’s ten miles, a yellow and yin qi dispersed.
Moo! Crisp sound shot an arrow whizzing towards the distance and was forced to fly away by Zhao Zifeng’s oppression.
Seeing that the arrow was about to hit the soul waiter, a black shadow floated by with one hand, and the arrow was caught by the index finger and middle finger that appeared next to the arrow. An arrow broke off from it and fell to the ground with one hand. It was another one who was absorbing the ghost waiter and helped him with a genial smile.
On this side, Yang Mu and others see each other and another soul waits to make moves. Naturally, they dare not be careless and are trying to prepare for a war.
"Hum" a cold hum came from it, and the air around the mourning hillock was suddenly cold, and they didn’t react. A figure floated out of it, which stretched out his hand and broke Jixue’s arrows. The soul waiter had been blasted in the chest by a golden light. The whole person was in pain, and a face that was already terrible became even more horrible after the pain was distorted. His pupils were wide open and his right hand slowly lifted, and he seemed to try his best to point to the front, saying "You …" Before he finished, the whole person became black and disappeared into the air.
"Master!" Looking at the right hand brassy to put out the soul waits a Zhang Chongxuan Jixue and others exclaimed.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t go back, but he was in shape. Huo Ran jumped towards the soul that was oppressed by Zhao Zifeng. The speed made Ji Xue and others feel that Zhang Zhongxuan had disappeared and could see a tiny golden light spot flying towards the soul.
Ah! A scream out that golden light spot has been blasted by Zhao Zifeng’s oppression, and the soul waiter has also been blasted in the chest. Of course, it is the same result. The whole soul waiter disappeared in the moment, and Zhang Zhongxuan’s whole body was gone with the wind after the blow. Huo Ran retreated to Zhao Zifeng and others, and people had to move neatly.